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Micro habit stacking: 25 small changes to improve your life

Building better habits are hard, especially in the beginning. Sprints don’t work. Massive changes hardly work. Aiming for one giant step doesn’t end well. Many people rely on habit-building systems to start new healthy habits. A great system can give your willpower a break, so you can focus on repeatable...
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Your Morning Matters: Oh no, not THIS again!

Good morning and welcome to your Morning Matters. It’s Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021, and if you are like me, news of a new wave of this endless pandemic is absolutely exhausting. Some people, I'm told, have stopped paying attention to news. Except, there are many issues that can impact friends and family, I'm sure this works only in small doses.

Want to make your morning productive? These 7 bedtime habits will help you

When it comes to our night time routine, most of us binge-watch Netflix after a long day at work. Don’t worry, we are not going to ask you to drop the idea but you should definitely limit the time you spend on it, so that you can do something which is fruitful for you. But is there a right way to have a productive morning?
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23 Posts To Start Your Morning Off With Some Laughs.

Hey partner, you looking for a laugh? If so, you've come to the right place. This funny list of memes, tweets, and jokes will make your heart race. Ok, that might actually be all the coffee you slammed this morning. No matter how caffeinated you are right now, these posts will give you plenty of reasons to laugh. It's gonna be a great day!

Pump Up your Life with More Laughter

When you laugh, you’re doing more than responding to the mirthfulness of something you’re seeing or experiencing. You’re oxygenating your blood, lowering your blood pressure, revving up your immune system and using your abdominal, facial, respiratory and other muscles, among other healthy things. So even if you think there’s plenty...
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Coffee Break Cash

Hear that? That cup of Joe calling to you from the breakroom? You know you can’t resist the unmistakable call of your morning go-juice, so why try? It’s coffee break time! Grab a steaming mug of your favorite caffeinated beverage, and grab a Coffee Break Cash Scratch-it too. For just a single dollar (and less time than it takes to finish off the pot), you could be scratching and matching your way to a top prize of $1,500! And if you happen to win? You’re bringing the donuts!

What Type of Holiday Is Perfect For Your Next Vacation?

Originally Posted On: What Type of Holiday Is Perfect For Your Next Vacation? – Kiddo Adventures. The idea of jetting off somewhere exotic always sounds appealing, but with so many of us having been locked up for a year, a holiday may seem irresistible. However, with so many holiday companies vying for our business, then you may well find choosing your next vacation difficult. Here are some of the most popular types of holidays to consider when planning your next adventure.

9 Morning Meeting Ideas to Wake Up Your Routine

Have you ever heard of MORNING MEETINGS? (Also known as, the couple extra minutes to take attendance, submit lunch counts, read parent notes, etc.😜🙌) This is a small moment at the start of the day (15-20 minutes total) that focuses on building classroom community. After the school year we’ve endured, we NEED that community now more than ever!
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Create a Morning Intention Setting Practice

The power of a morning intention setting practice cannot be underestimated. If you are stressed and overwhelmed or believe you don’t have time, you may need it more than you think. In this article, I’m going explain what it means to be intentional, why your morning practice matters, how it can make a big difference and offer you simple ways to get started that only take a couple of minutes.
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How To Organize Skincare In Your Bathroom

A couple years ago professional organizer Ria Safford of RiOrganize came over to organize every.single.room in my house. If you haven’t heard of Ria, she is a MASTER organizer. She’s been on The Skinny Confidential before talking about bathroom organization, how to set up a smoothie/morning station, what your kitchen cabinets should look like, how to purge your pantry, & general home organization tips that anyone & everyone can use as a guide.
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Your Morning Matters: ‘Just call out go go Gadget’

Good morning and welcome to your Morning Matters — with reporter Jess Hardin. It’s Monday, Aug. 2, 2021, and last week I discovered Youngstown. It all went down when a dear friend sent me a tweet from the account Midwest Modern depicting three angular-jawed young men with crunchy, spiked hair, skinny soul patches and dime-size hoop earrings. A blue sacred heart of Jesus-style flash of light emanates from the chest of the polo-clad central figure. Beneath their torsos, lowercase purplish letters spell out “youngstown” in a sans-serif font.
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Taking your morning brew a step further

Cathy Contreras is a firm believer in the therapeutic benefits coffee-scented lotion and soap provide for one’s skin — and psyche. That’s why she launched her own product line, Coffee Glow Natural Beauty, earlier this summer, quickly realizing there’s a good share of interest — particularly from female clientele. The...