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DeSantis Starting To Feel The Heat in Florida

Sgt. Leia Tascarini, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. Despite his lofty status among Republicans, Governor Ron DeSantis is facing pressure on multiple fronts. With Coronavirus infections surging and a bad bout of red tide affecting marine life, the Governor is under pressure to deliver. Yet, during the past week or so, DeSantis has been outside of the state.
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Otterly Adorable: Sea Otters Hold Hands for Practical Reasons

These cute animals have been caught holding hands with each other while they sleep. One of the most popular otter couples lives at the Vancouver Aquarium in British Columbia, and rocketed to Shutterstock and Wikimedia Commons fame with their hand holding scene. Fortunately, you can see otters holding hands practically everywhere, even in places like Alaska. You may have seen cute otter pictures on social media or especially as cute otter art during Valentine's day, such as art prints, wall art, coffee mugs, and more! This cuteness from the animal kingdom actually has a practical reason! Read on to learn more animal facts about these otterly amazing animals.
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Friday 7/23/21: Two Newton Police Officers Attacked On Camera & More News

Two Newton Police Officers Attacked On Camera. The officers were attacked on Wednesday during a traffic stop. The officers are both said to be in stable condition. [WHDH]. Update: Latest Coronavirus Cases In Massachusetts. On Friday, health officials reported 586 new COVID cases and 5 new deaths. [NBC Boston]. The...
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Hiking the Donner Pass Train Tunnels, a Triumph and Tragedy of Immigrant Grit

Maybe you're seeking respite from the summer heat. Maybe you'd like to pretend you're in the Halls of Moria in the Lord of the Rings. Or maybe you want to hike through miles of graffiti art. Whatever your reason for coming, the Donner Pass Train Tunnels offer a fascinating and sometimes heartbreaking glimpse into the history of our country and of the predominantly Chinese immigrants who built the Western portion of North America's first Transcontinental Railroad.
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Counties with the highest COVID-19 death rate in Kansas

As has been true throughout America’s COVID-19 history, every state—and every county therein—has its own COVID-19 story, driven by local policies and behaviors. The United States as of July 14 had reached 608,013 COVID-19-related deaths and nearly 34 million COVID-19 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University. Amid the grim numbers come two bright spots: As of Feb. 2, more Americans had been vaccinated for COVID-19 than had been infected; and since then, rolling averages for case counts and deaths have been on the decline.
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Countries Mississippi exports the most goods to

Significant drops in transport and travel due to coronavirus drove American exports in 2020 down 15.7% to their lowest levels since 2010, according to Commerce Department data. The pandemic threw a monkey wrench into supply chains while flattening demand, all in the midst of significant tariffs imposed by the United States on China and the European Union.
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Best Attractions to Visit for Your Next Trip to Tulsa

Tulsa is the second-most populous city in the state of Oklahoma and the 47th most populous city in the United States of America. While the city's economy was driven by the energy sector initially and it was once called the Oil capital of the world, the city today has diversified sectors consisting of finance, telecom, aviation, and technology.