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Hey, Health Coach: What Is Mindfulness And How Can I Do It?

Editor’s Note: In “Hey, Health Coach,” Sarah Hays Coomer answers reader questions about the intersection of health and overall well-being. Have a question? Email her at (and don’t forget to use a sleuthy pseudonym!). Hey, Health Coach,. I’m so scattered that my 8-year-old just told me I need to...
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How to Manage Panic Attacks With Meditation

Anyone who has had a panic attack will tell you that one of the most awful aspects of the experience is how trapped you feel. As the waves of panic wash over you, it can feel as though there is no way to make the feelings go away—that there is no relief in sight. You wonder if you’ll ever feel normal or in control again.
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Self-care before ultimately leaving or quitting your job

Many of you probably read about a recent Microsoft survey that showed nearly half the workforce quitting their jobs. As you read further in the survey, you find that 95% of Americans are considering job options. The problem is that many people have been facing a tremendous amount of stress at work and home as they try to deal with the pandemic and figure out their new normal. They question their lifestyle, work style, and overall ability to live the life they want to create for themselves and their families.
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Due to popular demand, our biggest sale of the year is available online only. Soak in the morning sun as you hike the Santa Catalina Mountains, reflect on a new year during our labyrinth meditation, and indulge in savory dishes. Our desert sanctuary will elevate your family celebrations and set your intention for a new year filled with balance.

Countdown to Christmas smiling with our ultimate feelgood advent calendar

Instead of opening a door each day, put a food item in a box to be taken to a local food bank nearer Christmas. It is a great way to involve children in helping those in need. If you view the entire Christmas season as an obligation or chore, try to think about it from another angle, suggests Eve Lewis Prieto, director of meditation at Headspace. “For instance, let’s say you’re stressing out about all the gifts you have to buy – one way to reframe this situation is to take a moment to think about each person on your list and how grateful you are to have them in your life.”


HOLIDAY LIGHTED NIGHTS: Debuting Thanksgiving weekend and continuing through December, the Washington County Fairgrounds is proud to present “Holiday Lighted Nights,” a drive-thru holiday experience located throughout the fairgrounds featuring holiday-lighted scenes. A tradition since 1890, the Washington County Fair has served as a place for generations where memories are made each August for the many exhibitors, vendors, and fair patrons that join us. “Holiday Lighted Nights” will expand on that experience and have the fairgrounds serve as a place where our community can join us for new traditions throughout the year. We look forward to the community seeing the fairgrounds in a new “light” by making a new tradition at the fairgrounds this holiday season! More information is available online at

Top 5 best meditation apps to try

Let’s take a deep breath and get rid of the first apparent paradox: connecting to your smartphone to… meditate, isn’t that a contradiction? Even if the debate remains open, many great practitioners have converted. Beyond appearances, technology can be used for better or worse. Of course, you have to find...

Meditation Improves Focus/ Is It True Or Just A Myth? [2021]

Is it true that meditation improves focus?? Or is it a myth?? Well, if you have this kind of question in your mind regarding the concept of meditation — good news for you!! I’m covering all your answers right here. But I have one request for you — read the article till the end. CAN YOU DO IT?? for learning the art of meditation?

Still roofless, Blue Lotus continues in various locations

Since the collapse of its roof during Tropical Storm Elsa last summer, the Blue Lotus Buddhist Meditation Center in Venice has continued its programs at various sites, as well as online. Donations are welcome at Here are the offered classes:. Introduction to Buddhism -- At the Francis T. Bourne...
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People and plants: What are you thankful for?

As Thanksgiving approaches with the remainder of the holiday season nipping at its heels, I tend to turn inward this time of year for a period of personal reflection. For the most part, my family and friends are back in Oklahoma. Because of this, I lack the distractions normally associated with a busy holiday season built around endless gatherings and festive parties.

Walking Meditation: How to Put Your Body in Motion & Create a Mindful Connection

Have you ever had intentions of taking a quiet walk, only to have it ruined by excessive thoughts? I recently had this experience. After a week of brutal cold weather, the temperature increased. I was ecstatic about getting out of the house only wearing a jacket. My goal was to focus on the sensations of the environment and feel one with nature.

Bored With Meditation, I Started Making Every Session Unique—Here's How

One of the objections I had to meditating was that it can be boring. I didn’t recognize this as an issue at first because I figured boredom is part of the point; you are supposed to keep returning your attention to the breath for the thousandth time because meditation helps you be present in the moment, even if it’s a boring moment.

What I Learned Teaching Mindfulness to Students with Special Needs

For the past five years, I’ve taught mindfulness and meditation at a Brooklyn public high school that serves students with significant challenges such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD, and intellectual disabilities. In addition to coaching and teaching students, I also led weekly meditation sessions for staff throughout the pandemic, created a six-week Mindful Awareness and Resilience Program for families/caregivers, and, in general, wove mindfulness into the culture of our school.

When Is the Best Time to Meditate?

Speaking at the American Psychological Association’s annual conference, Herbert Benson, MD, lauded the benefits of meditating once or twice per day for 10 to 20 minutes. That is certainly not a limit, and other mindful exercises can be worked into your morning or evening routine. For instance, simple breathing exercises lasting a few minutes or less may be used throughout your day. But for meditations lasting 10 minutes or more, it’s best to plan a daily routine. So when is the best time to meditate?

Prescribing mindfulness to college students

At the closing of each semester, feelings of anxiety accompany an onslaught of exams, papers and projects. With finals week slowly creeping in, students are looking for a sense of mindfulness to prepare for the stressful times ahead. According to a 2019 study by professors at East Carolina University, “…approximately...
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Upcoming calendar

EDITOR’S NOTE: This calendar is being regularly updated to reflect all event cancellations and postponements. However, it is recommended that readers contact event organizers before they attend. For the most updated version of the calendar, please visit or COHOES ROTARY ORNAMENT & MUG SALE: In 2004 The Rotary Club...

5 Ways To Help You Improve Your Sleep

Qualitative sleep is what most of us miss each night. And getting a good amount of it has tremendous importance for our health. When we sleep we accumulate energy to have another day until we need sleep again. Qualitative sleeping experience of let’s say 7 hours gives us enough energy for the rest of the day. This depends on the person but an adult who works 8-16 hours a day needs at least 7 hours of sleep. So, without a doubt sleeping is a must and you should take it seriously if you want to be a high-performance person.