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Why Is It Suddenly So Cool To Be Filipino?

Over the summer, San Francisco-founded Filipino fusion restaurant Señor Sisig opened its third location in the Ferry Building. As a second-gen Filipina from the Bay, I found myself wondering, is it cool to be Filipino now that I can find sisig and a $6.50 Blue Bottle cold brew in the same place?
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Climb Hire CEO Nitzan Perlman refused to hire ‘white people’: lawsuit

A black executive was canned after he warned his boss that she couldn’t refuse to hire white people, he claims in a lawsuit. Marlon McWilliams was hired in September as the vice president of employer partnerships at Climb Hire, a California company dedicated to supporting minorities entering the workforce. He turned down higher paying gigs for the chance to work for the company, according to his Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit, and was stunned when CEO Nitzan Pelman allegedly proclaimed during a retreat “that she adamantly refused to hire white people into senior roles at Climb Hire.” When McWilliams, who is black,...
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The GOP’s Silence On Trump Meeting With White Supremacist Nick Fuentes Speaks Volumes

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM. SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE. In recent weeks, key members of the Republican Party have taken deliberate steps to separate and distance themselves from former President Donald Trump. Some have even publically spoken out against him especially in the wake of his not-so-surprising announcement that he intends to run for president again.

People Shared The Worst Movie Roles Good Actors Ever Did, And It's, Uhhh, Controversial

"Millie Bobby Brown is a great actress in TV shows, but I didn't like Godzilla (2019). I wish she would do a better movie project that showcases her talents more." 10starhd 10starhd movies 10starhd pro hindi dubbed 300mb. 3kmovies 3kmovie 3k movies 300mb. We asked the members of...

WaPo Drops Hit Piece on Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Over 65-Year Old Photo, Says He’s Part of a ‘Confederacy’

(AP Photo/Ron Jenkins, File) The opinions expressed by contributors are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of . The Washington Post thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the holiday weekend with a hit piece on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones featuring a photo of him aged 14 years old standing in the crowd at a 1957 racial confrontation in North Little Rock, AK. There is no indication that Jones did anything wrong or actively participated in the event, where white people were trying to stop black students from attending the local high school. Decades after standing on the frontlines of one of Little Rock’s darkest segregation clashes, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has led the league toward new revenue models but has yet to hire a Black head coach. A few weeks after the above photo was taken, the higher profile “Little Rock Nine” integration effort took place at Little Rock Central High, resulting in President Dwight D. Eisenhower dispatching federal troops to escort the black students past the protesters in what is regarded as a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement. The Post seems to imply that the fact that Jones lived in the area and appeared at a less-famous event means that he’s guilty by association with the racist agitators who harassed black students and used the N-word: In a photograph taken at the scene, Jones could be seen standing a few yards from where the six Black students were being jostled and repelled with snarling racial slurs by ringleaders of the mob. At one point, a Black student named Richard Lindsey recalled, someone in the crowd put a hand on the back of his neck. A voice behind him said, “I want to see how a… [N-word] […]

Kanye West travels with white nationalist Nick Fuentes

After losing fans and making billions of dollars worth of business deals, Kanye West found a new friend in white nationalist Nick Fuentes. Here’s everything you need to know. Kanye West Dating White Nationalist Nick Fuentes. Kanye West has lost tons of friends and fans since his anti-Semitic rants,...