Protect your bones during Winter’s shorter days

Thanks to Daylight Savings, many of us are experiencing one less hour of sun each day. While darker days can be emotionally hard, they can also be hazardous to your bones due to a lack of vitamin D and exercise. According to a NIH study, the amount of vitamin D...
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Skin Cancer: Wear SPF even during winter to prevent the disease – expert

Non-melanoma cancer describes a group of cancers that develop in the upper layers of the skin. This type is prevalent compared to melanoma, which is less common but more serious, the NHS reports. spoke to Dr Paul Banwell, who is the founder and former Head of The Melanoma and Skin Cancer Unit in East Grinstead. The doctor explained how sun exposure leads to skin cancer, warning signs to spot as well as a mistake to avoid during winter.
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Shorter days during winter means need to protect bones

On Thursday, Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush Hospital issued a health alert that with winter's shorter days, precautions need to be taken to protect the bones of the body. With Daylight Savings, many lose an hour of sun each day. Darker days can be harder both emotionally and physically, as hazards to the bones include a lack of vitamin D and exercise.

I work at a dermatology office and we tell clients they need two things for their morning routine- what you need to know

A WOMAN who works as a ​​dermatology medical scribe revealed what her office recommends for a morning skin routine. She said it’s a simple two-step process. Tyler, who shared the tip to her nearly 20,000 followers on TikTok, revealed that the dermatologists at her office tell their patients they only need a cleanser and an SPF facial moisturizer to start their day.

Associations between predicted vitamin D status, vitamin D intake, and risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and Coronavirus Disease 2019 severity

Am J Clin Nutr. 2021 Dec 3:nqab389. doi: 10.1093/ajcn/nqab389. Online ahead of print. BACKGROUND: Vitamin D may have a role in immune responses to viral infections. However, data on the association between vitamin D and SARS-CoV-2 infection and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) severity have been limited and inconsistent. OBJECTIVE: We...

Top 10 Best mirror aviator sunglasses Reviews

J+S Premium Military Style Classic Aviator Sunglasses, Polarized, 100% UV protection (Large Frame - Silver Frame/Silver Mirror Lens) POLARIZED & FLASH MIRROR LENS – J+S polarized multi layer specialised filter lens are are tough, lightweight, scratch resistant, and have high optical clarity (distortion free, clear vision), making them an excellent choice for general outdoor and water sports activities. Now comes with additional reflective optical coating (Revo/Flash Mirror Lens) - design to reflect and minimize glare from the harshest sunglight providing ultimate comfort and improved visibility.

Can Using Sunscreen Cause Vitamin D Deficiency? Here’s what a dermatologist says

Experts recommend applying sunscreen regularly to all exposed parts of the body, to protect our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Moreover, it is even suggested to apply sunscreen indoors to protect our skin from the harmful blue light emitted by cellphones, TVs, laptops, etc. However, there are some concerns related...

How to Prevent Vision Loss

Our eyes constantly send signals to our brains, helping interpret the world around us and complete daily tasks like driving, cooking, reading, and balancing. But as our bodies age, so does our vision, especially into our sixties and beyond. Generally, changes in eyesight are part of the normal aging process and shouldn’t be a massive cause for concern.

Carolina Custom Cages Reptile Basking Light Fixture

These are the most effective fixtures that we’ve ever used for our reptiles’ UVB necessities! This T5HO (excessive output) fixture offers superior efficiency due to its excessive output digital ballast and its high-efficiency silver reflector. UVB is critical to your reptile’s synthesis of vitamin D3, which is crucial for the...

Planning to Redesign Your Outdoor Space? Here Are Some Good Ideas

Hello World! Welcome Friends! No matter the outdoor space, there are always ways to make it better. We spend a lot of time outside when the weather serves us well, so having your outdoor space fit your indoor space’s serenity is important. Whether you want to add a fire pit or some plants, this article will provide you with ideas on how to plan for your new outdoor space!

Nolatreve Anti Aging Review – New Skin Care Cream For Glowing Skin!!

Does Nolatreve Anti Aging Skin Cream Help You? Read My Review To Know About The Ingredients, Benefits, Side Effects Of Nolatreve Anti Aging Skin Cream. Have you ever noticed that in the early Middle Ages we got signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines? Due to huge changes in the environment and harsh exposure to UVA and UVB radiation, collagen levels begin to reduce from our skin. One of the main reasons is our skin loses elasticity and desire. Many anti-aging products consist of fragments of hydrolyzed collagen molecules that are quite large in normal skin formulas. The only way to regain beautiful, wrinkle-free skin is “Nolatreve Anti Aging”, a great formula that can supply all collagen particles to the skin. A serum rich in peptides not only satisfies collagen loss but also restores lost skin pleasure.

5 dermatologist recommendations to help care for your skin this busy holiday season

(BPT) - Now that it’s the winter holiday season again, schedules and to-do lists are fuller than ever. Between work, family and getting ready for all the celebrations, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Remember to take a deep breath and carve out some time to focus on self-care, including that all-important part of you — your body’s skin. After a few moments for yourself, you’ll be ready to conquer the holidays (and dry winter skin) like a boss.