Review | ‘Dune’ honours source content with vision and intimacy

Dune Part 1 | Dir: Denis Villeneuve | ★ ★ ★ ★. The world of Dune was conceived by American science fiction writer Frank Herbert in the 1960s. Set in an impossibly distant future on the planet of Arrakis, Herbert’s world is an arid, sandy wasteland whose precious spice (a hallucinogenic opioid that extends life and enhances mental abilities) is protected by enormous sand worms.
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How Did Marvel Make White Vision Red Again?

Today, we see how Vision went from the cold, emotionless “White Vision” back to his more standard Red Vision setup again. This is “Never Gonna Be the Same Again,” a feature where I look at how bold, seemingly “permanent” changes were ultimately reversed. This is not a criticism, mind you, as obviously things are always going to eventually return to “normal.” That’s just how superhero comic books work. It’s just fun to see how some of these rather major changes are reversed. This is differentiated from “Abandoned Love,” which is when a new writer comes in and drops the plot of the previous writer. Here, we’re talking about the writer who came up with the idea being the same one who resolved the change. This is also differentiated from “Death is Not the End,” which is about how “dead” characters came back to life, since this is about stuff other than death.
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‘Visions of Sugarplums’ at the Community Club

On Wednesday, December 15th at 1:30 PM, the Garden City Casino will be turned into a virtual Vision of Sugarplums. The Community Club of Garden City and Hempstead invites you to attend this festive gathering. A Gingerbread Fantasy World will welcome you at the door. Holiday entertainment by our own talented Paula Rega and the very popular Jim Papa will entice you to join in the caroling.

‘Sabre’ by Monochromatic Visions | New Album, ‘Reform’, Out Early 2022

‘Sabre’ by Monochromatic Visions | New Album, ‘Reform’, Out Early 2022 Exclusive track premiere of ‘Sabre’ by East London based shoegaze-indie band Monochromatic Visions, taken from their upcoming album, ‘Reform, out early 2022. Monochromatic Visions – now a duo consisting of South African-born, Athens-raised Arthur Pegis and Italian-born Thomas Bagnoli...

Gorgeous Visions from the Natural Landscape Photography Awards

Nature never ceases to amaze us. The always changing landscapes inspire us, and the sheer diversity show us just how special and fragile our planet is. The Natural Landscape Photography Awards celebrate some of the best visions from artists around the world. Here are some favorite from their 2021 competition. Take a look at their website for all of the category winners, and runners up.

Jonathan Feldschuh’s Visions of a Subatomic World

Support Hyperallergic’s independent arts journalism. Become a Member ». Something like magnetic attraction joins certain descriptions to certain artists. Thus “gestural painter” attaches to Jonathan Feldschuh with automatic ease. How else would you label a painter whose images are the swerving, skidding traces of a wide brush wielded with virtuosic vitality? Feldschuh is a gestural painter, no doubt, and yet this readymade phrase is laden with implications that can lead us astray. Not every geometric abstractionist in the years between the World Wars was a utopian, like Piet Mondrian, nor do brushy bursts of energy always put personality on display, as they do in the early paintings of Joan Mitchell. When Feldschuh sends his brush careening over the surface, he is reaching for something beyond himself.

EverQuest II: Visions of Vetrovia Is Now Live, Cannibal Pygmies And All

If you’re not ready, go ahead and get ready! It’s time to head across the Shattered Seas to the isolated continent of Vetrovia. This new land, filled with plenty of new places to explore, arrives with the launch of EverQuest II’s Visions of Vetrovia Expansion. The expansion adds new zones ranging from dense jungles to wastelands. There are four new areas in all, with the first located on the western shore of the continent. Of course, this means that there are also new dangers – like zombies, witches, and cannibal pygmies. We’re sure everyone is ready to take them all on.
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‘Visions Of The Future’ Pop-Up Art Series

BEVERLY HILLS—On Thursday, December 2, the Next Beverly Hills Committee, in partnership with the Beverly Hills’ Arts and Culture and Human Relations Commissions will launch a new pop-up art exhibit located at 445 N. Cañon Dr. featuring work by American artist Kevin HEES. According to a press release from the...
Anglican Journal

December issue offers visions of hope for Advent

The hope of the Christmas season shines through the dark of winter in the December issue of the Anglican Journal. Anglicans are striving to create a brighter future even in the shadow of challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing legacy of colonialism. In this issue we explore how the pandemic has greatly complicated efforts to sponsor refugees in Canada—and how Anglican parishes continue to persevere and move forward with plans for sponsorship.

Visions From Beyond – Drawing Down The Darkness

Following hot on the heels of the well received release of debut cassette ‘Eternally Bound, Whipped By Time’, Visions From Beyond have delved into the ancient cosmic abyss once again to bring you the harrowing new EP, ‘Drawing Down The Darkness’. Four more tracks of murky & desolate death/doom, riddled with weighty riffs and ethereal guitar lines, just in time for the bleakest time of year, and available on cassette now.

»Afropa – Visions of a joint future of Africa and Europe« Talk with Heba Y. Amin

Talk with Heba Amin on December 4, 2021 about her art and her installation “Operation Sunken Sea”. The continents of Africa and Europe are connected by a long and often painful history. This has repeatedly given rise to politically shaped visions of the future for a coexistence. Today, the question of a visionary idea to create a positive joint future for the neighbouring continents of Africa and Europe is particularly important. What are the latest visions? Which existed in the past? With the three-part series “Afropa” we want to get to know and discuss current and past visions of the future, and the motivations behind them for Africa and Europe, together with artists and writers.
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Regions pitch READI visions to state review committee

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Accelerate Rural Indiana and Southeast Indiana READI made their respective pitches to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation’s Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI) review committee Monday afternoon in Indianapolis. Each presented their visions, goals, and strategies to positively impact the quality of life, development, and talent...
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Visions Of Gumdrops: Don’t Let Candy Guy See You Eat Her Creations

If your name is Candy Guy, your holiday tradition better be a sweet one. Guy has been making gingerbread houses for about 40 years. The first one, created for her older daughter, “did not look like my ones today,” she says with a laugh. “I’ve got a picture of it. It’s pretty sorry looking.”