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‘Nationtime’ Blu-Ray Review – Landmark Documentary Shines A Spotlight On Pivotal Moment In Black Political Power

In a time when Black issues are at the forefront of society – as they should be – and coming off a highly contentious election year that still somewhat lingers throughout our society, it is important to reflect upon the past to see what lessons we can harness for the future. This is what makes the release of the newly-restored documentary Nationtime such a cherished piece of filmmaking for those wanting to educate themselves. Upon the invitation of Amiri Baraka, legendary filmmaker William Greaves (Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One) traveled to Gary, Indiana along with 10,000 other Black citizens to capture the National Black Political Convention in March of 1972. It was an election year and the hope was for the in-fighting to be suspended for a weekend in hope of developing a national agenda that could bring all Black people together for the common goal of Black political power. As an opening prologue reads, while the convention was deemed a “failure” the truth is that it served as a pivotal turning point for Black self-determination.