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Brave privacy browser ditches Google in favor of its own search engine

Brave, the company behind the privacy-centric web browser by the same name, is betting big on its own search engine. Brave browser now defaults to the company’s search engine, offering it in the place of Google for users in select markets like the US, Canada, and the UK. Users in other countries will also see the change soon.
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Brave Search is now the default search engine for new users in 5 regions in Brave Browser

Brave announced today that it is switching the default search of the company's Brave Browser from Google Search to Brave Search in five regions for new users. The company launched a public version of Brave Search in June 2021. Brave Search is an independent search engine that does not rely on the indexes of large companies such as Google or Microsoft.
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SSRF attacks explained and how to defend against them

Server-side request forgery (SSRF) attacks consist of an attacker tricking the server into making an unauthorized request. The name itself implies that a request that should have otherwise been made by the server has been forged by the attacker. SSRF attacks are far more dangerous than cross-site request forgery (CSRF)...
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Where to find the best holiday shopping deals | Dig In 2 It

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Editor's note: Video is from November 2020. Holidays shopping is exciting. It's a sign of upcoming celebrations, and you can usually get great stuff for a bargain. It's great when you can find stuff for a discount. Many people don't know they can get even more money...

1Password 7.9 Adds Secure Password Sharing

Five years ago, in “Share Passwords Securely with One-Time Secret” (13 June 2016), I wrote about One-Time Secret and d-note, which allow you to share a password—or any text—without worrying about it being intercepted or revealed in an email breach. This capability is essential when you’re in a group whose account access credentials need to be shared with people whose technical platform you might not even know.

Common Issues You Can Experience with a Bad Web Hosting Provider

You might encounter a few common issues when migrating your current site to a new hosting platform. These are usually related to downtime and display issues. This seemingly obvious aspect is also often forgotten along with regular cache clearing. Here are a couple of reminders and tips you will experience with your hosting provider.

Containerizing Flutter web apps with Docker

One of the hassles a lot of software engineers face revolves around deployment. An engineer could build and test an application with all dependencies on a Windows OS without errors. Still, deploying the same application to a different operating system, such as Linux or Mac, could result in bugs and errors.

How to install Apache, MariaDB and PHP (LAMP) on Debian 11

The LAMP stack is a collection of open-source software products that are frequently used in conjunction. The acronym LAMP is used to describe a computer system that has the following components: Linux, Apache HTTP Server (or just server), MySQL and PHP/Perl/Python. A user can install all of these components separately...
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Get started building a Progressive Web App!

Hello fellow Web Developers! Today I want to talk about how you can use PWABuilder, an open-source project from Microsoft, Github, VSCode and Azure Static Web Apps to help you build a Progressive Web App (PWA) and then ship that PWA to both the Web AND app stores! We will be starting completely from scratch and then take our app all the way to publishing!

Instagram will finally let you post a photo or video on the web

While Instagram is introducing a few features this week to appeal to those who want to collaborate on photos and videos, the company is finally allowing posts to be created on the desktop. After making its mark with Instagram Stories, its take on Snapchat Stories, the company wants to refine...
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Instagram finally lets you upload photos and videos from your desktop

Instagram is rolling out the ability to upload photos and videos from your desktop through a web browser. You can already access the platform on your Mac or PC, but the experience has always been extremely limited. Instagram admits that uploading through a web browser is one of its most...

Google PageSpeed Insights: How publishers can increase their website speeds, and enhance user experience

Google has recently begun measuring page speed and experience on a pass/fail basis, as a factor in search ranking. Page loading speed is a major factor considered by Google for search result ranking. Google has been increasing their focus on the overall visitor experience, and created Google Core Web Vitals to track page loading speed, page layout stability, and how quickly a user can start engaging with a page. Google has recently begun measuring page speed and experience on a pass/fail basis, as a factor in search ranking.

Instagram adds new feature that will allow users post feed from Desktop

Facebook-owned Instagram is adding a new feature that lets users post photos and videos from their desktop computers, after more than a decade. This will make it simpler for users to manage their accounts even for the desktop web browser. Not only this, Instagram for the web has come with...

Google Chrome 95 for desktop is now readily available ›Chrome 95 enhance closes 19 stability holes | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge

About the course of the night time, Google introduced the fast availability of the steady model 95 of Google Chrome for Home windows, macOS, and Linux on the official Chrome web site. The update consists of a selection of fixes, as well as balance and performance improvements, and will be distributed routinely about the upcoming couple of days and months. To use all the new options, Google Chrome for desktop must be up to date to the latest edition. There are also various bug fixes and security enhancements: With this update, 19 stability holes have been closed in former versions of Chrome. As often, accessibility to facts stays limited right until most users have received this update. You can obtain a lot more facts about this update under or at Google.

9 Steps to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Each of us wants his WordPress site to work correctly. However, it is necessary to take specific steps to make our site faster to get to that stage. Below you can find a total of nine such steps and read more about how to implement them. It is also vital to note that these steps are straightforward and significantly reduce WordPress website load time, response time, and more.

Microsoft Outlook extension now available for Google Chrome browser

Microsoft has finally rolled out the Outlook extension for the Google Chrome browser. The extension will now allow you to perform various tasks from your Outlook account without switching the tabs. The extension works with Outlook personal accounts, Outlook work accounts and Hotmail accounts. A similar extension was launched by the company for Edge browser in June this year.