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ISS tracking script in python using NASA's API

Tracking International Space Station using NASA’s API and plotting its location on the world map using turtle library. Pip (Python’s Package Manager) First, clone the repository. git clone Then, change your current directory into the iss-tracker repository. cd iss-tracker. install geopy Library. pip install geopy. Usage. Run...
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Raptor Territory

Our 2nd and last Giveaway! Raptor Territory is a strategic PvP action game that allows you to take control of a Deinonychus and engage yourself in multiple game modes full of fun and excitement. Collaborate with other players to capture the World Map and beware of your enemies surrounding you to become an obstacle in your quest. Raptor Territory currently offers 6 promising game modes to immerse you into this world of Deinonychus.
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How to Fast Travel in the New World

With a huge open-world map comes the everlasting urge to explore it and walking alone is gonna make it tedious instead of exciting. Plus, there’s a fat chance that you’ll miss things. So, is there any way you can cut short the chase and fast travel in the...

Benalmádena aims to pin Sky Race on world map of mountain races

With the intention of placing Benalmádena on the world map of mountain races within the next few years, the town hall has announced that this year’s edition of the Calamorro Sky Race will be incorporated into the Andalusian Championships for the first time. Organised by the council and...

Revolving World Map Background

World Map Video Background 3D animated, highly detailed video background in sci-fi style – global rotating world | earth map in shades of blue. (1920×1080) Codec H264, 30fps,0:34.

He connected the dots: world map of 5G and world flu coup

• In 2021 death rates were up 65% due to the killer covid vaccines. • There are studies, testimonies and physical evidence proving the vaccines are killing and hurting millions. Therefore anyone telling you to get the vaccine is knowingly telling you to kill yourself and threatening you with consequences...

Have you played World Of Prandis?

I found this free mobile MMORPG hidden gem people rarely talk about. Really good but it lacks players. Its 3D, have a seemingly ballanced real time PvP and have a really big open world map for a mobile game. You get flying mounts, teleportations and you can create three characters. At the start, you choose between 2 camps and a character. Those camps spawn at 2 different sides of the map. As you progress, the members of both camps will meet up and you're gonna fight or avoid them (if their levels are too high for you) No auto play that will just direct you to the next quests like most mobile MMORPG do which make the game less exciting. Though there is a guide in the mini map. You can easily get lost at first but once you figured out it gets really exciting. I just want more players!

The maps that predicted the pandemic and helped prevent an even greater catastrophe

Had it not been for a map, the 700 people who died of cholera in one week in the London neighborhood of Soho would have grown into thousands in the following days. In 1854, the British doctor John Snow decided to map the water wells on a district map, which made it possible to locate the cause of the disease in the faecal contamination that was occurring in the Broad Street well. Snow recommended that the authorities close that water pump, and immediately the cholera cases began to decrease. A few decades earlier, in New York in 1798, Dr. Valentine Seaman managed to stop another epidemic, in this case yellow fever, by applying these data collection and visualization techniques through a map.

Why is the world map you know wrong?

Walk into any school classroom and you will likely see a flat, rectangular map of the world sprawled across the wall. Generations of children have grown up learning that this projection is what Earth looks like. But does this flat map really reflect what our planet is like?. Though designed...

Political World Map. Large vintage classroom map (1983).

This blog is about old postcards, book illustration and all kinds of paper whimsy from the Soviet Union. I'm a long time collector, and this blog is 7 years old. I have an etsy shop for cards, books, pins and vintage finds from Russia.


The Orient REVIVAL COLLECTION RA-AA0E01S also known as RA-AA0E01S represents the heritage and experience of the Japanese manufacture. Maison Orient shares with us this timepiece 60 years of creation and know-how in the art of creating mechanical watches …. Orient REVIVAL Collection. Presentation. White dial print world map,white indexes and...

Coronavirus Covid19 concept animation 4k

Animation of the word Infected with numbers growing rapidly written in red and red world map showing growing number of Covid-19 coronavirus infections spreading on black background. Medicine public health pandemic coronavirus outbreak concept digitally generated image. 4k.

The Most Humid Cities in the World Mapped

From melting ice caps in Antarctica and Greenland to severe droughts, which have doubled the number of wildfires in the western United States between 1984 and 2015 – climate change anxiety is rising, and so is the willingness to act on it. However, climate change concerns more than just...

‘Project Zomboid’: 4 Map Mods Players Can Try In 2022

The default world map in “Project Zomboid” is very large, although most of the space in between towns is either empty or completely uninteresting. On the bright side, modders have created some impressive content in the form of map extensions, which add completely new areas to the game, as well as map modifications that change things up a bit for those who are bored of the default servings that the vanilla game has to offer. Many map mods are fairly balanced and offer nothing but definitive extensions to the game without ruining the actual experience.

Jurassic World Map

This map is from Smithy Mc Jurassic World map V1 but that map wasn't finished so i touched it up. i am planning on adding some things in the future. this map is for 1.7.10 and only works with my modpack. Locations:. Mosasaurus Arena /tp 717 83 457. Cretaceous Cruise...