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Who Is Laurie Hernandez's Girlfriend? All About Charlotte Drury

Laurie Hernandez made her relationship with fellow Olympian Charlotte Drury Instagram official in December 2022 Gymnastics aside, Laurie Hernandez has found her new love. The Olympic gold medalist recently revealed that she's in a relationship with fellow gymnast Charlotte Drury, announcing their romance on Instagram with a sweet anniversary post. Although the news of Hernandez's relationship to Drury was officially confirmed on Dec. 5, the "Final Five" member hinted in her caption that the two have quietly been a couple since 2020. "2 whole years! can u believe it!!" wrote Hernandez...
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San Diego Gymnastics Opening New Site in Mission Valley

Gymnastics is one of the world’s oldest sports and remains popular today. And growing interest in the sport has created a burgeoning business in gyms for young athletes to practice tumbling, learn the art of proper balance and get fit – including in San Diego, where San Diego Gymnastics, the county’s largest gymnastics school and camp program is preparing to open its fifth location since 2008.
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What Is Simone Biles Age And Weight? Where Did She Grow Up?

Simone Biles Age: American artistic gymnast Simone Arianne Biles. She shared the record for the most Olympic medals earned by an American gymnast—seven—with Shannon Miller. She is the most decorated gymnast in history and is often regarded as the best, thanks to her 25 World Championship medals. Joe Biden presented Biles with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2022.

Justin Spring Brings Energy, Fun to Alabama Gymnastics

Note: This piece uses “men” and “women” throughout in accordance with the names of gymnastics disciplines, and not as an assumption of the gender identities of athletes in those disciplines. “Do you want to coach women’s gymnastics?”. Alabama head coach Ashley Johnston remembers the text...
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Auburn Morning Rush: Gymnastics begins starting preparations, more Tigers win awards

Happy Wednesday, Auburn fans. While the football season may be over for the Tigers this holiday season, that doesn’t mean that Auburn sports as a whole have come to a halt. Quite the opposite, in fact — the gymnastics team is gearing up for its first action in months with its upcoming preview meet. On top of that, players on the volleyball and soccer teams have been recognized with awards and 41 Auburn athletes have signed a new NIL deal that will give them cash compensation from an Auburn collective.

Cheerleader Information Lawsuit Over Sexual Abuse as a Teen at a U.S. All-Star Federation Fitness center in Ohio –

In keeping with the lawsuit, the plaintiff started working with Hale, Davis and ShowPro in 2014. The abuse started in 2016, when the plaintiff was 17 years outdated and nonetheless a minor, at which period the defendants Hale and Davis allegedly coerced him to a resort room in Westlake, Ohio for a supposed abilities clinic.

Lori Hernandez talks about mental health and gymnastics at the Cornell Q&A

Two-time Olympic medalist and Dancing With the Stars champion Lori Hernandez discussed gymnastics and mental health in a conversation Friday night. During the event, Hernandez shared that her journey to Team USA was marked by injuries, setbacks and resilience. The Cornell University Program Board, in collaboration with La Asociacion Latina,...
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Sex scandals in sports

Throughout the entire history of sports, there have been scandals of varying levels sometimes simply because the athletes are in the public eye. Other times the scandals are serious and deserve to have the athletes removed from their sport. The most recent and most horrendous is the atrocities of Larry...
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Prosecutors urged to more aggressively seize funds owed to crime victims

A new Justice Department memo issued Monday seeks to address criticism that the agency has shielded inmates’ money meant to go to the victims of their crimes, by urging prosecutors to more aggressively pursue court cases to seize those funds. But a leading critic of the practice, a former...

DOJ Asks Prosecutors To Fight For Inmate Restitution To Victims

A new U. S. Justice Department memo seeks to address criticism that the agency has shielded inmates’ money meant to go to the victims of their crimes, urging prosecutors to pursue court cases aggressively to seize those funds. A leading critic of the practice, a former U.S. Marshals official, said the new directive does nothing to help victims and focuses on the wrong part of the department, the Washington Post reports. High-profile inmates, including former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, singer R. Kelly and Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, have spent thousands of dollars with their prison accounts, while paying only small amounts of court-ordered restitution to their victims. In each of those cases, prosecutors went to court to force the Bureau of Prisons to turn over the money — a process that has been criticized as unfair to victims and counterproductive because it requires one arm of the Justice Department to go to court against another arm of the same department.