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Sea of Thieves is getting rats but they can be disabled

Sea of Thieves Season 5 contains numerous quality of life improvements, though one new feature could have been a big downgrade. Rats are coming in the new update and will cause all kinds of mischief aboard players’ ships. For musophobia sufferers, however, nothing sounds further from a fun addition. Luckily, Sea of Thieves players can disable rats via the in-game accessibility options on Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, and PC.
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Halo Infinite can’t succeed unless it fixes its messy free-to-play approach

This week in Protocol Gaming, your weekly guide to the business of video games: Halo studio 343 Industries is navigating the messiness of modern game monetization, Nintendo addressed the Activision Blizzard crisis and Niantic has an all-new valuation after a substantial investment. A free-to-play experiment gone wrong. Halo Infinite hasn’t...
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Sea of Thieves: Here’s what to expect when Season 5 launches this week

Rare continues to deliver great content for Sea of Thieves. Season 5 comes loaded with goodies. Rare has revealed additional details about Season 5 of Sea of Thieves – which will be released this week – in a clip on YouTube. Sitting, loads of Christmas sweets, buried treasure, and other things that we will see in this new season of the pirate game will be revealed gradually.
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Age of Empires 5 (V) Release Date Prediction for PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4 & PS5

Wondering when the next Age of Empires will release? Well, it’s a bit too soon to wait for the day. Microsoft released the latest installment in the series just a month back, and the game has managed to gather sufficient attention. Although some called it “Age of Empires II with a makeover”, Age of Empires IV was enough to make true fans of the series really happy. However, the release of Age of Empires IV triggered questions about the release of Age of Empires 5 (V) among die-hard fans. Should we anticipate its release at this moment? Read this article to know more.

Halo Infinite: Party mode will not be available after Fracture: Tenrai

The entire Xbox and PC gaming community benefits from the multiplayer mode. infinite aura, where they can live more than ever the experience that made them one of the most beloved video game franchises. The thing that surprised us is that the video game is breaking it even weeks before...

Halo Infinite Challenges, Battle Pass Fixes Are Dev’s Top Priorities

According to 343 Industries’ Head of Design, Jerry Hook, the team considers tackling Halo Infinite’s challenge and battle pass issues a top priority. Addressing the progression issues currently plaguing Halo Infinite‘s challenges and battle pass represent a top priority for the development crew at 343 Industries. The studio’s design lead noted as much following ongoing discourse about the battle pass grind in Halo Infinite, a grind the vast majoirty of players agree continues to prove far too demanding.

Halo Infinite releases live action trailer called ‘Forever We Fight’

Microsoft, Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries have filmed and released a live action trailer intended to drum up even more hype for the first-person shooter Halo Infinite, which was originally supposed to launch in November 2020 but has had it’s release date delayed until December 8, 2021. The trailer...

Early Halo Infinite discs spotted in the wild, spoilers in tow

Early copies of Halo Infinite are sprouting up in the wild, opening the doors for campaign spoilers. Be wary of campaign story spoilers at the obvious places including comment sections and forums. The upcoming title is set to launch on Dec. 8 on Xbox consoles and PC, with day-one inclusion...

Halo Infinite: How to improve FPS

We welcome you to our Halo Infinite guide where we will talk about How to improve FPS. In order for us to have the best performance of the game, it is very necessary that these be improved, to achieve this we have to know the necessary adjustments that will help us achieve it, now in the following content we have the orientation we are looking for, let's see.

CHARTS: Farming Simulator 22 debuts at No.1 on Steam

The latest entry in the Farming Simulator franchise was the best-selling game on Steam last week. Farming Simulator 22 shot to No.1 following its launch on November 22nd and boasted a high of 96,402 concurrent players earlier in the week, per SteamCharts. Giants Software's title comes in ahead of Battlefield...

Halo Infinite leaked copies out in the open

Halo Infinite is the latest entry in the iconic first-person shooter franchise from Xbox Game Studios. This entry is being developed by 343 Industries, which took over from Bungie with Halo 4. Now, with only a few days from release, it seems that Halo Infinite leaked copies are out in the wild. This usually happens with most console releases, as stores break street dates, and start selling copies early.

Steam sets an all-new concurrent user record of 27.1 million

It's happened again: Steam has set another new concurrent user record, this time clocking up a staggering 27,182,165 players earlier today. According to SteamDB, of those 27.1 million users, 7.8 million were actively in-game and playing something – which is also a brand new record for Steam, too. It's an...

Xbox Series S may be ‘Black Friday’s most popular console’

Cyber Monday is here! Grab the best deals at Best Buy and Amazon!. It was a great Black Friday for the Xbox Series S, as Business Insider has pointed out after examining Adobe’s Digital Economy Index data. Their report states that Xbox Series S has outperformed the Sony PlayStation 5, the Nintendo Switch OLED and even it’s own sister-console the Xbox Series X during this year’s American-led celebration of unabashed mad-dash consumerism.

The Outer Worlds 2 May Be Releasing Sooner Than Expected

It looks like The Outer Worlds 2, which is the sequel to Obsidian Entertainment's 2019 RPG, may end up releasing sooner than initially expected. Earlier this year, Xbox Game Studios and Obsidian confirmed that The Outer Worlds 2 was in development via an initial teaser trailer for the game. And while this trailer asserted that work on the project was still in the early stages, it looks like Obsidian has actually been developing the game for a bit longer than anticipated.

15 Best Xbox Accessories & Merch For Christmas 2021

Buying gifts for someone who plays games doesn’t just mean buying the latest games and calling it a day. There’s a host of merch, accessories and additional tat out that there’s worth buying and would make for excellent presents come Christmas time. Some are a little bit more expensive than others, as they’re designed to enhance the gaming experience, while others are nice little gifts that’ll raise a smile. Here’s the best Xbox accessories and merch gift ideas for Christmas 2021.