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Watch: Hilarious Video of Tourist “Riding” a Buffalo

Normally, we're sending out the warning to stay away from any wild animals you might happen upon. We're always sharing videos of clueless tourists at places like Yellowstone - and using them as examples of what not to do when it comes to animal interaction. In any other case we wouldn't encourage this behavior - so this will probably serve as the only time we'll crack a smile and cheer for someone to try and ride a buffalo......or get gored by one.
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Three children touch rabid bat in Suffolk

SUFFOLK, Va. — Three children are being treated for rabies exposure after finding and holding an injured bat in Suffolk. The Suffolk Health Department said Friday that officials had the animal tested, and it came back positive for rabies. The kids found the bat near Central Avenue and Holladay Street,...
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Animals are abandoned with surprising regularity

I have always tried to see every side of a person’s story, to understand their motivation. But what often transpires within our world leaves me talking to myself, disgusted, and embarrassed for my species. As humans we are supposed to be “more evolved” and have a higher intellect. Our thinking and decision-making capability is purported to make us more superior than other animals. Unfortunately, I’m sure a number of animals would disagree with that sentiment.
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Rehabber dedicates decades to helping wild animals

Nancy Whisenant got her start in wildlife rehabilitation about 20-25 years ago. It was an ordinary day and she was out mowing her neighbor’s lawn when she stumbled upon a bundle of bunnies. “I thought it was mice, and I was trying to kill them,” Whisenant said. “I kept running...