#When I Was Young


Fat Meech – “When I Was Young”

Today hometown hero and fan favorite, Fat Meech returns with a new single dubbed, “When I Was Young.”. Receiving support and high praise from verified online publications like Dirty-Glove Bastard, PassionWeiss, Hype Magazine, AllHipHop, HipHopSince1987, RosecransAve, Genius, RespectMag and more Fat Meech has a legit buzz nationally that will only continue to grow as he continues to gain traction amongst the youth.

Turbo grafx 16 commercial (1989)

When Nintendo tried to show some edge. When everybody jocked the just released Genesis...that commercial had me fiending for a Turbo!. 1 of the greatest systems ever IMO. And I was way to young to import so I missed out on a ton of PC Engine games. But Ninja Spirit...

Fat Meech Drops Off Single “When I Was Young”

Rising artist Fat Meech drops off the heartfelt single “When I Was Young”. Being unfamiliar with Fat Meech prior to this song I didn’t know what to expect but this track left me wanting more. Right from the start you can hear the pain and passion in Fat Meech’s voice. Reflecting on the days when he used to get wicked high and just all of the struggles that he had to go through, you can tell how much this one means to him. While the passion is there the catchy hook stays with you, looping over and over again in your mind. Fat Meech proved himself with this track, I’m hyped to hear what else he has to offer.

Before They Disappear

I remember Grandpa…when our family gathered at his house…as our joy and laughter filled the air…we would always find him smiling…sitting in his favorite chair. I remember how he'd smile…listening to new stories…or stories we retold…when I was young I figured that's what Grandpas do when Grandpas get that old.