How to heal in Rainbow Six Extraction: Temporary health, rest, and healing explained

Are you wondering how to heal in Rainbow Six Extraction? It certainly is a rather interesting mechanic, which affects the difficulty of the game. One of the features your Operators have is a health feature. Not only does this affect your ability to perform in a live mission, as it would in Siege, but it also has an effect on your roster’s ability. In this article, we will go through the entire healing feature of Rainbow Six Extraction including temporary health, healing characters, and of course how to heal your roster in Rainbow SIx Extraction.
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Former XCOM and Civilization Devs Form New Studio

Former Firaxis developer Greg Foertsch has revealed Bit Reactor, a new game development studio made up of other Firaxis veterans and talent from several other studios. Firaxis is best known for its work on the stellar XCOM and Civilization series. Foertsch himself served as art director at Firaxis, and spent...
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Ex-XCOM developers open new studio dedicated to turn-based tactics games

A small group of former Firaxis developers who worked on the XCOM games, led by the series' art director, have opened a new studio dedicated to making turn-based tactics games. Bit Reactor is their name, and turn-based tactics really is their only type of game. They haven't announced any specific game yet but say they have several titles in development.
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New studio from XCOM veterans wants to “blur the line between strategy and action”

A new studio built by XCOM studio veterans aims to “blur the line between strategy and action” games. Bit Reactor founder Greg Foertsch’s most recent credits include working as art director on XCOM 2, though his history with Firaxis stretches all the way back to its beginnings in 1996. The studio recently unveiled its official website and social media channels, and while it isn’t ready to share what its first project will be, Foertsch outlined some of the studio’s ambitions in a interview.

Former Firaxis developers form Bit Reactor, aim to push turn-based strategy forward

Fans of the critically acclaimed XCOM series may become interested to hear that former members of Firaxis Games, the main developer behind the series, have just formed a new studio titled Bit Reactor. Situated in Hunt Valley, Maryland, this new studio aims to provide players with brand new takes on the turn-based strategy genre. Greg Foertsch, Bit Reactor’s co-founder and CEO, and former art director at Firaxis, specifically stated that the team will usher in “a golden age of turn-based games.” A bold claim to make for sure.

Firaxis vet Greg Foertsch opens new studio Bit Reactor

Former Firaxis art director Greg Foertsch is setting up a brand new studio called Bit Reactor. Speaking to, the developer said that this new venture will be focused on strategy games and says that cross-platform will be a big part of its plans. "I honestly think that tablets are...

XCOM, Civilization Veterans Form New Tactics Studio, Bit Reactor

A group of Firaxis Games veterans has announced a brand new Maryland-based studio called Bit Reactor which will be focused on turn-based strategy games. Bit Reactor will be headed up by former Firaxis art director Greg Foertsch, who worked with Firaxis for over 20 years on games including XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2, Civilization 3, and Civilization 4. Other members of the studio include former lead developers and creatives who also worked on the XCOM franchise.

Rainbow Six Extraction review

A surprising and unique co-op shooter that has fascinating ambitions but can often get bogged down in repetition and one-note gameplay. Getting a surprise from AAA video games feels like a rarer and rarer occurrence the longer you’ve been in the space. Usually, after years of speculation from early E3 announcements, previews, trailers, breakdowns, interviews, and various marketing material, you generally have a pretty solid understanding of what you’re getting into when you finally boot up the final product.

Best alien games – virtual extraterrestrials we love to shoot, escape, and trade with

Alien games have it in them to create a much deeper and more involving sci-fi than movies. Where film sets and actors are bound to budgeting constraints and the amount of grease paint and putty that can be applied to one head, game engines have no such concerns. A bold creative vision that might be too expensive to realize for the big screen always finds a home in gaming.

XCOM Veterans Launch New Studio Bit Reactor

Veteran Developers From XCOM Found New Studio Bit Reactor. Veteran developers and creative leads from the XCOM franchise have come together and launched a new studio of their own. The founders of Bit Reactor are former Firaxis Games lead developers and creatives who built the XCOM franchise. Now, they’re turning their eyes to the sky and preparing to push the limits of turn-based tactics.

Ex-Firaxis developers form new studio Bit Reactor

Bit Reactor has been formed to focus on turn-based strategy games and features the lead developers behind the XCOM series. The new studio was announced in a press release, where co-founder and CEO of Bit Reactor, Greg Foertsch said, “As game genres of all-types see refreshed takes in this new generation of technology, one thing is clear in that turn-based tactic games have been greatly overlooked and have an enormous amount of room for innovation.”

XCOM and Civilization Devs Set Up New Studio

A group of developers from Firaxis Games, involved in XCOM 2 and Civilization 4, announced the creation of a new studio. It will focus on designing turn-based strategy games. Greg Foertsch, former art director at Firaxis Games, has taken the helm of a new studio, Bit Reactor. The developer worked at Firaxis for over 20 years, participating in the work on such titles as XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2, Alpha Centauri, Civilization 3 and Civilization 4. Foertsch will be joined by former collaborators, including veterans involved in the first installments of XCOM.