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Pandemic forever changed the way people work

Back in 2019, no one could have guessed what was in store. But here we are nearly two years later, and COVID-19 has changed the way we work, learn and connect. For employment, jobs seekers don’t expect or really even want work to go back to the previous status quo. Here are some statistics about what the job search looks like now, courtesy of Job Journey polls and a recent The Harris Poll Survey commissioned by Express Employment Professionals.
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Do the upcoming holidays add more stress while you work?

We are at the home stretch of the end of 2021. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's are vastly approaching. Some people love this time of year. It brings hot cocoa, sweaters, and sometimes even a beautiful landscape of snow. No matter what holiday you can always find people who are happy during that season, and some people who dread it when it gets closer.
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How a Four Day Working Week Can Help Keep Your Spirits Up

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your work desk praying for the clock to tick faster? It is no secret that our jobs fill up most of our weekdays – and, on occasions, weekends too. We used to stick to a 9 to 5 work routine, but the reality now is that employees have to be on the ball whenever the business requires their input.

How To Pack The Marie Kondo Way

Marie Kondo is all the rage these days thanks to her cute and inspiring hit Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The show is all about decluttering your life. Getting rid of all that junk you’re holding on to that you definitely don’t need and only keeping things that “bring you joy”. There are plenty of awesome and effective tips in the show for how to make your home life more joyous, but there’s another way to implement the “KonMari Method” in your life: packing!

Reclaim Our Sleep and Control Stress Amid COVID-19

Stress affects our sleep. Today, our collective stress level has reached a critical mass. In a recent survey, nearly one-third of adults said sometimes they are so stressed about the COVID-19 pandemic that they struggle to make basic decisions. The stress of COVID-19 permeates every facet of our lives, and...

Pressure, Stress And Performance: The Balance Between Too Much And Too Little

Sometimes a little healthy pressure can go a long way. We’ve all felt it—the boost in motivation and focus when we’re staring down a challenge or performing in front of an audience. It’s why athletes reach their peak in competition rather than practice, and why many said the lack of spectators at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics hurt their performance, rather than helped it. But we also know what it feels like to be under too much stress—and the paralyzing anxiety and overwhelm that comes with it. One of the main challenges leaders face today in light of The Great Resignation is knowing how much pressure to put on employees. When it comes to motivating people, there’s definitely a line on either end, and leaders can’t afford to get it wrong. So how much stress is too much, and how little is not enough?

Most People Still Work While Sick, Especially Remote Workers

The pandemic has changed the work status quo, with many people now working remotely or in hybrid arrangements to stop the spread. However, new CivicScience findings show that despite this heightened concern for health, most Americans continue to work while sick on the job. Surveying 1,813 currently employed U.S. adults,...
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8 Ways to Manage Holiday Stress

People young and old look forward to the holidays, but once the festivities draw near, the things we eagerly anticipated can become major stressors. In fact, an estimated 80 percent of Americans expect to feel stressed during the holidays.[1] There are holiday parties, out of state trips, inclement weather, gifts to buy, dinners with family or friends, and maybe a few traditions that you’d rather skip. All of these things can fray your nerves and turn joyous holiday festivities into taxing pressures.

Pandemic stress, work stress, now holiday stress; Here are some ways to cope

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Managing stress around the holidays can be challenging enough, and when you add work-related issues, including staffing shortages, childcare concerns, and a pandemic, it can feel exhausting. Psychologist Dr. Rose Moten said some clients are even reporting feeling "triggered" in situations that normally wouldn't be an issue.

Hilarious Programming Jokes Guaranteed to Make Anyone Laugh

Are there any connections between memes and happiness? If you are my type of person, then you may also love to check your mobile after finishing work. And guess what I see over there?. videos, TikTok, and memes posted on the internet. I don’t know why but it helps to...

How to Deal With Work Stress: 8 Relaxing Tips

Did you know that around 40% of American workers report feeling extremely stressed while at work? Between long hours, a heavy workload, and an unkind boss, feeling stressed at work is a common issue around the world. Even if you enjoy your job, there are likely to be stressful days....

The trouble with staying awake: BCOPS study addresses shift work hazards

Chronic fatigue and other ills brought about by irregular work schedules have always been a concern for law enforcement officers. Only relatively recently has there been any scientific analysis of the problem. Some of that research was reviewed in a recent webinar, Stress and Cardiovascular Disease among First Responders, hosted...

10 Warning Signs You’re Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted

9. You cry for no reason at all. Getting affected by the smallest things makes you tear up easily. With mental and emotional exhaustion, we lose our ability to cope with challenging situations. This intensifies the stress and makes you teary-eyed for no reason at all. The tears are from all the pain you are holding inside.