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After James Ho Boycott, Another Conservative Judge Responds: Great, More Yale Clerks For Me!

Judge James Ho of the Fifth Circuit announced that he’s going to stop hiring clerks from the Yale Law Federalist Society pool to protest the fact that other Yale students don’t invite Federalist Society students to parties. If you’re straining to figure out how this makes any sense, remember that Judge Ho doesn’t care a whit about these students or even Yale Law School and cares a whole lot about hyping his name by throwing some low stakes — for him — red meat into the maw of the right-wing media grudge campaign against Yale.
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Yale Law Students Must Be Quaking in Their Boots

I’ll say this much for US appeals court Judge James Ho: He’s defying the stereotype that Asian Americans are quiet worker bees who fade into the background. Ho, who sits on the Fifth Circuit, has been throwing himself under klieg lights. “I will no longer hire law clerks from Yale Law School,” he declared at a Federalist Society conference in Kentucky last week. Ho miffed that the school “not only tolerates the cancellation of views—it actively practices it.”
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Wokeism threatens to destroy America's foundation. We must not let it

In an October 2020 speech , French President Emmanuel Macron identified an existential threat he claimed was stirring up division among citizens and undermining the country’s cultural heritage. “Certain social science theories entirely imported from the United States” were to blame, he said. Then-French Minister of Education...
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A Taste of Claire’s World

Growing up in New Haven’s Wooster Square, colloquially known as Little Italy, Claire Criscuolo picked up a thing or two about making hearty, home-cooked meals. Last week, the restaurant she’s owned and operated for most of her life, Claire’s Corner Copia — a staple for Yale students and locals, located right down the Green — turned 47 years old.
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If I was a Yale Tour Guide…

The Yale Tour. We’ve all seen them. The big groups of parents and students standing in a semi-circle on cross campus, all surrounding a singular student wearing their blue lanyard with the big text: “Yale Tour Guide.”. The Yale Admissions Tour traditionally takes attendees from the Visitors Center...
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A guide to life as a ‘pre-med’ student at Yale

This is an installment in a series by the News’ SciTech desk aiming to help readers engage with the University’s resources, research and programs in the fields of health and science. For those who aspire to receive a white coat and take the Hippocratic oath, medical school is...
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After 5th Circuit judge boycotts Yale Law School grads, his conservative colleague hangs out welcome sign

U.S. Circuit Judge Jerry E. Smith is encouraging Yale Law School graduates to apply for his clerkships after his colleague announced that he won’t be hiring any of them. Smith is a member of the 5th U.S. Circuit of Appeals at New Orleans, as is the judge who is boycotting Yale Law grads, Circuit Judge James C. Ho. Both are conservative. And Ho once clerked for Smith, How Appealing notes in an “irony alert.”
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Acclaimed filmmaker, former professor Michael Roemer returns to Yale

Acclaimed filmmaker and former professor Michael Roemer will return to Yale on Saturday for the screening of two of his original narrative feature films. “Vengeance is Mine” and “The Plot Against Harry,” released in 1984 and 1989, respectively, will be featured on Saturday, Oct. 8 at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. as a part of the ongoing series “Treasures of the Yale Film Archive” in partnership with the Whitney Humanities Center.
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LGBTQ+ Steering Committee plans in-person events for semester

The LGBTQ+ Steering Committee is looking forward to a year of in-person events, including improv performances, parties and pickleball. As part of the LGBTQ+ Affinity Group for staff, faculty and postdoctoral students, the committee advocates for policies that advance the interest of Yale’s LGBTQ+ community. This year, the group plans to host several events to foster community among LGBTQ+ staff at Yale.
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POV: You’re dancing at a Yale Frat, or not

My personal frat party success is music-centric. The ultimate guide to a good night lies with the hard and fast numbers. Ask yourself these questions:. How many elevated surfaces have you found yourself dancing on? All tables, chairs, ledges, staircases and speakers are fair game. How often does your Apple...

Federal Judges Take Action Against Yale’s Anti-Free Speech Stance

Aaron Sibarium of the Washington Free Beacon reports on federal judges’ interesting response to Yale’s disturbing approach to free speech. A dozen federal judges say they are no longer hiring clerks from Yale Law School, citing a slew of scandals that they say have undermined free speech and intellectual diversity.
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Plan to relocate West Haven students during school construction hits snag

WEST HAVEN — School officials said the least obtrusive option for relocating Washington Elementary School students during the construction of a new building may be off the table. Ken Carney, chairman of the city’s Building Oversight Committee, told Board of Education members in August that the safest and most...

Imlay City drops homecoming, 42-13

IMLAY CITY — The Imlay City City varsity football team wound up on the losing side of a 42-13 decision to Yale in its homecoming game last Friday night. With the final, Yale improves to 3-3 and 2-3, Imlay City slips to 0-6 and 0-5. “The team battled all...