Crypto Market Sentiment Jumps, Led by Bitcoin and Binance Coin

Following the last week's shift upwards, market sentiment has continued rising. The average 7-day moving crypto market sentiment score (sentscore) for ten major coins is 5.71, showing a rise from 4.88 recorded a week ago, according to the data provided by the market sentiment analysis service Omenics. Furthermore, this brings the overall sentscore close to the positive zone yet again, with two out of the top 10 coins already there.
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Regulating Crypto Exchanges with Kevin Murcko of CoinMetro

Regulating Crypto Exchanges with Kevin Murcko of CoinMetro. We’ve had hundreds of guests on this show since we started over four years ago. And to be candid, a couple of them have sucked. Well we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is today’s guest doesn’t suck. In fact, he’s really good. Kevin Murcko, the founder of CoinMetro, doesn’t just talk the talk, he actually walks the walk, frequently advising regulators and government bodies on matters relating to applying current regulations to new financial markets and instruments, regulatory sandboxes, and related topics.
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Introduction to BundleDao – Passive Index portfolio building solution

BundleDao is a newly, fair-launch yield farming protocol where users can build their Portfolio using “Bundles” to invest in a large group (sectorized) crypto-assets. These Bundles have underlying strategies to earn the owner passive yield. In addition to that users can stake their Bundles in order to provide liquidity and earn extra yield in form of “BDL” tokens. The Bundle Token (BDL) is the native governance token which will in future be used to create and vote on proposals.

Notional Finance Review 2021

Notional is an on-chain Ethereum protocol that allows crypto users to borrow and lend at predefined maturities and fixed rates. Notional facilitates fixed-rate lending, borrowing of cryptocurrencies at fixed rates through an innovative financial primitive called fCash. Fixed-rate financing touches all the edges of the modern financial markets. A significant portion of the US debt is delivered at a fixed interest rate since they offer minimum risk and certainty to the crypto market participants. So, Notional Finance provides this ability to an otherwise decentralized financial system on Ethereum and offers crypto users a way to stable financing.

How Stable are Stablecoins?

Let's talk about stablecoins. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies in which the prices are pegged to fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies and in some instances to metals particularly gold. The primary purpose and use of stablecoins are as stores of value for users to secure their gains in the highly volatile crypto space.

How cross-chain liquidity aggregation can shape DeFi’s future

As decentralized exchanges now represent a significant amount of crypto trading volume, it is evident that these platforms will play an important role in the smart economy of the future. Automated market makers, in particular, have changed the game by completely eliminating the need for order books and replacing them...

Crypto Flipsider News – August 2nd – Saudi Aramco, USDT, Binance, Altcoins’ Monthly Records, CryptoPunks’ NFTs By DailyCoin

Crypto Flipsider News – August 2nd – Saudi Aramco, USDT, Binance, Altcoins’ Monthly Records, CryptoPunks’ NFTs. Saudi Aramco (SE:) denies rumors of entering mining. USDT is losing its stablecoin market share as USDC steps on its toes. Binance strengthens its KYC Policies. Altcoins’ Monthly Records: , Polygon, Filecoin. CryptoPunks’ NFTs...

Investorm v1.1.1 Advanced HYIP Investment Management Platform

Investorm v1.1.1 Advanced HYIP Investment Management Platform is the perfect solution for managing your HYIP investment platform. With Investorm, you can set up your investment platform in a few hours without any programming knowledge. It has the most powerful settings panel from which you can manage all the settings very easily. Investorm supports the main and most popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, USDC and others) and fiat currencies (USD, EUR, TRY , RUB, INR and others), which gives your investors the opportunity to deposit and invest their funds. You can easily manage which currency will be accepted and which will not. Also you can set the system as base currency. The application is built on Laravel v8. He also used jQuery, Bootstrap v4.6 and DashLite for premium design. It also support pre-built color preset so you can choose your prefer one.
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The 10 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Beginners

There has been a flood of cryptocurrency apps created now that more and more people are starting to invest. Choosing a cryptocurrency app to help guide you is overwhelming when faced with the dozens of different portfolio and trading apps available. Here is a list of the best cryptocurrency apps...

Crypto Fintech Eco Raises $60M for High-Yield USDC Savings App

Eco is raising another $60 million to propel its early hit stablecoin crossover as regulators turn up the pressure on the sector. The fiat deposit-taking, cashback-granting digital wallet and stablecoin lender is not even five months removed from its $26 million pre-seed. But CEO Andy Bromberg said Eco’s user base has swelled since that March debut, and the company is ready to speed up its growth.

#SatoshisSaturday... on Sunday?: 2021-08-01

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Stablecoins USDC and BUSD Are Eating into the Market Share of Tether (USDT)

As the general cryptocurrency market continues to broaden with extra consumer participation, stablecoin suppliers have been competing to realize main market share. Because it appears, stablecoin Tether (USDT) continues to dominate the market with a $61 billion USDT cash floating out there. Nonetheless, it appears that evidently opponents like Circle’s...

Mastercard Has to Be in the Cryptocurrency Space, Says CEO

Mastercard CEO Michael Miebach said in an earnings call that it is important for the company to be in the cryptocurrency space. As cryptocurrency adoption enters a mainstream stage, traditional financial services platforms are trying to adapt to the changing financial ecosystem. To maintain their importance in this industry, payment...

Curve DAO Token Price Hits $1.64 on Top Exchanges (CRV)

Curve DAO Token (CURRENCY:CRV) traded down 5.6% against the dollar during the one day period ending at 22:00 PM E.T. on August 1st. Curve DAO Token has a total market cap of $626.29 million and $110.31 million worth of Curve DAO Token was traded on exchanges in the last 24 hours. Over the last week, Curve DAO Token has traded up 1.9% against the dollar. One Curve DAO Token coin can currently be bought for $1.64 or 0.00004143 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges.

FINXFLO Launches Aggregator Platform Enabling Users Access to DeFi/CeFi Under One KYC

FINXFLO, the world’s first hybrid DeFi/CeFi liquidity aggregator, launched its platform today. FINXFLO is a one-stop solution to global cryptocurrency markets and is designed to offer the most competitive aggregated rates and prices from the world’s leading CeFi and DeFi protocols through one easy-to-use interface. Digital asset price-tracking website, CoinMarketCap,...