Cash Cow: W.H.O. Doing Their Best To Keep Us All In A Panic

Fact, at no point since before the novel Coronavirus (C-19) was spotted in Wuhan China, has the World Health Organization been more relevant and even more important, rich. In fact, Covid has become big business for the useless organization and the leadership has benefitted greatly due to massive salary boosts.
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The dietary dilemma: food adequacy vs. planetary health

More than 2 billion people are overweight or obese, mostly in the Western world. At the same time, 811 million people are not getting enough calories or nutrition, mostly in low- and middle-income nations. Unhealthy diets contributed to more deaths globally in 2017 than any other factor, including smoking2. As the world’s population continues to rise and more people start to eat like Westerners do, the production of meat, dairy and eggs will need to rise by about 44% by 2050, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
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How to Celebrate Lunar New Year in 2022 in Dallas

That’s nice, but before you do, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, it’s not necessarily Chinese New Year. It’s Lunar New Year, and a number of other cultures, including the Vietnamese and Korean, celebrate this special day. Why isn't it celebrated on Jan....

Virginia: Afghan Muslim refugee convicted of sexually assaulting 3-year-old girl at Quantico Marine base

Note that Afghans arrived at “Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, Aug. 27, 2021. The Department of Defense, through U.S. Northern Command, and in support of the Department of State and Department of Homeland Security,” provided “transportation, temporary housing, medical screening, and general support for up to 50,000 Afghan evacuees at suitable facilities, in permanent or temporary structures, as quickly as possible.”

Iran Sentences French Citizen to 8 Years for Spying

PARIS - A French national who has been in Iranian custody since May 2020 was sentenced Tuesday by an Iranian court to eight years and eight months in prison for spying. Benjamin Briere, 36, was accused by Iranian authorities of flying a drone equipped with a camera near the Turkmenistan-Iran border. He was convicted of spying and 'propaganda against the Islamic Republic.'

Ukrainian crisis: in Berlin, Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz show their desire to maintain dialogue with Russia

The Ukrainian crisis constitutes a major ordeal for the Franco-German tandem, which, a month and a half after the arrival of Olaf Scholz at the chancellery, is still in the running-in phase. While the new German government is finding its feet, particularly on international issues, where coalition partners are not always in unison, this crisis could complicate relations between Paris and Berlin, which in recent years have often been disagree about Russia.

Burkina Faso: From Popular Uprising To Military Coup

As Burkina Faso's junta consolidates its position after seizing power in a coup, we look at the recent history of the troubled West African country. Blaise Compaore takes power in a 1987 coup and cements his position four years later with the first of four election victories. But his 2010 win is contested, as is his attempt to amend the constitution to extend his rule. After being forced out by street protests in 2014, he flees to Ivory Coast. On November 29, 2015, former prime minister Roch Marc Christian Kabore is elected president.

In Olso, negotiations between Taliban and Westerners on the Afghan humanitarian crisis

This is the first official visit by the Taliban to Europe since they took control of Afghanistan in August 2021. Arriving on Saturday January 22 in Oslo, the delegation, made up of fifteen leaders of the fundamentalist regime, led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amir Khan Muttaqi, met on Monday with representatives of several Western countries, including France, for discussions relating in particular to the humanitarian crisis raging in Afghanistan and respect for human rights.

Ukraine: Russia launches military maneuvers in southern and Crimea

The Russians and Westerners are blaming each other for triggering the crisis, at the risk of provoking a major conflict in recent weeks. However, despite the lack of results, diplomatic efforts continue. About 6,000 troops, fighter jets and bombers are involved in the Russian exercises announced on Tuesday. They take...

Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order

In a world bristling with dangers, only one enemy poses a truly mortal challenge to the United States and the peaceful and prosperous world that America guarantees. That enemy is China, a country. that invented totalitarianism thousands of years ago. whose economic power rivals our own. that believes its superior...

Ukraine: Emmanuel Macron will meet with Vladimir Putin on Friday

Un simple phone call to defuse the crisis? French President Emmanuel Macron will have a telephone conversation on Friday January 28 with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on the thorny Ukrainian file, after the videoconference between Westerners on Monday. “I will have a (telephone) exchange Friday morning with President Poutine (…) to take stock of the whole situation”, declared the tenant of the Élysée during a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin. Emmanuel Macron also warned that “in the event of aggression the response will be there”, while calling for de-escalation.

Flicker of hope for Western 'hostages' in Iran

When Barry Rosen, one of those held in Tehran's American embassy in the 1979-81 crisis, saw coverage of the talks in Vienna on reviving the 2015 nuclear deal, he felt there was one glaring omission. Rosen, 77, says he saw "nothing in the press, anywhere, about the plight of the...

Afghanistan: Taliban welcome meeting with Westerners in Oslo

A Taliban delegation led by their Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amir Khan Muttaqi, has been in Norway since Saturday evening where it meets for three days with members of Afghan civil society and diplomats from Western countries, who link a resumption of their aid finance to respect for human rights.
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How cruise ships are helping to build the Saudi tourism industry

As it opens up to international travellers, Kelly Ranson is among the first tourists to sail to Saudi on superyacht Scenic Eclipse. From untouched ancient cities to islands and coral reefs, Saudi Arabia is an intriguing destination ready to be explored. But how does a country that has been closed off begin to build its tourism? With the help of the cruise industry, it appears.