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Why Does My Dog Do That? Dog Behaviors Explained

Dog lovers can't seem to get enough of their furry friends, and there's no doubt that each dog has its own unique personality, however, there are some behaviors that nearly all dogs exhibit. Here's a look at some of the doggy traits that make us melt from cuteness or leave us scratching our heads wondering "why does my dog do that?!"

FYI, there are braces for dogs

When you think of braces, you likely think about a particularly awkward time in your life when your parents shelled out thousands for metal rods to be inserted into your mouth. You probably don’t think about dogs. Dog braces are, in fact, A Thing — but unlike human braces, aesthetics...

New Study Says Dogs Can Tell When People Are Lying to Them

Your dog knows there are more scraps to share. And that it's not too cold outside for a walk. In fact, researchers at the University of Vienna said this week dogs know when you're lying to them about almost anything, after studying 260 dogs and their ability to discern truthfulness in humans.

How Best to Train Dogs: A Simple Allegory

Scenario 1: Little Johnny is seven years old and is having a little problem with his math, so his parents have decided to hire a tutor to get him up to speed on his addition, subtraction and simple fractions. Once the lesson starts, Mrs. Griffiths, the tutor, goes through the lesson and then gives him a 10-problem test at the end. For every problem that Johnny got wrong, Mrs. Griffiths whacks Johnny on the wrist. In this case, he got seven wrong, so he got seven painful whacks. Mrs. Griffiths gives him homework and tells him to study hard to avoid getting so many hits.
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Best harness for small dogs

BestReviews is reader-supported and may earn an affiliate commission. Details. Finding the proper harness is imperative for every dog owner. With the right fit, your dog can be safe whether walking on the street, hiking in the woods or riding in the car. For dogs in training or those nervous when out in the world, the harness provides better security because it’s harder for a dog to escape from than a simple collar.