Venomous snake stows away from India to England in shipping container

Oct. 20 (UPI) -- Staff from a British animal hospital were summoned to a local business to capture a highly venomous snake that stowed away in a shipping container from India. The South Essex Wildlife Hospital in Orsett, England, said in a Facebook post that a call came in from a local business about a snake found in a shipping container that arrived from India.
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Gold-Digging Husband In India Kills Wife With A Highly Venomous Cobra

A gold-digging husband in India has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering his wife with a highly venomous cobra. According to prosecutors, Sooraj Kumar married his 25-year-old wife for financial gains and was conspiring to kill her to inherit her wealth. He was arrested last year and found guilty on Monday for obtaining a poisonous cobra from a snake charmer, starving it and throwing the hungry snake on his wife while she slept.

Venomous viper species from the Tibetan plateau discovered in museum

If you picture the habitats frequented by venomous snakes, it’s tempting to conjure up a searing desert or humid rainforest. But some venomous snakes thrive in frigid, mountainous regions inhospitable to most reptiles – and two new venomous snake species that live on the Tibetan plateau have just been described.