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Dogs, what are they doing with the video streaming platform?

If for several months of Close They had a hard time, there is someone who values ​​forced intimacy and long hours in close contact with family. Our pets: the cats who suddenly seems (according to many owners) more affectionate, e dog Who, despite having difficulties accessing parks and gardens, can only enjoy extra attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Mavado, IWaata and Black Shadow Trending In “Ready Fi Dem” Video Premiere

In the twenty-four hours of its grand premiere, “Ready Fi Dem”, the new music video from dancehall star Mavado featuring newcomer IWaata, is already trending at number ten on video streaming platform YouTube. The production comes courtesy of Billboard-charting producer Troyton Rami of Black Shadow Records, who co-wrote and produced...
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LEE AARON Releases Almost Christmas Album; Title Track Lyric Video Streaming

Canadian powerhouse vocalist, Lee Aaron, has released a lyric video for "Almost Christmas", the title track of her brand new Christmas album, released today via Metalville Records. Watch the clip below:. Lee and her band (Sean Kelly - guitar, Dave Reimer - bass, and John Cody - drums) had tossed...
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TECH NEWS: Amazon has a Shield TV video streaming device for $129

If you have a new 4K TV, but no actual 4K content, then this $129 Amazon deal on Nvidia’s Shield TV is your answer. The Shield TV features the same Nvidia Tegra X1+ processor used in its big sister, the Shield TV Pro, which has enough power to perform real-time AI-based upsampling of 1080p content to 4K resolutions.

DEATHBELL To Release A Nocturnal Crossing Album In February; "The Stronghold And The Archer" Lyric Video Streaming

Svart Records is set to release A Nocturnal Crossing, the new album from rising French occult doom rock band, Deathbell. Deathbell is a five-piece band from Toulouse/France, that create eerie and heavy fuzz-laden doom. Having released their debut album With The Beyond in 2018 that garnered underground attention, Deathbell have been lying in wait, taking their time to craft and hone their new juggernaut, A Nocturnal Crossing. Incanting her melancholic and haunting vocals, Lauren Gaynor calls through cavernous walls of funeral organ and distorted slabs of riff-witchery to shepherd A Nocturnal Crossing into a hypnotic otherworld. With morbid clanging trips of psychedelic rhythms and shadowy atmospheres, Deathbell’s brand of mystical Doom is both transcendent and sombre.

5 Best Video Streaming Services in 2021

Streaming sites have changed our watching experiences completely, but all for good. It has spoilt our viewing habits by providing us with a large variety of options to pick from. From old classics to newly released movies, from sitcoms to great action movies, video streaming sites is full of options, genres, and content.

Best Black Friday Webcam Deals: Cameras For Streaming, Working, And Everything Else

This festive period might be a reprieve from your webcam, but if you're still in need of a good camera from video conferences or plan to spruce up your streaming setup, Black Friday is a great time to grab a webcam for less. A dedicated webcam is always better than the little camera that's stuck in the thin bezel of your laptop, and you don't need to spend much to get a good resolution with great color. We've rounded up the best Black Friday webcam deals available now and will add to this list throughout the weekend.

7 tips and tricks to improve your streaming experience in Canada

The introduction of television was a turning point in the entertainment industry’s history. People are rapidly migrating to alternate ways to enjoy TV episodes and movies, even though cable TV has been in existence for decades. The human desire for media appears to have no bounds. It’s how we keep up with current events and pass the time.

How Technology Is Improving the Video Streaming Experience like HBO Max

In recent years, there has been tremendous improvement in digital video streaming, processing, and communication technologies. These technological advancements have made it possible to stream high-quality, real-time video streaming over diverse networks. While streaming content is better than downloading content, streaming requires a massive volume of data. This is one...

Flowplayer – Seamless online video experience

In 2004, two brothers wanted to figure out a way to facilitate video streaming on the web. It didn’t take too long before Flowplayer grew from a video player to a comprehensive software solution for media publishers who need a seamless and intelligent way to engage the audience through video. With three offices on two continents and a workforce hailing from more than 12 countries, Flowplayer represents a true online media powerhouse.

Adele’s ’30’ becomes 2021’s fastest-selling album in both the US and UK

(CNN)Adele has made another record-breaking return to the charts, as her latest album “30” claims the title of fastest-selling album of 2021 in both the US and the UK. Released on November 19, the British singer’s fourth studio album also became the most successful album of the year in the US just three days after release, according to MRC data reported by Billboard.

HiFi Rose RS250 audio & video streaming D/A preamplifier

In the summer of 2021, MoFi Distribution's Jonathan Derda emailed me about the South Korean HiFi Rose brand. "This brand strikes me as being the spiritual successor to the original SlimDevices Transporter and Squeezebox Touch," he wrote. "We're all really excited about it." I bought a Wi-Fi–connected Slim Devices Squeezebox...

New ATEME-Led 5G Consortium To Explore QoE, Sustainable Video Streaming

PARIS—ATEME today announced it is leading NESTED, a 5G consortium focused on developing high quality of experience (QoE) and sustainable video streaming via 5G. As part of the NESTED, or New vidEo STandards for Enhanced Delivery, initiative, ATEME is working with Orange, which is testing the efficiency and sustainability of the NESTED streaming solution in real use cases over 5G.

What to Do if Streaming Services Don’t Work on Your Smartphone

Streaming services have been a great way to listen to music, watch TV shows and movies on the go. However, many of these services have trouble working on smartphones. If you’re one of those people that likes to use a streaming service, but it doesn’t work, there are a few things you can try before giving up entirely.
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Stream me up, Scotty

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have all learned that the connection we have via the internet with family, friends, social organizations and work is a critical component in our evolving digital lives. The technology known as Streaming is a huge part of this connection – whether it be through Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, Hulu, Roku, Peacock, Amazon Prime or any of several existing or emerging services, it is all about the Stream to and from you, wherever you are.

What are the Important Factors of Online Video Platforms

The essential help of these online video platform organizations are worked with by proficient telecasters and merchants who have their content as an appealing video play and convey it to the targeted public. Here, the extent of advancing those VODs in those well known internet based video platforms are anticipated...