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An epicenter of violence in Seattle has gotten so bad, the sheriff is telling employees to work from home

King County Courthouse employees told to work from home due to rise in violence. Judge Mafe Rahul says she’s had to run for her safety several times. She says there have been stabbings, human trafficking and drug deals going on at the encampment. She is worried about her bailiffs and jurors who are told to come to a stretch of downtown Seattle that they know are not safe.
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The Ultimate Work From Home Guide — Decor, Furniture, Kitchen and More

A new season is around the corner, and there's a renewed sense of hope in the air though we're still living and working through a pandemic. Kids are going back to school, with some still virtual learning, and you may still be WFH for a while longer, or possibly even permanently. With all of that in mind, there's a good chance you're also in the mood to give your home some major updates, especially to have more of a work-life balance. In which case, we have you covered.
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Things to Consider When Working from Home

Working from home can be one of the best opportunities for most individuals to make money while staying at home. But, unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of getting to work from the comfort of their humble abode, though it does not mean that it’s smooth sailing for anyone in such a position.

Three products for the perfect work from home day

August usually isn’t the best time to start a new planner, but it’s just fine to dive into an undated Productivity Planner. It limits your daily to-dos to just five tasks, making it easier to focus on what’s important. Work from the couch in the morning, the kitchen for lunch,...
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After attempted rape at courthouse, King County Sheriff tells employees to work from home

One week ago, a homeless man attempted to rape a female employee inside the bathroom of the King County courthouse. Fortunately, a law enforcement officer was walking by and heard the woman’s screams. He was able to pull the attacker off of the victim. The attacker turned out to be a registers sex offender who’d been released from prison less than a week earlier after serving a 21-month sentence for similar sex crimes.
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Survey: 65% of Americans would take pay cut to work from home

ATLANTA (CBS46) — As many companies across the world have started bringing the majority of their employees back to the office, a new survey shows a majority of employees are willing to take a pay cut in order to stay home. The survey, which was commissioned by Breeze, asked 1,000...