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Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension

Salesforce Inspector is a very useful Chrome Extension for Developers. This is a must-have extension for any Salesforce professional. Salesforce Inspector is an extension to add a metadata layout on top of the standard Salesforce UI to improve the productivity and joy of Salesforce configuration, development, and integration work. It is a great extension to see all field values and API names; especially those not on the page layout.
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A Framework for Designing with User Data – A List Apart

As a UX professional in today’s data-driven landscape, it’s increasingly likely that you’ve been asked to design a personalized digital experience, whether it’s a public website, user portal, or native application. Yet while there continues to be no shortage of marketing hype around personalization platforms, we still have very few standardized approaches for implementing personalized UX.
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Microsoft Edge crashes when printing in Windows 11/10

If Microsoft Edge crashes when printing in Windows 11/10, the solutions provided in this article will be sure to help you resolve the issue. According to the affected users, Edge crashes every time they give the print command. Some users also stated that the problem started occurring after installing the latest Windows Update. There could be many reasons for this issue, like a corrupted printer driver, a corrupted Edge user profile, corrupted system image files, corrupted cache and cookie data, etc. If you experience this issue, follow the suggestions provided in this post.
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Privacy Settlements Reveal the Value of User Data

Two recent class action settlements highlighted just how seriously companies should take their duty to protect users’ information. The cost of not doing so is astronomical. These settlements also speak to the rare calculus of the value of a user’s private information. Meta, the parent of Facebook just...

Sending your laptop for repair? Here is how to protect personal data

If you are sending your laptop or computer for repair, then you must check this quick guide to avoid any data leaks. Know how to keep your private data secure. If you are handing over your laptop or computer for repair, then you must be worrying about the security of your personal data. Of course, you should! Data is crucial! Laptops or computer users can have both their personal and official data on it. Hence, some precautions are compulsory before handing over your laptop for repair. You must make sure to keep your data private and secure. Wondering how? Know every point that you need to keep in mind before sending your PC or Laptop for repair.

Twitter Data Breach: User Data allegedly leaked Online

The Twitter database, containing about 235 million user data, has been exposed on a popular online hacker forum. This is one of the most significant data leaks yet recorded, said a cyber intelligence company. The database was reportedly 63GB, and data contains user names, email addresses, screen names, the number...

Apple Fined By France? CNIL Calls Out iPhone Maker Over Privacy Penalty

Apple comes under fire by the CNIL for reportedly violating France's data protection laws. Despite the tech giant Apple being known for its priority on user data protection, the Commission Nationale Informatique & Libertés (CNIL) announced that it had fined the iPhone maker €8 million or $8.5 million for violating local data protection laws, according to the CNIL's official press release.