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Farmers respond to vegan food boss who suggested meat tax would be a good idea

British farmers have responded to the boss of a vegan protein company who said a tax on meat could help people cut down on eating animal products. On Monday, Ethan Brown, the boss of the plant-based food manufacturer Beyond Meat, said he is in favour of a “pigouvian tax” to help reduce the adverse societal effects of meat consumption.

NBA No. 1 Draft Pick Is Headed to Detroit, Where He’s Promoting Vegan Eggs

Cade Cunningham, the NBA’s No. 1 draft pick, just signed with the Detroit Pistons Tuesday, July 29, and already he has a food partnership. The six-foot-eight, 220-pound basketball star is the newest ambassador for JUST Egg’s mung bean-based plant-based egg He’s collaborating on a plant-based item using the JUST Egg Folded at Detroit’s Folk Detroit cafe in Corktown.
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California city moves to offer only vegan food to prisoners

BERKELEY, California – The city of Berkeley is the first city in the nation to start serving vegan food at their jail facilities. The city council passed the resolution that also includes public events, senior centers and other city buildings. The resolution calls for the city to cut spending in half on animal-based products by 2024 according to KTVU.
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9 best recipe boxes and food deliveries sent right to your door

The virtues of recipe boxes are almost endless. You get a food shop delivered to your door; you often don’t have to think about measuring or even chopping ingredients; food waste is minimal; it makes it easier to get your hands on top-quality produce; you can get specific diets and allergies catered to; and the recipes are often loved by kids both big and small. To many busy Brits, they make perfect sense. Offerings range from classic boxes from the likes of organic produce stalwarts Riverford and Abel & Cole, who have been delivering fruit and veg to people’s doors...

Best plant-based recipes

Looking for healthy plant-forward recipes? Discover our healthy vegan meals that offer plenty of great midweek options, or check out our healthy vegan breakfasts, easy smoothie bowls and nutritious dinner options. For more recipe inspiration, check out our low-calorie vegetarian recipes, low-carb vegetarian recipes and healthy vegetarian recipes. What is...

Greggs to create 500 jobs as it plans 100 more stores

Bakery chain Greggs has said it expects to create 500 new retail jobs in the coming months as it continues to open new outlets. The new jobs come as part of the chain's plans to open about 100 net new stores by the end of the year. Greggs swung back...
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New Dishes from 3 of Minnesota’s Best and Brightest Food Brands

Minnesota is home to some of the most innovative and legit food brands and products in the country. The State Fair is a delicious one-stop-shop for trying a bunch of them. Three can’t miss spots, and the new dishes they’re offering for 2021. Baba’s Hummus Bowls from Baba’s Jerusalem Style...
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This Vegan Jackfruit Pork Recipe Won Over a Puerto Rican Food Blogger’s Entire Meat-Eating Family

Food is about so much more than nutrition—it’s one of the most personal expressions of our cultures, values, and traditions. Our series, Behind the Recipe, profiles a different healthy cook every month to explore the personal, untold stories of their favorite dishes. This month, Rican Vegan creator Desiree Rodriguez shares how she mastered a vegan pork recipe delicious to win over her entire family—including her grandma.

Valencian Gold Returns With Paellas, a New Bar, Nods to Salvador Dalí, and More in August

Valencian Gold’s Jeffrey Weiss already planned to close his paella restaurant in the southwest when the pandemic started. The goal was to do a little renovation, tinker with the menu, get a liquor license, and reopen. That all happened, maybe on a longer timeline than anticipated. The Spanish restaurant reopens on August 19, moving away from build-your-own paellas to tapas, charcuterie, and paellas meant to share in a neighborhood bar setting.

NBA’s No. 1 Draft Pick Cade Cunningham Reveals He’s Vegan

Oklahoma State University's Cade Cunningham is this year's NBA top draft pick, going first overall after the Detroit Pistons drafted him. The rising athlete spoke with ESPN about what he does to maximize his athletic ability, revealing that he went vegan in high school to experiment with how this dietary change would impact his performance. Initially, Cunningham decided to adopt the plant-based diet as a test, but the positive results inspired him to make the change permanent.
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From a Vegan to a BBQ-Lover: Can Vegan BBQ Taste Like the Real Deal?

As a (mostly) vegan eater, I don't often get a chance to eat barbecue. Although I love the smoky flavors and wide variety of styles and options, I generally leave BBQ for the meat-eaters. However, the more I heard about the vegan BBQ recipes and restaurants popping up as chefs experiment with this subset of BBQ, the more I knew I needed to try it.