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Interview workflow for small teams

Running with a small crew can be a challenge but if you are coming well prepared, it could be an advantage. Being just one person, or running with a small team means that you can keep things light, move around and generally if you play your cards right, you can set up and teardown relatively fast. While having a big crew is nice, some jobs just call for smaller, light crews. Today, lets dive into the world of “one man” production.
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New Dalet AmberFin Update Enables Customers to Expand Streaming Workflows

Enhanced media processing capabilities and seamless integration with Dalet Flex and Dalet Pyramid solutions elevate user experience, support mobility, and expand workflow options; Successful AWS Foundation Technical Review ensures cloud excellence. Paris, France – January 20, 2022 – Dalet, a leading technology and service provider for media-rich organizations, today announced...
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News about the 4.68 Keepeek release

Some long-awaited new options in the collaborative features!. Being able to add assets in Keepeek features without going through the folder tree is a real productivity booster for our users. In this version, a search interface is available from workflows and baskets. In a workflow. To add assets, just open...

Kofax TotalAgility streamlines developer workflows

Kofax, a supplier of intelligent automation software for digital workflow transformation, is offering the latest release of Kofax TotalAgility, Kofax’s intelligent automation platform, making it easier for professional and citizen developers to quickly develop, deploy, and manage automated workflows. “Building agility and resilience into business operations is critical in...

On a Mission for Better Media Storage in the Church Production Workflow

Today’s church media production teams face many of the same challenges: demanding turnaround times, disconnected workflows, budgetary constraints, and so on. The following stories explore what matters most when it comes to media storage for church video production teams, and how it all comes together—performance, capacity, budget, collaboration, live editing, remote access, cloud workflows, scalability, and more—with the SNS EVO shared storage server.

GSSI Updates their UtilityScan® GPR System with New User Interface to Accelerate Workflow from Target Detection to Reporting

GSSI, the world’s leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, announces the updated UtilityScan® GPR system, with a new user interface (UI) that makes it easier than ever to locate and mark the depth of underground utilities in real-time in the field. With real-time target mapping, advanced scanning and identification capabilities, the rugged and flexible UtilityScan helps utility locating professionals accelerate workflow from target detection to reporting.

The importance of workflows – an in-depth guide

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Gurgaon, Haryana Jan 20, 2022 ( – In today’s hybrid workplace where most teams are either working at home, in-office, or a combination of both it has become important for a company to adopt distributed operations management software that runs on a SaaS platform such as ProHance.

Blobr Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $79.00

Blobr Review: Manage and monetize a branded API portal with enhanced customer experience. You’ve got some APIs just sitting around when they could be a potential goldmine as products. But showcasing your APIs and monetizing them seems like a tall order best left to the tech experts. Blobr makes...

Improving workflow automation for healthcare professionals

Like employers in most industries, healthcare organizations are struggling to fill open positions. current labor market. And the new reports show a growing wave of nursing shortage. This widespread shortage of healthcare workers is forcing providers to cope by having professionals deal with tasks such as data entry along with their normal patient care tasks. This waste of time means that organizations are missing out on opportunities to generate more revenue with their superior talent.

Wrangle secures $2M to automate company workflows

Bloomberg Beta and Eniac Ventures co-led the investment, with participation from Liquid 2 Ventures, Hustle Fund, TDF Ventures and more than 20 founder angel investors. Adam Smith and Adam Long founded Wrangle in 2020 and bootstrapped the remote company until now. This is the third company where they have worked together. Most recently they were COO and CTO, respectively, at Automated Insights, which was acquired by Vista Equity Partners.
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How to Get Started with the MVP Workflow

Few things are more important to a web designer or developer’s chances of success than having the proper workflow. The term “workflow” applies to the set of standardized steps you or your company uses to create, test, and deploy designs or products. Over the years, as development...

Streamline Your Immuno-Oncology Workflow with Simple Plex Immunoassays

Simple Plex assays on the ELLA platform automate the ELISA workflow, helping to accelerate time to result and reduce human error. Quantify up to eight analytes in 90 minutes or less. Simple Plex assays require only 25 uLof sample volume while offering sub-picogram sensitivity across a broad dynamic range. Each...

The New Face of HR in Business Workflow

The times they are a’changin’—especially for Human Resources. There was a time when HR resembled a reticent great-uncle living in the back room. He’d quietly write up all your employee files, and meticulously tally up work hours and absenteeism. You’d meet him in formal situations like...

Five ultra-fast (and reliable) external SSDs that will speed up your workflow

Modern cameras are faster, smarter, and more powerful than ever before. While we reap the rewards of these technological marvels there’s one thing modern creators tend to forget about. Storage space. We need more and more of these days. Fortunately, there are lots of external SSDs that can make our lives easier.

AAV Downstream Process and Product Characterization: Integrating Advanced Purification and Analytical Tools into the Workflow

The optimization of the downstream process for Adeno-associated virus (AAV) production with consistent quality depends on the ability to characterize critical quality attributes affecting potency, purity and safety of the final product. As the gene therapy field continues to push products through the clinical pipeline, an increasing need for efficient purification and analytical tools has become evident. In addition, the regulatory space has expanded in parallel to the use of AAV, driving the demand for simple and efficient assays to demonstrate product quality and safety.

YouTube Workflow: 6 Steps for New YouTubers

Https:// If you’re new to the YouTube content creator world, then having a process to follow for each of your YouTube videos will help you to create more impactful video content, more consistently and with more confidence. This informative 75 minute class will help you:. plan your video topics.