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New Report Suggests Rumored Warner Bros. Crossover Fighter, Multiversus, May Go Free-to-Play

It looks like last weekend’s leak of Multiversus, a Smash Bros-inspired crossover fighter based on Warner Bros. properties, might be real. Multiversus was outed by a Reddit user with a newly-created account, which made people wonder if the leak was an elaborate hoax. However, the poster backed up their claims with a trademark application. And now, known journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, who has a pretty good track record, has lent credence to that report.
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Multiversus Fighting Game From Warner Bros. Is Reportedly Not Being Made by NetherRealm

Within the past day, a strange new rumor emerged suggesting that NetherRealm Studios, which is the developer behind the Mortal Kombat and Injustice series, was working on a new platform fighting game in the same style as Super Smash Bros. The game itself was said to be titled Multiversus and would feature characters from the entirety of Warner Bros., including Harry Potter, Scorpion, Batman, Shaggy, Fred Flintstone, and even Johnny Bravo. And while this idea might sound far too outlandish to be true, one notable video game industry insider has stated that the project is very much real, although it's not being worked on at NetherRealm.
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Multiversus, the cross-platform game from WB Games, rumored to be free?

Recently, rumors claimed that WB Games is working on a title inspired by Super Smash Bros. climax Known as Multiversus. Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat confirmed this leak on Twitter and has now posted news with a Report Which includes some interesting details. The first IP report of the leak in reddit. The leaked version was later confirmed by Jeff Grubb via a Twitter message.
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WB Games’ Platform Fighter is Multiversus, Might be Free-to-Play – Rumour

Of all the bizarre rumours that might actually be true over the last few months, one of the standout ones popped up recently, claiming that WB Games is working on a Super Smash Bros-inspired crossover platform fighter. Recently, GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb corroborated that leak on Twitter, and has now followed up on that with a report that includes some interesting details.

Warner is reportedly making a Smash Bros. style game with Batman and Gandalf

Warner Bros. Games is reportedly working on a Smash Bros. style fighter called ‘Multiversus’ featuring characters from its various IPs. That’s according to a Reddit report corroborated by journalist Jeff Grubb. Further credibility was given to the claims following the discovery of a trademark filing by Warner Bros, which was registered last month, for the name Multiversus.

WB Games is Working on a Super Smash Bros-Inspired Multiverse Fighter – Rumour

WB Games’ future in the games industry has looked shaky in recent months, but it seems like it still has plans for some pretty big and ambitious games. A recent leak on Reddit, for instance, has caught a fair bit of attention. The person posting the leak refused to provide any proof to verify their claims, but interestingly enough, journalist Jeff Grubb soon corroborated it (barring one part).

Gotham Knights Gameplay May Arrive at PlayStation State of Play

It looks like new gameplay footage from Gotham Knights, the 2022 co-op game that is set within the world of Batman, may end up appearing during next week's PlayStation State of Play presentation. Although WB Games or PlayStation have yet to confirm that Gotham Knights will be showing up during the forthcoming presentation, a recent development associated with PlayStation might hint that we could be slated to learn more about the title very soon.

Back 4 Blood Review: Army of the Dead - Sportskeeda

Back 4 Blood, the thrilling cooperative first-person zombie shooter, developed by Turtle Rock Studio of the Left 4 Dead series fame and published by WB Games, was released recently on October 13, 2021. Was Turtle Rock able to capture the lightning in a bottle like Left 4 Dead, or does...

Hogwarts Legacy May Be Revealed at Upcoming PlayStation State of Play

First revealed back in 2020, WB Games has remained all but silent on Hogwarts Legacy over the course of 2021. Outside of announcing that the open-world RPG set within the world of Harry Potter would be delayed into 2022, no new information on the project has since come about in recent months. Fortunately for those that are hungry to learn more about the title, it looks like that ongoing silence could soon be coming to an end in less than a week's time.

Back 4 Blood players ask developers for more ways to deal with game-ruining griefers

Back 4 Blood players are suffering from griefers, and they're calling on the developers to add a vote kick option to contend with this other parasitic plague. A popular thread posted to the Back 4 Blood subreddit by BigMagic_1 makes a succinct plea in its title: "For the love of god, please let us vote-kick griefers." They describe a situation where a single player in their co-op mission delayed the entire team's progress by refusing to enter a saferoom, then prevented the team from completing a mission-critical objective until everyone got killed by zombies, and even outright melee attacked teammates.
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AT&T Uses Stadia Tech To Let You Stream Batman: Arkham Knight

AT&T appears to be using Stadia tech to offer a streaming version of Batman: Arkham Knight. A popular game from WB Games and Rocksteady featuring DC’s dark and brooding billionaire from Gotham City. Earlier this year it was announced that Google would eventually begin using Stadia tech to fuel game streaming endeavors of other companies. It seems that time is here now.

Pop Culture Headlines – Uncharted Trailer

Read below for today’s headlines from the world of geek news, or listen along through Alexa or iTunes. If you like what you hear, be sure to leave us a 5-star review so we can continue to bring you up-to-date pop culture news!. Uncharted Trailer. Sony released the official trailer...

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Trailer Reveals Important New Story Details

For the first time in over a year, Rocksteady Studios and WB Games finally gave us a new glimpse of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League thanks to a new trailer that debuted during this weekend's DC FanDome event. While the trailer in question didn't contain any actual gameplay footage from the upcoming co-op-centric title, it did give us a much better idea of how the game's narrative is taking shape. And while some of these story beats were easy to glean from the trailer at face value, Rocksteady seems to have tucked a number of secrets away as well.

Classic Wonder Woman Added To Injustice 2 Mobile For 80th Anniversary

Some fun news for fans of Injustice 2 Mobile as DC Comics, NetherRealm Studios, and WB Games have come together for a Wonder Woman event. The classic version of the iconic character has been added to the game as part of her 80th Anniversary, just a few days ahead of Wonder Woman Day, as players can get early access to the character on October 19th exclusively through the Injustice Pass. The character's inclusion will come either a ton of events and additions to the game that will keep you busy and fighting for several days as there will be things do to from October 21st-28th, as well as more on the way throughout November. We have all the details for you here along with a video to see the character in action.

Gotham Knights: The Court of Owls trailer looks like a hoot

WB Games dropped a new trailer for Gotham Knights during DC FanDome 2021, which gives us a closer look at The Court of Owls and The Penguin. In the wake of Batman’s death, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin step up to the task of being the Gotham Knights, and it looks like they’ll have their work cut out for them. The trailer has Oswald Cobblepot, or The Penguin as his pals call him, tell us all about the elusive society of wealthy Gotham families known as The Court of Owls. It’ll be these fine, rich, and villainous people that we’ll be facing during our time with Gotham Knights when it releases next year.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League reveals its not-so-heroic villains in latest story trailer

Rocksteady and WB Games have offered up a fresh look at Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in a new story trailer at DC Fandome. Just as with the Gotham Knights trailer elsewhere in the evening, this one gave us a look at the foes we’ll be facing in the upcoming game. However, the script-flipping adventure means our reluctantly heroic villains will be going up against the seemingly villainous heroes. We don’t know what the purple stuff making Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman turn heel is, but we can be sure they’ll be a tough nut for our quad of convicts to crack.