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Kia Sedona: The Worst Model Years You Should Never Buy

The Sedona was a mainstay for two decades before Kia scrapped it for the Carnival. The consensus for most Sedona models is that it’s a decent minivan for the price. But some have so many owner-reported issues, recalls, and other problems that you should never buy them. Here are three of the worst Kia Sedona model years to avoid.
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Fargo’s Kleven Ready to Make Impact in Year Two for UND Hockey

GRAND FORKS, N.D — North Dakota’s Tyler Kleven has only just dipped his skates into the college game. As a freshman last season, the defenseman played 22 of the 29 games scoring five goals and dishing out two assists. “Getting 20-30 games under my belt and getting adjusted to the...
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Best price for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries - JumpShip Edition on Xbox One

Last on sale - Release date 23 Sep 2021. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries - JumpShip Edition includes MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries including the year one update and the New Legendary update featuring melee and Mech switching, the first DLC Heroes of the Inner Sphere, and the Legend of the Kestrel Lancers Expansion. Step inside the JumpShip Edition to experience everything MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries has to offer.

MEMX Reaches Record 4% Market Share in Year One

JERSEY CITY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 21, 2021-- MEMX, a market operator founded by a diverse group of participants to benefit all investors, today marked one year of live exchange operations. MEMX is the fastest growing US equity exchange. On September 16 th, MEMX’s market share reached an all-time high of 4.24%.

13 PANELS That Capture the Brilliance of BATMAN: YEAR ONE

A birthday salute to David Mazzucchelli — born 61 years ago…. David Mazzucchelli is, despite his relatively limited output, one of the greatest artists to grace the pages of comic books. But because of that relatively small output — in mainstream comics, anyway — it’s not a simple matter to post 13 COVERS or even 13 SPLASH PAGES.

Erykah Badu, Keyshia Cole, Masego & More Highlight Day One Of H.E.R.’s Lights On Festival Comeback

The pandemic hit like a shockwave last year and deeply shattered the live music industry, canceling events and performances around the world. One such event that felt that direct impact was H.E.R.'s Lights On Festival, the brainchild of legend-in-the-making and her celebration of R&B music, which debuted in September 2019 and was scheduled to return in September 2020. The viral vortex brought an abrupt halt to the momentum built from year one, but this past weekend marked a do-over of sorts, a postponed delivery of the festival’s second year as if it never missed a step. Nestled decidedly in the Concord section of H.E.R.’s native Bay Area, not too far from her hometown of Vallejo, the festival grounds were alive with lots of color, picture-worthy backdrops and people in full middle-finger-to-the-pandemic mode in the name of loving music. And maybe just in the name of wanting to be outside and feel normal again.

One of the UAE's oldest nurseries reopens in new building

One of Abu Dhabi’s oldest nurseries has reopened in a new location, 18 months since it was forced to close due to Covid-19. My Nursery opened 30 years ago in a small villa in the Karamah area with just seven children. It quickly grew and was soon looking after 500 children in four connected buildings.

Black Thriving Initiative one year later

Launched last year in response to the killing of George Floyd, UCI’s Black Thriving Initiative is a whole university response aimed at mobilizing the whole university to promote Black student success, degree completion and advancement in academic programs, with a goal of making UCI a first choice for Black students.

Interview with Director of Celebrate One on Infant Mortality Awareness

LISTEN LIVE. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER. On this broadcast of Eye On The Community, I had the pleasure of speaking with the CelebrateOne Execute Director, Maureen Stapleton. During the interview we discussed how we as a community can ALL do our part to ensure Black and Brown babies are alive and healthy from day one to year one and beyond.

Gorgeous 1965 Corvette Big Block Coupe Is One Enticing Auction Offering

Fresh off a strong restoration, this gorgeous Rally Red 1965 Corvette big block coupe is ready to rake in big bucks. Trends come and go, but many things remain the same. Just take the C2 Corvette, for example – it’s a car that looks so good that its styling has quite literally stood the test of time. And while we enjoy a solid restomod every now and then, it’s hard to beat a stock second-generation Corvette, especially when you’re talking about this stunning 1965 Corvette big block coupe that’s set to cross the block at Mecum’s upcoming Chicago auction.

JLA: Year One #4 unpublished

Artist: Barry Kitson (All) Artist: Barry Kitson (All) Let's keep it going. Week three of cover month here at Shemp's gallery. A new cover every Sunday for the month of September. Is an unpublished cover still a cover? In order to call a piece a cover doesn't it have to...