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Paper Excellence Expansion Shows Threats to Canada’s Forests

Domtar’s stockholders have approved the company’s acquisition by Paper Excellence: a move which would make Paper Excellence far-and-away the largest pulp producer in Canada, and further jeopardize Canada’s reputation as a source for sustainable wood. Paper Excellence is closely affiliated with Sinar Mas Group’s Asia Pulp and Paper: a corporation internationally notorious for its role in deforestation and human rights abuses. Canada is letting corporate behemoths log and pulverize forests critical to communities, species, and the global climate. Solutions are possible, but Canada needs to start being part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
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Process intensification of the ionoSolv pretreatment: effects of biomass loading, particle size and scale-up from 10 mL to 1 L

The ionoSolv process is one of the most promising technologies for biomass pretreatment in a biorefinery context. In order to evaluate the transition of the ionoSolv pretreatment of biomass from bench-scale experiments to commercial scale, there is a need to get better insight in process intensification. In this work, the effects of biomass loading, particle size, pulp washing protocols and 100-fold scale up for the pretreatment of the grassy biomass Miscanthus giganteus with the IL triethylammonium hydrogen sulfate, [TEA][HSO4], are presented as a necessary step in that direction. At the bench scale, increasing biomass loading from 10 to 50 wt% reduced glucose yields from 68 to 23% due to re-precipitation of lignin onto the pulp surface. Omitting the pulp air-drying step maintained saccharification yields at 66% at 50 wt% loading due to reduced fiber hornification. 100-fold scale-up (from 10 mL to 1 L) improved the efficacy of ionoSolv pretreatment and increasing loadings from 10 to 20 wt% reduced lignin reprecipitation and led to higher glucose yields due to the improved heat and mass transfer caused by efficient slurry mixing in the reactor. Pretreatment of particle sizes of 1–3 mm was more effective than fine powders (0.18–0.85 mm) giving higher glucose yields due to reduced surface area available for lignin re-precipitation while reducing grinding energy needs. Stirred ionoSolv pretreatment showed great potential for industrialization and further process intensification after optimization of the pretreatment conditions (temperature, residence time, stirring speed), particle size and biomass loading. Pulp washing protocols need further improvement to reduce the incidence of lignin precipitation and the water requirements of lignin washing.
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Mercer International: Q2 Earnings Insights

Shares of Mercer International (NASDAQ:MERC) were flat in after-market trading after the company reported Q2 results. Earnings per share increased 346.15% over the past year to $0.32, which missed the estimate of $0.48. Revenue of $401,832,000 up by 17.77% year over year, which beat the estimate of $399,250,000. Outlook. Mercer...

Kramer Shirt Khaki

If you're looking for a classic long-sleeved shirt, you can't go past the Kramer. Perfect for summer evenings, this version is cut in lyocell, so it'll keep you feeling cool and fresh in hot weather. Not only is lyocell drapey and ultra-soft, it's made by harvesting wood pulp from Eucalyptus trees, and doesn't use harmful pesticides and uses less water than cotton in its production. Good for you, good for the planet. Seen here in khaki.

The Score: Wax London Marks Down its Stealthiest Camp-Collar Shirt

Camp-collar shirts tend to swerve into bright colors and loud patterns, which (usually) works quite well. But sometimes you just want something a little easier. And that's where this all-black-everything alternative from Wax London comes in, which just landed on sale right here. With a retro-tinged fit inspired by summer...

Paper Excellence’s very big deal

At 10am on Thursday, July 29, at a special virtual meeting, shareholders of Domtar, a giant in the North American pulp and paper industry, will vote on whether to accept the sale of all the corporation’s issued and outstanding shares of common stock to Paper Excellence for US$55.50 per share in an “all-cash transaction” worth about US$3 billion, or CN$3.77 billion.

Canfor Pulp Products (TSE:CFX) Stock Rating Reaffirmed by Raymond James

A number of other equities research analysts also recently weighed in on the company. Scotiabank boosted their target price on Canfor Pulp Products from C$10.50 to C$11.00 in a research report on Wednesday, May 19th. TD Securities decreased their target price on Canfor Pulp Products from C$11.50 to C$9.00 and set a “hold” rating on the stock in a research report on Tuesday, July 6th. Finally, CIBC reduced their target price on Canfor Pulp Products from C$11.00 to C$9.00 and set a “na” rating on the stock in a report on Tuesday, July 20th.

Canfor Pulp Products (OTCMKTS:CFPUF) Price Target Cut to C$9.00 by Analysts at CIBC

Separately, Scotiabank boosted their target price on shares of Canfor Pulp Products from C$10.50 to C$11.00 and gave the stock a sector perform rating in a report on Wednesday, May 19th. Three equities research analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating and two have assigned a buy rating to the company’s stock. Canfor Pulp Products currently has an average rating of Hold and a consensus price target of $11.10.

Canfor Pulp Products (TSE:CFX) Price Target Lowered to C$9.00 at CIBC

Other analysts have also recently issued reports about the company. Scotiabank boosted their price target on Canfor Pulp Products from C$10.50 to C$11.00 in a report on Wednesday, May 19th. Raymond James set a C$14.50 price target on Canfor Pulp Products and gave the stock an outperform rating in a report on Friday, April 30th. Finally, TD Securities reduced their price target on Canfor Pulp Products from C$11.50 to C$9.00 and set a hold rating on the stock in a report on Tuesday, July 6th.

Review + giveaway | Temperature-control bedding from The Fine Bedding Company

[Advertisement – this is a paid partnership with The Fine Bedding Company. All words and opinions are my own]. I’ve always found it difficult to control my body temperature at night, and it’s only got trickier as I’ve reached my late 30s. In winter, I go to bed freezing, hunker down under the duvet and wake up a few hours later feeling hot and bothered; in summer I struggle to cool down enough to drift off in the first place. Add in anxiety, a heatwave like the one we’re currently experiencing here in the UK and the fact that I normally have a cat snoozing on my feet, and getting enough sleep can seem like an impossible feat.

Zero Waste Kitchen Starter Kit

A fabulous zero waste kitchen starter kit for those looking for high-quality ethically sourced products, to start them on their plastic-free journey. These eco-friendly products are suitable for all your everyday kitchen essentials and are supplied in a cardboard gift box. What’s in our Zero Waste Kitchen Starter Kit?. Organic...
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Semi-Chemical Wood Pulp Market Expand Their Businesses With New Investments And Coming Future

Wood pulp is the ligno-cellulosic fibrous substance produced by either chemically or mechanically separating cellulosic fibers from the lignin present in wood. In semi-chemical wood pulping, wood chips are first softened by chemically treating them in a neutral sodium sulfite solution. They are then subjected to mechanical pulping action with the help of devices such as a disk attrition mill for separation of fibers. Such wood pulp produces high quality paper with varied characteristics.

Limited edition Tencel fiber will incorporate pulp from citrus by-products

Lenzing, Austria – Lenzing and Orange Fiber will introduce the first Tencel-branded lyocell fiber made of orange pulp and wood sources – creating a new sustainable offering. Orange Fiber, which is based in the Sicilian port town of Catania, has patented the pulp production process for citrus by-products. The novel,...

What’s next for Northern Pulp? Transformation plan outlines upgrades

Northern Pulp’s updated mill transformation plan involves community accountability and upgrades to the effluent treatment and recovery systems. Dale Paterson, a pulp and paper consultant and chair of Northern Pulp’s environmental liaison committee (ELC), presented the company’s roadmap to the forestry industry during a July 13 webinar hosted by the Canadian Woodlands Forum and Forest Nova Scotia, and sponsored by the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre.

Didcot Short Sleeve Shirt Wave Print

Taking retro cues from mens summer shirts of the 1950s, the Didcot is a short-sleeved number that will see you through the hot weather in style. Cut from a drapey and breathable lyocell fabric that comes from wood pulp, this shirt has a light and airy feel. This version features a wave print fabric inspired by warm summer sunsets over the ocean. Wear buttoned up or open over a crisp white shirt.