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You Season 3 Finale: Let’s Take a Closer Look at That Big Twist

Well, the inevitable finally happened. At the end of You season three, rotten Joe Goldberg killed Love. In retrospect, the season was always hurtling toward this big finish—the only possible outcome of a toxic relationship built on obsession and mutual murder habits. It was, in the show’s pulpy tradition, a...
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You Season 3 Is the Netflix Drama’s Best Yet—But Season 4 Should Be the Last

Hello, You. Beware, there are spoilers toward the end of this review of You season 3. I’ll mark where you need to turn back. As season three of Netflix's juiciest serial killer drama picks up in the made-for-TV suburb of Madre Linda in Northern California, I couldn't help but think of the opening credits of Showtime's Weeds—or, more specifically, its theme song, “Little Boxes,” by Malvina Reynolds.
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YOU Season 3's Biggest Victim Breaks Down Their 'Emotional' Finale Death

Spoiler alert: We’re about to break down the Season 3 finale of Netflix’s YOU. Haven’t watched yet? You’ve been warned. We all figured that Joe and Love’s marriage was bound to go down in flames eventually — we just weren’t expecting it to happen so literally. The final episode of YOU Season 3 brings the couple’s suburban nightmare to its climax, with Joe cutting off his own toes and baking them into a pie, then burning down the house and framing Love for the whole shebang. It’s a tragic end to a twisted tale, one that was apparently as difficult to play...
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Is You season 3 the final season?

Move over, Squid Game! Thanks to the release of You season 3 on Netflix on Friday, Oct. 15, 2021, You is officially the most popular show on Netflix. After finishing the season, fans are wondering if You season 3 is the final season of the Netflix original series. Don’t worry...

YOU Season 3 Shocker: EP Explains Why [Spoiler] Had to Die in Episode 1

Spoiler alert: We’re about to break down the Season 3 premiere of Netflix’s YOU. Haven’t watched yet? You’ve been warned. From the moment Joe Goldberg first spotted his new neighbor in the closing moments of YOU‘s second season, it was clear that he had found his new obsession. Lo and behold, the Netflix thriller’s third season — which is now available to stream in its entirety — finds Joe getting extremely close to that mysterious woman on the other side of the fence. Natalie (played by Michaela McManus) turns out to be the deeply dissatisfied wife of a tech mogul named Matthew...

Is You season 3 based on a book?

Millions of Netflix subscribers all over the world are tuning in to find out what happens in the new season of You, the Netflix original series based on the book series by Caroline Kepnes. That’s right; You is based on the You book series by Caroline Kepnes. The first book...

What time is You season 3 coming to Netflix?

You season 3 is heading to Netflix at the end of the week. What time can you start streaming it in full on Netflix? Here’s all you need to know. At the end of the week, we’ll get to see what’s in store for Joe and Love as they start to live life in the suburbs. They have their new baby, but we know nothing is really changing. They’re both completely crazy and dangerous, and now their suburban neighbors are at risk.

SPOILER makes surprise return in You season 3

As soon as You season 3 was released on the streamer on Oct. 15, fans of the psychological thriller stopped doing whatever they were doing and immediately began watching the latest season. It’s one of Netflix’s top television series, and each season gets better and better. In the latest season, we see a surprise return of a beloved character. Who is this mystery character?

You season 3 time, date, plot, episode titles, and more

You is easily one of the most popular Netflix shows. Fans love You, the Netflix original series starring Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg and Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been an incredibly long time since we saw Joe and Love in. You season 2. Luckily, You season 3 is coming to Netflix soon.

Does Theo die in You season 3?

You season 3 has finally arrived and with it has come what might be the show’s craziest and most twisted episodes yet — episodes that leave viewers on the edge of their seats and choosing to watch “just one more episode” 10 times in a row. With the arrival of...

You season 3 age rating: Is it appropriate for kids?

You season 3 premieres to Netflix on Oct. 15, and fans are gearing up for the new season by researching everything there is to know about the highly anticipated third season. You’re probably wondering what You season 3 maturity rating is. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!. We’re getting closer...

Netflix Releases “You” Season 3 Trailer

Congratulations are in order. Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn are officially parents. On Friday, September 17, Netflix released the trailer for You’s third season, and it’s pretty clear that we’re in for the wildest ride so far. The clip, set to a slowed-down rendition of Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” by J2 feat. Blu Holliday, opens with Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) welcoming their baby son into the world while seemingly attempting to start over in a cozy neighborhood as new parents. “For you, I’d move to some soulless suburb,” Joe says in a voice-over, talking to his newborn son, Henry. “For you, I’d marry the monster. Your mother, Love. What could go wrong?”

The Season 3 Premiere of 'You' Throws a Wrench Into the Show's Formula

This article contains major spoilers for the first episode of You Season 3. We all know the drill by now. If you've been keeping up with You, the sordid Lifetime-turned-Netflix thriller series about a serial stalker who just can't stop himself from murdering people he becomes obsessed with (and other people he simply doesn't like very much), you know what to expect. Joe Goldberg, the certified creep with a dangerously charming baby face played by Penn Badgley, finds a new waifish young woman to "fall in love" with, stalks her obsessively for a period of weeks to months, enters into a relationship with her, and then when things start to go south, he kills her. Or tries to, in the case of last season's paradigm-shifting finale, where Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) confesses she's pregnant with their child before he has the chance to stick the knife in her throat. But even the last few moments of that episode, in which Joe peeks over his new suburban picket fence and zeros in on his next hapless target, tease a version of a familiar narrative for formula of You. What this new season presupposes is: What if it didn't?

Does Ryan die in You season 3?

Everyone is watching or has already watched You season 3, and they can’t stop talking about what has happened in this intense third season. There were several character deaths, some shocking and others expected. Does Ryan die in the latest season of You?. In You season 3, Joe and Love...