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IMF's Georgieva: 'Trend Of Fragmentation Is Strong'

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva on Wednesday said she worries less about the risk that the war in Ukraine and a further slowdown in China might trigger a global recession than she does about the strength of the trend toward economic and political fragmentation. The IMF last month...
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Serial Disruptions Threaten Global Economic Growth

Global consumer price inflation picked up from 5.3% y/y in December 2021 to an estimated 7.0% this May, a pace that will likely be maintained through September. Our May forecast already incorporates a mild quarter-on-quarter contraction in eurozone real GDP in the second quarter and declines in UK real GDP over the final three quarters of 2022.
World Economic Forum

Care economy: an opportunity to create jobs and close the gender gap

The care economy is usually not considered a productive activity, and it’s chiefly carried out by women. But data collected by the Colombian government demonstrates that the care economy could have a significant impact on a country’s GDP. A reform in the payment norms behind the care economy...
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Qualcomm CEO Sees Growth in High-End Phones Even if Economy Slows

DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - Qualcomm Inc CEO Cristiano Amon sees growth for the chip supplier as consumers increasingly want "better phones," he said in an interview on Wednesday at the World Economic Forum, even as talk about an economic slowdown dominates the event in the Swiss ski town of Davos.