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Balloon Is the Ultimate Virtual Event Platform

2020 was a year of innovation and adaptation in the world of business. The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to get more creative than ever in the ways teams communicated and collaborated internally and interacted with external companies and people. Despite lockdowns and event cancellations, the virtual world opened up a whole new opportunity to stage events, meetings, concerts, summits, and other social experiences online.
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The World Is Returning to 'Normal' - but What Does That Mean?

Welcome to the oh-so-awkward grand reentry! A top industry executive privately recounted a recent experience that I believe speaks for many of us who are beginning to make that foreign-feeling transition back to the real world of in-person meetings, screenings and other live events. The insider said he had had...
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Netflix launches interactive Stranger Things world in Roblox

Netflix has launched a Stranger Things experience on the Roblox platform that will serve as a space to immerse fans year-round. The neon-soaked Starcourt Mall, which was the main location of the show's season three finale, has been reimagined in the Roblox Metaverse. Users can explore the Starcourt Mall and...

A Visually Stunning Trailer For The Anime Fantasy Film “Belle”

The story of Beauty and the Beast is one that’s rather easy to transfer from one version to another since it can be interpreted in a lot of different ways as it would appear. This time around it looks as though it’s happening in the virtual world as a young girl joins an online community and becomes a singing sensation. At one point the creature known only as the Beast interrupts her performance, and it becomes obvious that this character is openly shunned by the rest of the community, but if the trailer says why then it’s very easy to miss amidst the action. But what’s kind of obvious is that is this story does follow the formula that most people who have watched the Disney version in a very big way. The scenery is different, the feel is different, but the story is very much the same since the whole idea behind it is that the Beast is someone else that is online, but is a definite recluse for a reason, though what that reason might be in this story is hard to say right off the bat.

Creating a Strong Virtual Network: The Story of Nemanja, a Youth Leader

The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to a variety of complex issues for young people around the world, such as social isolation, anxiety and lack of physical fitness. Together, these factors have negatively affected the mental health of youth with and without intellectual disabilities. While the pandemic has touched this generation during a pivotal and developmental period of their lives, many young people nevertheless have risen to the occasion and developed creative approaches to combat the unanticipated circumstances they face.

Feeling Welcome in a Virtual World

I was initially very skeptical of what the virtual onboarding and work experience would be like. Personally, I tend to learn concepts better in person and felt that learning and networking through a computer screen was a substantial roadblock for me. But I’m happy to report that this transition, while it had its challenging moments, went smoother than I expected!
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How People Express Their Real Selves in Virtual Worlds

Research suggests that motivation for achievement in a virtual game is related to low conscientiousness. However, a study of online behavior found that highly conscientious players prefer non-combat related achievements requiring patience. Less conscientious players tend to be more careless and enjoy more violent in-game activities. Massively multiplayer online role-playing...
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Quake is 25 years old

It's 25 years to the day that iD software released Quake, the classic first-person shooter featuring a fully 3D world (including characters!), mouselook (not enabled by default!), and an outstanding soundtrack by Trent Reznor. Until Quake, state-of-the-art first-person shooter games on PC generally used 2.5D graphics techniques to simulate height...
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Interactive In-Game Rock Concerts

Fortnite, the popular battle royale game, recreated the O2 London Arena in its virtual world ahead of the Easy Life in-game rock concert. The concert will be the culmination of a week's worth of festivities that include exploration of the venue as well as numerous new challenges and minigames. The Easy Life virtual concert will consist of a set of six songs from the band's debut album with each song accompanied by its own immersive virtual environment.

11 Programming Memes that will Lighten Up Your Mood

Are there any connections between memes and happiness? If you are my type of person, I love to see mobile after finishing my work and what I see over there? Any guess?. videos, TikTok, and memes posted on the internet. I don’t know why but it helps to refresh my mind and work stress. That’s why I believe.

3 ways to translate company culture to a virtual world

While 2020 was a year many are eager to forget, there were important lessons companies learned that should not be dismissed, including the ability to know the difference between perks and culture. Many companies faced a stark reality check when offices shut down and workforces went entirely remote. Beautiful office...