Analysis: It takes a village to win big races in Texas

Editor's note: If you'd like an email notice whenever we publish Ross Ramsey's column, click here. If you would like to listen to the column, click on the play button below. It’s very difficult to win a statewide election in Texas if your party’s candidate in the top race isn’t winning or at least in a very close race. Down-ballot candidates sometimes wail about the amount of attention and money heaped on the people at the top of the ticket. But unless the people at the top do well, everyone else on the statewide ballot is sunk.
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Spinach and Egg White Quiche

A simple dish full of protein and veggies to help get your diet back on track. In a large, nonstick frying pan over medium heat, sauté onion until tender, approximately 5 minutes; remove from heat. Whisk egg whites in a large mixing bowl. Thoroughly drain spinach, then add to whites.
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Wayback Machine Alternative: Top 8 Tools to Use

Are you looking for a Wayback Machine alternative?. Time travel isn’t possible (yet), but there’s a way to see how your favorite websites looked like in the past. In this internet era, all websites have top-notch designs, animations, and functionalities. But back in the day, websites were static and not-so-good looking.

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I recently purchased an M4 (G-Series) from another brewery, mfg in 2000. They did not have a manual and I'm not super familiar with the machine, so I'm wondering if anyone has a manual they can share. I've scoured the internet high and low, even used the wayback machine to try...

Wayback Toys opens, adds to a growing pop culture nexus in Cooper-Young

"I love toys," said Parker Hays, co-owner of the recently opened Wayback Toys in Cooper Young, at 2172 Young Ave. When Hays was a kid, he was into G..I Joes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Nintendo. Transformers, not so much. Too many easily breakable parts, he said. Hays' partner on...

It’s Wayback Wednesday!: Holiday Inn at Hidden Valley | Sponsored by Jamie Lockwood, broker/owner of Sutton Group Muskoka Realty

It’s Wayback Wednesday, sponsored by Jamie Lockwood, broker/owner of Sutton Group Muskoka Realty!. Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area has long been a winter attraction for both locals and visitors alike. For those coming from afar to enjoy the slopes, the Holiday Inn just across the road (now Hidden Valley Resort) was the place to stay.
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Letter: Attempts could prove to be expensive

I attended and testified at the Supervisor’s redistricting meeting Tuesday. It was an eye opening and frankly terrifying experience … to see how bizarrely out of touch the Republicans are, on the so-called nonpartisan board. Arguments were made that city residents do not need representation on the county board as they have their respective city councils. I guess I am not a Butte County resident in their eyes, as I live in Chico. Sorry … they are wrong on that, as well as the need to follow the law in creating this map. The professional consultant the county hired, described the Republican created map as “The fruit of a poisonous tree …” that was obviously a political gerrymander.

Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday

“Hit the Bench, Bleach. There’s a New Covid Cure.”. Kimmel’s wayback machine remembers late November 2020, when the MAGA cult celebrated the arrival of “Trump’s Beautiful Miracle Vaccine” that, two months later, mysteriously turned into “Biden’s Evil Satan Serum”…. And we all lived happily ever after just in time for...

Help Identifying a Luffy Keychain?

I have the sanji one from this set I believe, I've been putting off adding them but I can try to soon! Hopefully there's info I can find up on suruga-ya lol. This was weirdly hard to find info on, especially for something released so recently. I had to go through twitter and the wayback machine to confirm stuff lmao.

This Is Why We All Need an Occasional Break from Reality (And How to Get It)

Ann Murray wasn't supernaturally prescient when she proclaimed in her famous song that we sure could use a little good news today. Now decades removed, that proclamation is truer than ever. We live in an era when we are literally being poisoned by our water and air. What chance do we have when we are finding irradiated material in our tap water? At times, it feels like the deck is stacked against us. That feeling of hopelessness is overwhelming to far too many people.

Up Close With the 2022 Land Rover Range Rover: Quiet, Classy Interior

If you’re at the Land Rover stand during public days for the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, try and steal a minute in the redesigned 2022 Range Rover with the doors shut. It’s nearly silent in there. Rob Filipovic, director of product for Jaguar Land Rover North America, told me it’s the quietest Land Rover model ever. I don’t dispute the claim, though we’ll have to drive one to get the full picture.

Spicy-Hot Winter Foods

'Wayback Burgers' is preparing fast-food fans for the winter with its newest fiery-hot winter foods. The spicy winter menu at Wayback will consist of only two items, but they are jam-packed to be more than enough for the fast-food foodie. The two products are the 'Fiery Bacon Burger' and the 'Fiery Fries,' and as the names suggest, these products will be on the spicy side.