Verde Park home tops Winter Garden sales from Oct. 9 to 15

A home in Verde Park topped all Winter Garden-area residential real-estate transactions from Oct. 9 to 15. The home at 14002 Rugby St., Winter Garden, sold Oct. 15, for $849,000. Built in 2016, it has eight bedrooms, five baths and 5,200 square feet of living area. Days on market: Nine.
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Bolivian school receives classroom of eco-bricks, ecological material

Two thousand "eco-bricks" made of PET bottles filled with plastic waste, an ecological roof, toxic-free paint and a floor made of recycled tires shapes a music classroom for children of a Bolivian school. The beneficiaries are about 80 children kids from the Willcacota Educational Unit, in the municipality of Achocalla,...
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Austin FC Takes Bay Area Beating As Club’s Passion Comes Into Question

After suffering mathematical elimination from the MLS playoffs at the weekend, Austin FC was left with five final matches to – as the saying goes – play for pride. In the first of those five Wednesday night, Austin FC appeared to have none. The Verde lost 4-0 to the San...

Starbucks, Amazon reportedly in talks to launch cashier-less cafe outlets

Starbucks and Amazon are said to be in the discussion for the launch of coffee shops featuring the “Just Walk Out” technology for a cashier-less transaction when paying. The potential tie-up will place the e-commerce and tech firm's Go stores in new co-branded cafe outlets. The move is said to...

Find 8 Great Restaurants Right Next to the College of Charleston

Charleston is well documented as a culinary paradise, complete with award-winning restaurants on every corner and celebrity chefs for miles — but sometimes when you are staaaaaaaarving, it’s difficult to make a decision. Here, The College Today breaks down what’s available around the College of Charleston campus for a quick bite in between classes or spots to bring your family or friends when they come for a visit.

New Nikki Fried hires include fresh face as political director

"I'm incredibly proud of the diverse, talented team we are building here." Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried has made three major campaign hires as she competes for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Cramer Verde will serve as political director for Fried’s campaign. Fried is also hiring Drew Godinich as her communications director...
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Parsley root is a nutrition powerhouse

Not all salsa is Mexican salsa. Traditional Italian salsa verde sauce is bursting with capers, lemon juice, garlic, anchovies, and of course, parsley. Indeed, parsley probably originated on the Italian island of Sardinia. While we eat parsley leaves for flavoring everything from soups to salsas, imagine my surprise when uprooting the year's parsley crop and finding a long, parsnip-like white root. This is the perfectly edible parsley root that can be eaten raw or cooked and gives a strong parsley flavor to everything from fresh salads to stews. Raw parsley root (Petroselinum crispum) sliced into sticks makes a healthy, crunchy snack and goes well with dips.

How a 13th Century Cookbook Was Rediscovered After Several Centuries

Most cookbooks focus on a particular cuisine that’s in the spotlight — or perhaps the work of a chef or restaurant that’s having its moment. If you pick up the new edition of Best of Delectable Foods and Dishes from al-Andalus and al-Maghrib, you’re unlikely to get insights into the hot new food trend of the moment, but that’s all right. The book’s full title, you see, is Best of Delectable Foods and Dishes from al-Andalus and al-Maghrib: A Cookbook by Thirteenth-Century Andalusi Scholar Ibn Razīn al-Tujībī (1227–1293). And if you have any interest whatsoever in the history of cooking — especially that of Spanish cuisine — the story behind this new translation is as compelling as an ornately-produced meal.

After two-week hiatus, Austin FC loses 1-0 to Minnesota at Q2 Stadium

With two weeks of rest, a dream team lineup and nearly 20 scoring attempts in the match, Austin FC could have come away with a three-match home win streak against Minnesota United on Saturday.Instead, missed opportunities and an equally boisterous opponent forced Austin to leave Q2 with a 1-0 loss to Minnesota.Austin FC brought what appeared to be their strongest lineup to date to the pitch after their two-week break, including breakout stars Sebastian Driussi and Moussa Djitte. But even with dozens of shots between the two teams, the home team couldn't find their footing in the back-and-forth match.After landing...

FEMA Offers Funeral Expenses Reimbursement Program for COVID-19 Victims

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s program to help reimburse funeral expenses for victims of COVID-19 is still available, and FEMA is advising grieving families to take steps to ensure scammers don’t steal their information. Family members are eligible to get nine-thousand dollars to cover funeral expenses through the FEMA program, which began in April. FEMA’s Veronica Verde says applicants must prove their loved one died after January 20th, 2020, with COVID-19 as the likely cause of death…

8285 Verde

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Savannah Box – Maple and Verde

The Savannah box is a unique design. Consequently it is perfect in size to adorn any dressing table or sideboard. Form and function are uppermost in our minds when we design so that the end result is perfection for you!. Width: 33.5cm, Depth: 24.5cm, Height: 9.25cm. SKU: BX-SAVMAP-033-VE.