Scale Computing partners with Acronis to deliver Business Resilience System for MSPs

Scale Computing and Acronis jointly announce the availability of Business Resilience System (BRS) for MSPs, purpose built for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – an easily scalable Business Resilience appliance that allows for instant recovery of all critical workloads in an environment, regardless of where those workloads are running. This hybrid...
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BALENCIAGA Visual Merchandiser (VM)

This position is a country level role and will need to implement visual merchandising plans in compliance with corporate visual merchandising guidelines. - Communicate with Asst VM manager the VM calendar, working schedule and tasks. - Implement in-store display in line with guideline and instruction, prepare reports accordingly. - Work...
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Winners announced at The 2021 Creative Retail Awards

As physical retail evolves, design and experience have become more powerful tools than ever. The Creative Retail Awards have recognised the retail industry’s best companies and talent since 2018. With categories including sustainable solutions, omnichannel innovations, VM schemes, POP/POS, shopfitting and Store Design, the Awards recognise talent across the full spectrum of retail design and display.

GXO in Partnership with Virgin Media Achieves Investor in Innovations Standard

We’ve partnered with Virgin Media for more than two decades and built our business together on innovation and automation to create value for customers. The world’s largest pure-play contract logistics provider, today announced that the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE Institute) the United Kingdom's professional body for innovators, has awarded the Investor in Innovations Standard to GXO’s Virgin Media (GXO-VM) logistics operations.

ESXi 7 PSOD error

I have posted a PSOD error in the general vSphere community and it is moved to the Beta forum community and from the comments, they are recommending to upgrade to the GA version. I have created two (or) there datastore with sufficient space and deployed 15 VM's on the datastore...

DevOps Interview Questions

Q. What is the Difference Between Containers and Virtual Machines?. A virtual machine (VM) is best described as a software program that emulates the functionality of a physical hardware or computing system. It runs on top of an emulating software, called the hypervisor, which replicates the functionality of the underlying physical hardware resources with a software environment. These resources may be referred to as the host machine, while the VM that runs on the hypervisor is often called a guest machine.

💪Deploying Moodle on Azure using Bicep Language

In this article, we will review how you can deploy Moodle in Azure using Infrastructure-As-Code. We will leverage Bicep, the new Domain Specific Language (DSL), for deploying Azure resources declaratively. .-..-. _____ | || |. /____/-.---_ .---. .---. .-.| || | .---. | | _ _ |/ _ \/ _...

Cannot update ESXI Hosts to

I was successful in updating the vCenter Appliance from 7.0.2 to, however I'm running into an issue updating the hosts. I have three ESXI hosts running version 7.0.2 on Dell PowerEdge R740. When I start the "Remediation" process to have each host get updated automatically one at a time,...

vMotion always fails 72%, Message: Failed to receive migration

Today, we added additional one flash disk to diskgroup to extend capacity,. after erveral hours rebalance. looks goold, vSan Healthy all good. then we upgrade vcsa from 6.7u2 -> 6.7u3, successed. then, we upgrade esxi from 6.7u2 -> 6.7u3, as we didn't have DRS licences, we did manually to upgrade.

Re: Alpine aarch64 on M1

I can run Alpine x86 in Fusion x86. I can't run Alpine Aarch64 (M1) in Fusion (Aarch64). I can run Alpine Aarch64 in UTM on M1 and I can run Alpine in home-rolled software on M1. So it can be done, but I don't consider either of these options a satisfactory solution for longer-term reliability.

VM console access

Due to security reasons we do want to allow the console access to few VMs from vCenter. Actually, the VM runs a script and anybody who is logged into the vCenter server can access the VM console and can see what is been executed on the VM console. how can we prevent the console access to the VM.

Re: Add Existing Virtual Disk to VM

Add Existing Virtual Disk to VM — Hey guys I'm looking for a script that will add ten existing virtual disks to a VM where the location of the disks is known on several different datastores. I'd also like to specify which scsi controller they get put on as well.

What is Cloud FinOps really all about?

FinOps is a critical step to the maturity of the Cloud First organization. Cloud FinOps is an acronym for “Cloud Financial Operations” or “Cloud Financial Management” or even “Cloud Cost Management”. FinOps brings together an organization and presents a strict method for financial accountability that the enterprises business units can...

Cannot enable virtualization in VM

I have been facing this issue since I upgraded my host machine to Windows 11 (from Windows 10) Whenever I enable Virtualize Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI from VM settings and try to turn on the VM, I get this warning:. Regardless of whether I click Yes or No, I get...

VM folder name shows up as UUID name on vSandatastore

I have a vSAN which have some strange problems. All the VM´s folders on the vSanDatastore shows up as folder withs the VM´s UUID in addition to the VM name. This means that if you browse the datastore you will see two folders for each VM. One with the VM name followed by a folder with the long UUID. The contents on double folder are the same for each VM. There seems to be som symblic links to the same content.

Build a lab in 36 seconds with Ansible

Recently, I was reading Alex Callejas' excellent article "Build a lab in five minutes with three simple commands," and it inspired me to document how to automate the process using Ansible. In his article, Alex deploys a virtual machine (VM) into a KVM instance running on a local Linux system...

vTPM and restrictions?

I was toying with the idea of trying out Windows 11 in my home lab running ESXi 7 and came across this post. It discusses the process of enabling the vCenter Native Key provider so that a vTPM can be added to VMs. I was previously unaware of this...