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SCOTT DREYER: Will Liberty University Become First Target Of Hostile Biden IRS If “Marriage” Bill Passes Monday?

As discussed here, the US Senate has scheduled a vote for 5:30 pm on Monday, November 28, on what supporters have dubbed the “Respect for Marriage Act.” For many, the timing of the vote does not pass the “smell test.” It comes during Congress’ “lame duck” session less than three weeks after the midterm elections, […]
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Leonard Leo Pushed the Courts Right. Now He’s Aiming at American Society.

Catholic fundamentalist Leonard Leo is one of the most powerful figures in the United States. He’s put five justices on the Supreme Court: Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, and John Roberts. A sixth, Clarence Thomas, is one of his closest friends. In fact, a few years ago Thomas joked that Leo was the “No 3 most powerful person in the world”.

US Supreme Court urged by states to block Biden's student debt plan

Washington D.C.: Six states have urged the U.S. Supreme Court to block President Joe Biden's plan to cancel billions of dollars in student debt, as they claimed this exceeded his authority. The six states are Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and South Carolina, with five of the six being Republican...

Caeden Tipler makes their own history with Make It 16

While Caeden Tipler​ was sitting a history exam at Auckland’s Selwyn College, they​ were making history of their own. It was only when the 17-year-old left the exam and turned on their phone that it all fell into place. “I was flooded with notifications,” they said this...

US Supreme Court to review a false dichotomy in Amgen v Sanofi

Saturday Opinion: In its petition for certiorari, Amgen painted a picture of a Federal Circuit run amok. However, the dichotomy presented by Amgen in its petition for certiorari is a false one. Register for limited access. Register to receive our newsletter and gain limited access to subscriber content. Subscribe to...

French lawmakers take 1st step to enshrine abortion rights in constitution

Lawmakers in France's lower house of parliament on Thursday voted by majority to enshrine abortion as a constitutional right, the first step in a move that faces more hurdles ahead. A bill introduced by the leftist opposition La France Insoumise party was approved in the 557-member National Assembly with 337...

Judge Kitangi Brown Jackson gets a surprise bobblehead 2022

Judge Kitangi Brown Jackson gets a surprise bobblehead 2022. Kitangi Brown-Jackson has reached the pinnacle of the legal profession, not only becoming an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court with her swearing-in on June 30, but also as the first black woman to sit on the court. But, let’s face...

Navajo Nation water disputes placed on US Supreme Court Docket reports that two water cases involving the Navajo Nation have been placed on the U.S. Supreme Court docket. The first is Arizona v. Navajo Nation. SCOTUS blog identifies the issues:. Whether the opinion of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, allowing the Navajo Nation to proceed...