Star Trek: Discovery Offers Behind-the-Scenes Look at the New AR Wall

A new behind-the-scenes featurette offers a look at the "real-life holodeck," which is how the Star Trek: Discovery cast and crew refer to the AR wall installed at the show's Toronto studio when production began on the series' fourth season. The AR wall, built by effects house Pixomondo, is a massive 30-foot-by-70-foot LED screen wrapped around a studio set. VFX artists can project landscapes and objects onto the screen and have them react to camera focus. The Mandalorian made the technology famous as an upgrade to green screen, the industry standard for large VFX shots. As some of Star Trek: Discovery's actors explain in the video, actors seeing the environment while filming can make a world of difference in the performance. The absence of any green spill makes for a more straightforward post-production process and fewer on-location shots, both of which were boons during the pandemic when Discovery began filming its fourth season.
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‘Lost In Space’: Season 3, A Boy and His Robot

Remakes feel like a cash grab sometimes. Lost in Space is not that remake. Some viewers were around for the original 1965 TV series. It made some cheap appliance parts into a fantastic robot companion. The new series was released in early 2018 to middling critical reception according to Rotten Tomatoes. Season 2 picked up the pace with a little less aimless exploring and a little more deadly-robots-coming-to-destroy-all-humans.
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Blendermarket Human Realistic Portrait Creation With Blender Free Download. Achieving photorealistic 3D faces is among the most coveted skills in computer graphics. Whether for movie VFX, video games, NFTs, or simply for the love of the craft, realistic portraiture is a worthwhile and deeply rewarding pursuit. Portraits are hard, though....

Spider-Man: Why Spider-Birth’s Faith Leap isn’t like any other superhero scene

“Anyone can wear a mask. You can wear a mask.”. Accepting this simple and powerful message, with unparalleled crafting, Spider-Man: Spider Bath jumped to the top of my Marvel list and became my instant favorite. And, in so many important ways, Spider-Verse is my number one choice because it behaves differently. That’s what turns your head over.

Fast Company Predicts The Future Of Tech

Fourteen writers and editors at business publication Fast Company have chosen the Next Big Things In Tech. They broke the 65 companies up into six categories with innovations in industries, including credit, crypto, electric vehicles, voter data, water, and animation, among many more. The six categories are money, smart machines, sustainability, AI & data, health, and experiences.

Batman and The Punisher Meet in This Awesome Short Film

Gotham’s Dark Knight comes face-to-face with The Punisher as they hunt the same villains in this fantastic fan film. Director/writer James Campbell imagines a 1980s era Gotham City that’s protected by Bruce Wayne… and Frank Castle. The two vigilantes with opposing ways of dealing with baddies meet over a botched drug deal involving the Penguin and Joker. Batman and the Punisher have to figure out if there’s room enough for both of them in Gotham.

‘Hawkeye’ drops an ‘Avengers’-related continuity error you might have missed

Marvel’s Hawkeye premiered this week, and it kicked off its opening episode in style — with a flashback to the Battle of New York in 2012. We discovered how a young Kate Bishop (Clara Stack) had been inadvertently saved from death by Chitauri by Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), which is why she grows up to be the archer’s number one fan. This resulted in a great sequence and fan-pleasing throwback to The Avengers. And yet it also contains a small but key continuity error.

Rockstar Games Forgot To Remove Mobile Controls From GTA Trilogy

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition came out on 11th November and has had a very troubled release on PC and consoles. Soon after the game’s release, players started complaining about the bugs and issues with it. From the depressing rain VFX and obnoxious character animations to the performance and stability issues, it’s obvious that Rockstar Games put in little to no effort in the remasters.

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Netflix’s Hellbound: Best Shows to Watch Next from The Leftovers to Jirisan

If it’s existential mystery and one hell of an atmosphere you’re after, then you won’t do better than Fabrice Gobert’s Les Revenants. Set in a remote French mountain town, it’s a beautifully filmed drama that asks what would happen if the dead came home years after their deaths, with no memory of any time having passed. The early episodes get by largely on ambiance and intrigue, while the characters and their journey through grief and faith draw you back to the later instalments. Season two gets a little more involved in the mythology/death cult side of things than the human questions, but it’s a stand-out drama all the same. Lost’s Carlton Cuse adapted it for US television as The Returned but without great success, and it was cancelled after a single season, so the original is the one to watch.

Netflix Hellbound: From Leftovers to Mt. Jiri Next Best Show

If it’s an existential mystery and one of the hells of the mood you’re looking for, it’s no better than Fabrice Gobert. Relevant.. Set in a remote mountain town in France, it is a beautifully shot drama that asks what would happen if the dead came back many years after their death without any memory. Early episodes go through primarily with atmosphere and conspiracy, but the characters and their journey of sorrow and faith bring you back to later installations. Season 2 is a little more involved in the mythical / death cult aspect than the human question, but it’s still an outstanding drama. lossNSCarlton Cuse adapted it to US television Came back However, it wasn’t very successful and was canceled a season later, so the original is in the spotlight.

Lucky The Pizza Dog, Steals Slice Of Pizza From Another Dog In Adorable Video

Lucky The Pizza Dog decided to steal a slice from another dog in an adorable video this week. Jolt plays the character on Hawkeye, and it seems that the pup loves pizza in real life too. Another dog was enjoying some cheese and then Jolt came in to secure his birthright. (After all, Pizza Dog is more of a title than an actual name right?) All of the followers on Instagram were tickled by the short clip. Some of them were shocked to see that the dog didn't actually have one eye closed in regular everyday life. Well, the Marvel Studios team accomplished that feat with some clever VFX work. (So, you can rest easy because Jolt is alight and enjoying pizza somewhere right now… probably?) All indications seem to point toward the dog being more involved in Hawkeye as time goes along. Him stumbling on Kate Bishop seemed awfully convenient, as well as his return for the Tracksuit Mafia members when they were raiding that underground auction in the first episode. Check out some lower stakes adventures for pizza down below:

Why Into the Spider-Verse's Leap of Faith Is Like No Other Superhero Scene

“Anyone can wear the mask. You could wear the mask.”. By embracing this simple but powerful message, and with unparalleled craft, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse rocketed to the top of my Marvel list to become my instant favorite. And, in so many important ways, Spider-Verse is my top pick because of what it does differently. What it flips on its head.