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How to play Wordle

By this point in the pandemic, we’re all looking for something pleasant to distract us — even momentarily — from all the chaos, which may explain why the simple, no-frills game Wordle has become so popular. It’s a web-based puzzle that requires players to guess a new five-letter word every day, in six tries or less, and everyone gets the same word. You may have seen people sharing the gray, green, and yellow square patterns on Twitter, which show how they performed on that day’s Wordle without giving away the solution (more on that in a sec).
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How to cheat at Wordle if you're a bad person and want to ruin everything

This is why we can't have nice things. Apparently all of the upcoming answers for Wordle, the simple word-guessing game that's earned so much social buzz, are hidden in the game's code. We know this because of a tweet from a man in India I'm linking to here, but won't embed, because it supposedly shows the words that will be puzzle answers soon.

Finished your Wordle today? Give these other word games a try

Wordle has taken over social media. You can't open Twitter or Facebook without seeing someone posting a set of gray, yellow and green blocks, a meme about the game, or debating the best starter word. Wordle asks players to figure out a five-letter word in six or fewer guesses. After...
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So far, 2022 is the year of Wordle, the word puzzle sensation where you get six guesses to figure out a new five-letter word each day. The original Wordle game is free and easy to use on any mobile or desktop browser, but there’s a limit of just one puzzle per day.

Yep, we now have Hebrew and Yiddish Wordle

Hopefully, you are now not only officially hip to what Wordle is, but its Jewish roots. If not, please read here. We’ll wait. Since Wordle went viral, it has inspired a seemingly endless array of spoofs and knockoffs, including now a Hebrew and Yiddish version of the buzzy new daily word game.

Turn your Wordle results into fun Townscaper buildings

I've seen them. You've seen them. We've all seen the little black, green and yellow squares flood our Twitter timelines as people share their Wordle victories and woes. The daily five-letter word game has quickly become a part of many people's routine, but sharing your results in a tweet is so blasé. Instead, why not announce your victory over the English dictionary with a Townscaper building?

It Only Took A Single Tweet From Jimmy Fallon To Make Wordle A Massive Hit

I’m a little obsessed with Wordle right now. I even took a radical step. In Google Chrome, you can set pages to appear when you start the browser up. I have now added Wordle, a game where you pick letters to form a word. It’s like Wheel of Fortune had a baby with Scrabble, except that the twist here is you only see one puzzle per day. It’s also not an app and only runs on the web.

You need to play the best game of 2022 before it's too late

The year is just getting started, and even though January tends to be one of the slowest months of the year for games, a defining trend for 2022 has already emerged. Curious about why you’re seeing those green and yellow squares clogging up your Twitter timeline?. Blame it all...