Here We (Don’t) Go Again

As the Caps’ 4-1 third period lead quickly eroded on Tuesday night, the feeling of impending doom was all too familiar, the accumulation of years of blown leads and defeats snatched from the jaws of victory, of a team lacking “killer instinct” desperately trying to turtle their way across the finish line with two points.
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Movie Review: ‘Spencer’ is a visceral portrayal of royalty, but not for everyone

‘Spencer’ is a vislook into the troubled mind of the late Princess Diana. Everybody knows about Princess Diana. The thing is, “Spencer” isn’t the story of the people’s princess, it’s the story of ordinary Diana Spencer. And unfortunately, her tale is a lot more tragic. Pablo Larraín’s “Spencer” is an...

‘Spencer’ Review: Stewart offers visceral portrayal of Princess Diana

In March of this year, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry revealed some disturbing issues taking place in the royal family that caused them to officially remove themselves from royal life. There were conversations in the palace about the color of their baby’s skin and Markle was denied mental health care while having suicidal thoughts.

Interview: zzzahara’s Feverish Single “they don’t know” Debuts with Frenetic Energy & Visceral Emotion

A feverish indie rock song drowning in intimate emotion and frenetic energy, zzzahara’s “they don’t know” is a vulnerable and raw outpouring from the heart. The solo moniker for Eyedress/Simps guitarist Zahara Jaime comes to life on their first release with London-based Lex Records. Stream: “they don’t know” – zzzahara.

"Fabian: Going To The Dogs" evokes a visceral nostalgia across cinematic histories

Dominik Graf's romantically charged epic period drama, an adaptation of Erich Kästner's 1931 novel, screens on November 17 at MMoCA. Header Image: Jakob Fabian (Tom Schilling), with his signature cigarette, contemplates the crumbling of 1930s German society he lives in. Film adaptations of classic literature trigger flurries of debate—questions of...

Visceral fat: Apple significantly melts belly fat in weeks

Visceral is dangerous because it releases toxic chemicals that inflame the body’s tissues and narrow the blood vessels, causing blood pressure to rise. There is evidence, however, that apples may help prevent metabolic syndrome – a condition that comprises high cholesterol, high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. The fruit is packed...

The visceral impact of scenes of intimacy in “Any distance between us” at the RISD Museum

After almost 2 years of sensory deprivation, Deborah ventures out to a museum exhibit about intimacy, especially focused on art by queer artists and artists of color. The sense of touch is heightened in the works and causes a heightened reaction in our reviewer. Enjoy this great and topical read! “Any distance between us" is on view at the RISD Museum, Providence, R.I., until March 13, 2022.

Robust deep learning-based semantic organ segmentation in hyperspectral images

Silvia Seidlitz (1 and 2), Jan Sellner (1 and 2), Jan Odenthal (3), Berkin Özdemir (3 and 4), Alexander Studier-Fischer (3 and 4), Samuel Knödler (3 and 4), Leonardo Ayala (1 and 4), Tim Adler (1 and 6), Hannes G. Kenngott (2 and 3), Minu Tizabi (1), Martin Wagner (2 and 3 and 4), Felix Nickel (2 and 3 and 4), Beat P. Müller-Stich (3 and 4), Lena Maier-Hein (1 and 2 and 4 and 5 and 6) ((1) Computer Assisted Medical Interventions (CAMI), German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany, (2) Helmholtz Information and Data Science School for Health, Karlsruhe/Heidelberg, Germany, (3) Department of General, Visceral, and Transplantation Surgery, Heidelberg University Hospital, Heidelberg, Germany, (4) Medical Faculty, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany, (5) HIP Helmholtz Imaging Platform, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany, (6) Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Heidelberg University, Germany)