The Modern E46 BMW M3 You Can Buy Right Now Is the 2022 BMW M240i

Spec-for-spec, the 2022 BMW M240i is about as close as you can get to buying a brand new E46 BMW M3. Both have approximately 300-400 horsepower, an inline six-cylinder engine, and a long-nosed coupe body. And the similarities don’t end there. If you’re shocked and appalled at the going rate for a low-mile E46, this might be the BMW sports car for you.
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2022 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

The second-generation BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe has grown up. It's also grown physically, as BMW succumbs to the seemingly irresistible industry trend of making cars bigger than they were before. The most practical member of the new 4 Series family, the Gran Coupe, has seating for five, four doors, and a liftback trunk lid, while boasting an improved, though still not perfect, cabin that's nearly identical to that of the 3 Series. The massive and controversial front grille overshadows everything else, however, and continues to divide opinion. In non-M guise, two sublime powertrains are available, with up to 382 horsepower generated by the M440i's 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six, now supplemented by a 48-volt mild-hybrid system. Traditionalists will love BMW's adherence to rear-wheel drive, but for our week-long test drive, we spent time in the AWD M440i xDrive.
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The Final V12

In June 2022, BMW will produce the very last V12 engine ever to be fitted to a BMW series production road vehicle. To mark the occasion, BMW will offer The Final V12; a limited series of 12 vehicles for customers in the US. Based on the BMW M760i xDrive, these will be 12 of the last V12 BMW vehicles crafted for the US market and will be distinguished by unique badging, wheels, and a choice from the vast collection of exterior colors and upholstery offered by BMW Individual.
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BMW's Only American Plant Can't Stop Building SUVs

America loves SUVs, and BMW's X series SAVs, or Sport Activity Vehicles, are especially popula. Save for the X1 and X2, the German automaker's entire X series lineup, ranging from the X3 to the X7 are manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina. And 2021 was a monumental year for the facility.

BMW X3 facelift launched in India; prices start from Rs 59.90 lakh

Facelifted X3 available in two trim levels and with a sole petrol engine for now. BMW has launched the X3 facelift in India, with prices starting at Rs 59.90 lakh (ex-showroom, India). For now, the X3 has been made available solely with a petrol engine in the two trims. Powered...

BMW 5 Series 530e G30 freshened up on the inside by pro detailer

BMW or not, watching professional detailers as they bring back a car’s shine is oddly satisfying. For this reason, we couldn’t pass the opportunity to share a video of a 5 Series pampered on the inside. Just so we’re clear what we are dealing with here, it’s a current-generation G30 before the Life Cycle Impulse. Specifically, this is a 530e plug-in hybrid as denoted by the badge on the rear pillar. Tasked by a customer to revive the 5er’s posh cabin, an expert detailer from Belgium was up for the job.

2023 BMW X1 will be considerably longer than outgoing model: Report

One of the company’s busiest years in recent history, 2022 will usher in a third-generation BMW X1. The firm’s smallest crossover might not be so small anymore based on a report from Auto Bild. According to the German magazine, the U11 will bring a significant increase in length to 4.6 meters (181.1 inches).

How Much Does a Fully Loaded 2022 BMW 7 Series Cost?

As BMW’s flagship sedan model, the BMW 7 Series offers the ultimate in automotive luxury and sophistication. Are you thinking about buying the 7 Series? Do you want the best in 7 Series capabilities and features? If so, then check out a fully loaded new 2022 BMW 7 Series. See how much it costs.

2023 Lamborghini Urus, final BMW V-12, Flying Mustang: Today's Car News

Lamborghini is working on a facelift for its top-selling Urus, and a prototype has just been spotted. It's devoid of almost all camouflage gear, revealing the styling changes planned for the super SUV. It's official. BMW will stop offering cars with V-12 power this year. To mark the end of...

BMW Announces Its Last V-12 Model

BMW announced Tuesday it will build the last BMWs fitted with a 12-cyinder engine in June 2022. To mark the occasion the company will build what it calls The Final V12, 12 vehicles bound for the U.S. based on the BMW M760i xDrive. The twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter engine produces 601 horsepower and 0-60 mph times of 3.6 seconds through an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The BMW V12 Is Dead But Not Before One More Production Run

The BMW V12 is dead. Made redundant by turbocharging and electrification, the smooth power delivery of two banks of six inline cylinders will be forever gone from BMW’s line-up. Gone that is after one more production one. The history of the BMW V12 goes back to the late 80’s...

2022 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Is All the M4 You Really Need

I drove a 2022 BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe on the roads around the Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin Road America track after riding in an M4 Competition on the track. It’s not quite as fast as the M4, but the M440i Gran Coupe is still appreciably quick and offers more practicality, road comfort, and style.
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G80 BMW M3 Competition Drag Race Pits RWD Against AWD

The M3 and six-cylinder engines go back to the classy E36. Although BMW has experimented with a fabulous V8 powerplant for the E90, the Bavarian carmaker went back to straight-six mills for the F80 and G80. The M3s we’re covering today are both configured with the Competition Package and eight-speed...

BMW is killing the V12 engine this summer

The 2021 BMW M4 comes with a manual transmission, unlike many of its competitors to make it more fun to drive, even though it doesn’t make it faster, says Fox News Autos Editor Gary Gastelu. BMW‘s V12 is going out with a bang. Well, a dozen bangs. The...

VIDEO: BMW M3 Competition RWD vs BMW M3 Competition xDrive — Drag Race

This is the first generation of all-wheel drive M3 and the BMW purists are still in their acclimation phase. While cars like the BMW M5 and M8 — which are all-wheel drive-only — did help BMW fans get used to the idea of all-wheel drive M cars, the M3 is sort of a sacred machine for the M Division-faithful. It’s supposed to be the pure M car, the one dedicated to drivers who care about chassis balance and precision above all else. However, this new BMW M3 xDrive, while admittedly not the purest M3 of all, is a brilliant performance machine, as evidenced by this new video.

Is the BMW 230i the Better Driver’s Car Than the M240i?

During our last episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast, Horatiu and I discussed the differences between the BMW 230i and the BMW M240i, both variants of the new 2 Series in the US. While the M240i is the more popular, more exciting car on paper, we talked about how the less expensive 230i model might actually be the more fun car of the two to drive. That might sound a bit crazy, considering the 230i is considerably less powerful and quite a bit slower. However, when you take a look at the two cars, it might be the underdog that enthusiasts would prefer.