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Xbox All Access Expands to 12 Countries this Holiday, Jump into Next-Gen Gaming starting at $24.99 a Month

At Xbox, we’re passionate about giving you, the player, even more choice in how to jump into the next generation of gaming. Whether you’re upgrading to the newest consoles or joining the Xbox family for the first time, with Xbox All Access, you can get everything you need to play — an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate — from $24.99 a month for 24 months with no upfront cost. We’re also excited to bring Xbox All Access to more fans around the world this holiday, and to offer existing Xbox All Access members more flexibility in their upgrade option.
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Xbox Series X launches Nov. 10 for $499

Microsoft's Xbox Series X next-gen console will arrive Nov. 10 and cost $499 (£449/AU$749), the company announced Wednesday. That's the same launch day as the stripped-down Xbox Series S, which costs $299 (£249/AU$499). You'll be able to preorder from Tuesday, Sept. 22. The consoles launch without Halo Infinite, a major...
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Xbox Series S is an incredible value for next-gen gaming

“Holy crap.” That’s the first thing that came to mind as I processed Microsoft’s Xbox Series S announcement this week. It’ll match some of the most significant upgrades from the Xbox Series X — a fast new SSD, high-frame rate gameplay — for just $299. Even better, you can finance it for $25 a month over two years together with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. No matter how you look at it, the Series S is an incredible value for most consumers.
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Microsoft just announced a smaller, cheaper Xbox

New York (CNN Business) — Next-generation gaming just got smaller. Microsoft unveiled a new, cheaper Xbox that the company says will be its smallest one ever. The Xbox Series S costs $299, putting it at the same price point as a Nintendo Switch or an Xbox One S, which is an older model.

Xbox Series S hardware specs: an affordable, capable next-gen console

Microsoft finally confirmed the existence of the Xbox Series S on Tuesday, and one day later, the company has announced the hardware specifications of its smaller, cheaper next-generation console. At $299, the Series S appears to be a great value proposition for people who don’t care about physical games or 4K resolution.
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Microsoft confirms $299 Xbox Series S console

Hours after Microsoft’s Xbox Series S console widely leaked, the company has gone on the record to confirm its existence. In a tweet, Microsoft describes the Series S as offering “next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever” and lists the price as the previously leaked figure of $299. In the UK it’ll cost £249.99. It’s coming November 10th, the company revealed in a new trailer later in the day.

Xbox Series X Price, Release Date, Pre-Order Date Revealed

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Series X will retail at $499 USD / £449, and that both Xbox Series consoles will be released on November 10. Pre-orders will open on September 22. Both consoles will join the Xbox All Access program (a subscription service that gets you a console and...

Your guide to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox is almost here. The Xbox Series X, originally code-named Project Scarlett, was revealed during the Game Awards 2019. Over the past several months, Microsoft has revealed more and more about the console, including a smaller, more budget-friendly variant called the Xbox Series S. Both systems are set to offer next-generation graphics and performance, though there are some differences.

Xbox Series S An Open Secret After Controller Leak

One of Microsoft's worst-kept next-gen secrets is the rumored second Xbox model that will live alongside the Xbox Series X, which is believed to be called the Xbox Series S. Now, even more evidence of the console has emerged in the wild thanks to a controller that seemingly went on sale too early, effectively confirming the existing of a second console, as well as its name. This comes just as the Xbox Series X launch date was announced for November. Despite the leaks, Microsoft still won't make an official confirmation of the console. Publicly, it has only talked about Xbox Series X thus far.
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Forget Nintendo Switch — Xbox Series S could be the perfect kids console

The Xbox Series S is official: a $299 console with 1440p resolution, a 512 GB SSD and the ability to run any Xbox Series X game. This tiny gaming box isn’t as powerful as the $499 Xbox Series X, but it could appeal to casual gamers, lapsed gamers — and, if Microsoft plays its cards right, young gamers.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S: which Xbox will be right for you?

Here’s how the Xbox Series X compares to the Xbox Series S. Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S will be a common question on the minds of consumers come November 10, 2020. With Microsoft releasing two next-gen consoles for gamers to enjoy, both of which look set to be attractive propositions depending on your needs, it might be difficult to decide which console is right for you.

Xbox Series S is officially $299 and ships Nov. 10: Everything we know so far

Microsoft's next-gen Xbox Series X console will be hitting store shelves later this year, but has a new challenger from its own house:. The less powerful, less expensive Xbox Series S, which targets 1440p, all-digital gameplay rather than 4K, will cost $299 (£250, or about AU$450), ship Nov. 10 and is "the smallest Xbox ever."

Prep for Xbox Series S With a $240 1440p IPS Monitor

With the Xbox Series S, a $300, 1440p console, on the horizon, there's even more reason to start looking at QHD monitors. Thanks to continuing Labor Day sales, that's a little easier today. The Dell S2721D is currently marked down to $239.99 on Dell’s website, down from $319.99. The Dell...
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Xbox Series S specs just leaked — and they're pretty impressive

Specs of the Xbox Series S have been leaked revealing a console that will target 1440p resolution gaming at 60 frames per second, despite its reduced power compared to the Xbox Series X. The Verge’s Tom Warren tweeted that the Xbox Series S will have 20 compute units - something...

Why the Xbox Series S is such a smart move by Microsoft

The Xbox Series S is inevitable at this point. Over the weekend, people began discovering retail versions of the updated Xbox controller for Xbox Series X. When they started tearing into that packaging, they found references to the Xbox Series S in the documentation. This all but officially confirms the existence of the more affordable next-gen Xbox from Microsoft. And that means now is a good time to talk about why a less powerful console makes so much sense.

Microsoft announces Xbox Series S console for $299

Sept. 8 (UPI) -- Microsoft officially announced on Twitter Tuesday the Xbox Series S, a next-generation video game console that will retail for $299. "Next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever," the company tweeted alongside images of the Xbox Series S. The Xbox Series S comes in white and has...

Xbox Series S could look exactly the same as the Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series S could have a similar high-tower design as the Series X model despite being a lot less powerful. The new leaked Xbox controller has been unboxed in a YouTube video, showing off the fancy Robot White paint job, new share button, and hybrid D-Pad. The setup guide is particularly interesting. The guide only shows a Series X tower, which is interesting because the controller is mainly billed as a next-gen peripheral for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. There's no Series S pictured.