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Snow is not being ruled out in Mallorca next week

The Autumn sun in Mallorca did not last long with skies forecast to start clouding over this afternoon and another belt of rain expected to lash the island tomorrow bringing more extreme weather on its tail - which could even mean snow. The deputy spokesman for the Aemet met. office...

Between You & Me - Gray clouds mirror life

Outside my window, there are angry clouds passing through. Grayness is the word. There are those days in our lives. We don’t want them but they have to be a reality to reach happiness. Their wind and clouds wrap me up in a package waiting for the sunshine. At least...

Weather alert for the first winter DANA in Spain

Following a scorcher of a summer and a relatively mild autumn so far, the State Meteorological Agency, Aemet, has warned that some adverse weather conditions are on the horizon. From Sunday November 21, an intense influx of cold air, rainfall and snow will make its way towards Spain, leading to...

Cold and dry to begin the weekend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Cold and dry to kickoff the weekend across the Kansas City metro. A hard freeze managed to make it's way just north of the Kansas City area in St. Joseph. Expect things to be a little bit warmer than that this morning, but not by much. The high for Saturday is likely only going to hit the 40s.

High pressure in charge but not a 100% dry weekend

High pressure is well in charge of the UK's weather this weekend, so for the majority, it's going to be dry, with temperatures still warmer than normal for the time of the year. There will be a couple of exceptions though, at opposite ends of the country. Firstly, there'll be...
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Climate Change Will Bring More Nor'Easter Storms. Here's What You Should Know

Nor'easters are windstorms that originate in the Northeast and typically hit the East Coast hardest between September and April. Despite the name, nor'easters can impact any part of the East Coast, not just the northern states. The storms typically form between Georgia and New Jersey, up to 100 miles east...