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Margot Robbie’s ‘Pirates 6’ Movie Will Return, According to Jerry Bruckheimer

It seems like Disney and Margot Robbie have had their wires crossed! The Oscar-nominated Australian actress had recently told Vanity Fair that her version of Pirates 6 would not be happening, and that Disney completely “didn’t want to do it” anymore, but producer Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed that this may not actually be the case.

Keke Palmer Finally Showed Angela Bassett Her Famous Impression Of Her

Years of impersonating Angela Bassett finally caught up with Keke Palmer. The Nope star had to perform her impression for the Golden Globe-winning actor herself during a Vanity Fair sitdown published on Dec. 2. As the two reunited for a chat about their careers 16 years after their 2006 drama Akeelah and the Bee, in which they played a mother-daughter duo, Bassett couldn’t resist making Palmer do her famous imitation.

New this week: Will Smith, ‘Pinocchio’ and ‘George & Tammy’

Here’s a collection curated by The Associated Press’ entertainment journalists of what’s arriving on TV, streaming services and music and video game platforms this week. — Will Smith’s comeback campaign is in full swing thanks to the new Antoine Fuqua movie “Emancipation,” which begins streaming on Apple TV+ on Friday, Dec. 9. The film follows the escape of an enslaved man, Peter (Smith), from a Louisiana plantation during the Civil War. In his review, AP Film Writer Jake Coyle writes that the film is “something distinct from many recent big-screen treatments of slavery and also more shallow. Fuqua’s film is often harrowing and gripping but also less nuanced and too narrowly confined in genre conventions than its real-life protagonist deserves.”

The Pirates reboot with Margot Robbie could be back

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed new details about the canceled female reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean. According to him, the film with Margot Robbie might be able to be released in the future. In an interview with the Kolbensinger Institute, Bruckheimer confirmed that two Pirates projects are currently underway, including...

Sonam Kapoor slays Red Sea Film Festival in Saramrad couture

Sonam slayed on the red carpet and at the airport. Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Priyanka Chopra, and Kareena Kapoor Khan are visiting the Red Sea IFF in Jeddah. Sonam Kapoor looked like a budding yellow flower. Sonam Kapoor is Bollywood’s style icon. Her trendy appearances have always captivated her devotees....
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Angela Bassett Reacts To Keke Palmer’s Spot-On Impersonation Of Her: Video

Keke Palmer’s viral impersonation of Angela Bassett finally got a stamp of approval from the critically-acclaimed actress herself. During a sitdown interview with Vanity Fair, Palmer, 29, and Bassett, 64, reunited 16 years after portraying the mother-daughter duo in 2006’s Akeelah and the Bee. The 64-year-old actress asked Palmer about her Bassett impersonation, giving the Nope star a chance to finally demonstrate it in person.

Keke Palmer Shows Angela Bassett Her Flawless Impression of the Actress

Two acting queens met up after 16 years, thanks to a new interview. On Friday, Vanity Fair shared the moment that Keke Palmer and Angela Bassett reunited after starring as mother and daughter in 2006’s Akeelah and the Bee. “I’ve seen you online imitating me,” Bassett said with a laugh. “You do a great job.” “It’s one of my most notable impressions,” Palmer responded. “It’s so funny, Queen Latifah used to have me do it all the time. I used to do it only for her. I just recently started doing it online and everything… She’s like, ‘Do Angela.'” Bassett then asked...

Theo James says acting on Divergent was boring

If you have watched the second season of The White Lotusthen you undoubtedly enjoyed Theo James’ breakout performance as Cameron Sullivan. Theo has been banging around Hollywood for a minute now, and if you’re a fan of different Series, you’ve probably seen Theo in the movies based on the books.
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How to get holiday coziness, year-round

Pilar Guzmán and Chris Mitchell are not professional interior designers, but if taste can be taught, you might want them as your teachers. They are the authors of “Patina Modern,” a new home design book that counts Ina Garten, Martha Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow among its fans.

Red Sea Film Festival: Sonam Kapoor Stuns in an Extravagant Red Gown With Chopard Jewellery (View Video and Pics)

Sonam Kapoor may have been out of the glam and glitz of attending red-carpet events for a while, but her recent appearance at the Red Sea International film festival suffices for it! Sonam recently walked the red carpet of the ongoing Red Sea International film festival in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah and she looked stunningly beautiful. Sonam Kapoor and her Obsession With Chokers is Unmatched!

Saturday Night Live Keke Palmer Knope Press Tour A Collection

“Your word is charisma.” Miracle. It is derived from the ecclesiastical Latin charisma, from the Greek kharis meaning ‘grace’ or ‘grace’, isn’t it?”. Well, as it happened, Keke Palmer got it. She creates memes at an alarming rate, mesmerizing the audience while talking about a 25-year-old film. And speaks with such gusto and passion that her everyday cadences have been turned into TikTok masterpieces. This woman is meant to be a celebrity. She’s funny, charming, and super smart — and all of that makes her an absolute beast in the press.