Report shows dramatic increase in romance scams targeting older Americans

A new report found that romance scams targeting older Americans have increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, with adults aged 60 and higher losing about $139 million in 2020 -- the highest total reported loss of any scam category. For comparison, older adults lost $84 million to romance scams in...
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Express Sessions: East End Employers Discuss Challenges In Hiring New Staff

East End businesses and organizations, including school districts and the region’s largest employer, have had a difficult time recruiting employees for open positions for a number of years because of the lack of affordable housing and the high cost of living — and the pandemic only amplified the issue. “It’s...
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What You Need to Know About Filing Form I-129F

— This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. A U.S. citizen planning to bring a foreign fiancé(e) or spouse to the United States must file Form I-129F. Filing this form initiates the process of obtaining either a K-1 visa or a K-3 visa. A foreign national in an exclusive relationship with a U.S. citizen can enter the U.S. using a K-1 visa only if that foreign national intends to officially tie the knot within three months of his or her arrival. If a foreign national is a spouse of an American citizen, the foreign national can enter the U.S. using a K-3 visa while he or she is waiting for green card processing. The American citizen must file Form I-129F to initiate the processing of either of these visas. For clarity, this article will refer to either a female or male engaged partner as a “fiancé.”

District Attorney Launches Office Of Immigrant Affairs

Since its founding in 2002, Organización Latino-Americana of Eastern Long Island (OLA), has been working with local crime victims. From that vantage point, this week OLA Executive Director Minerva Perez dubbed the launch of the District Attorney’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (OIA) announced by District Attorney Tim Sini, “a very important step for the Suffolk D.A. to take.”

Why Australian unions should welcome the new Agricultural Visa

Unions have been quick to condemn Australia’s new Agricultural Visa, which will give approved employers access to “skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled” workers from ASEAN nations and the UK from late this year. ACTU president Michelle O’Neill has warned of a “second-class workforce” with “none of the protections or rights that all Australian workers should be able to rely on”. But many aspects of the visa are actually a step in the right direction and could provide unions with organising opportunities. The scheme is being sold as a complement to two existing schemes, the Seasonal Worker Programme and the Pacific Labour Scheme. In...

U.S. Settles Business Suit Over ‘Unlawfully’ Denied H-1B Visas

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will issue new guidance on H-1B visas for market research analysts as part of a settlement with several businesses that accused the agency of “routinely and unlawfully” denying their petitions for high-skilled workers. MadKudu Inc., Quick Fitting Inc., Hanguang International Inc., and 2nd Street USA...

Natalia Solenkova, MD, PhD, on the indispensable contributions of IMGs

AMA's Moving Medicine video series amplifies physician voices and highlights developments and achievements throughout medicine. In today’s episode of Moving Medicine, in honor of the AMA’s International Medical Graduate, or IMG, Recognition Week, AMA Chief Experience Officer Todd Unger talks with Natalia Solenkova, MD, PhD, an intensivist physician and international medical graduate about her personal experience as an IMG, as well as working on the frontlines throughout the pandemic.

Politics with Michelle Grattan

COVID-19 has meant international students have been unable to arrive in Australia to commence their studies, devastating one of our most profitable sectors. We’re joined in this podcast by Phil Honeywood, CEO of the International Education Association of Australia to talk about the impact of the pandemic on universities, students, and the economy – and the way forward.

GBTA: New international border openings set to accelerate business travel

Optimistic signs of return and tangible recovery in the business travel sector could be seen over the past month. In the latest poll from The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), half (52%) of industry respondents reported more optimism compared to September. October also saw an increase to 66% of those...

Driving forward efforts to recruit and retain new delivery drivers

Thousands of companies across the UK are reeling, both directly and indirectly, from the HGV driver shortage which, according to a survey by the Road Haulage Association (RHA), exceeds 100,000 drivers. While this shortage is based on a variety of factors, including the pandemic, travel restrictions and Brexit, businesses are stepping up their efforts to recruit, train and retain new drivers in record time.

ILLEGAL Who Raped a Woman on PA Subway is One of Thousands Who Overstay Visas in the U.S. [Video]

A man accused of raping a woman on a Philadelphia SEPTA train has been in the US illegally for several years and should have been deported. He is an illegal Congolese immigrant with past sexual abuse and drug arrests in the U.S. that should have been reason to deport him. He should have been deported in 2015 when his student visa expired and then when he was arrested in the years following. A judge didn’t deport him because the judge didn’t deem a crime he committed to be a “serious crime.”

Unvaccinated F1 drivers may not get visas for Aus GP

Unvaccinated F1 personnel, drivers included, might not be granted a visa for the Australian Grand Prix, says Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews. Next season, the Albert Park circuit is back on the calendar, hoping to host its first grand prix since 2019. The race was cancelled at the last minute in...