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Biden official reveals the failure behind America's epic chip shortage

New York (CNN Business) — The shortage of computer chips is raising the price of new and used cars, delaying shipments of electronics and holding back the economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. "It's a huge problem," Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told CNN ahead of leading a White House meeting...
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Athens News Matters: COVID Case Numbers Fall - Is There a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Three weeks and two home games into football season, COVID case numbers in the state and our area dropped last week. So is there a light at the end of the tunnel?. One researcher who can shed some light on what to expect is John Drake, director of the University of Georgia Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases, and he talks about where we are with the COVID-19 pandemic.

They're 80+. They're in charge. They're not going away.

(CNN) — Voters generally reward age and experience, at least when it comes to incumbents. But there's an old herd of active politicians taking things to a new level. Today, it seems, you're nobody in Washington unless you're 80. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has been the top House Democrat for...

REPORT: Testin to Run for Lieutenant Governor

STEVENS POINT, WI (WSAU) — The Associated Press is reporting that Stevens Point Senator Patrick Testin is planning to announce a run for Lieutenant Governor this weekend. Testin reportedly filed the paperwork this week and is planning an official announcement on Sunday. If so, he becomes the second major candidate on the Republican ticket for Lieutenant Governor.

If my fellow Republicans want to win, they won't buy Trump's stolen election fantasy

Geoff Duncan, a Republican, is the 12th lieutenant governor of Georgia. The views expressed in this commentary are his own. Read more opinion articles on CNN. (CNN) — Houston, we've got a problem. A diplomatic spat with one of our oldest and closest allies. A legislative agenda stalled in a debate over the size of infrastructure packages on Capitol Hill and bumping up against major deadlines. A genuine crisis at the southern border. A confusing federal reaction to a global pandemic. Call it a crisis of credibility or capability, but any way you slice it, it is chaos -- and that is precisely what President Joe Biden pledged to be the antidote for in his campaign.

Friday Afternoon News, September 24th

Carlin Comments On Grassley’s Re-election Announcement. (Sioux City) — Now that Republican U-S Senator Chuck Grassley has made it official that he intends to run again for re-election, that will set up a primary election between the 88-year old U-S Senator and Jim Carlin, the Republican from Sioux City who previously announced his intentions of running for Grassley’s seat. Carlin says Grassley’s decision to run again, will only benefit his own campaign as he will be able to make the contrast between himself and Grassley.

Iowa Plays Key Role in 1980 Political ‘Massacre’

Marc C. Johnson discusses his new book, Tuesday Night Massacre on how four US Senate elections in 1980 laid the groundwork for the ‘radicalization of the Republican Party. One of these races occurred in Iowa when Chuck Grassley defeated incumbent John Culver after a dry run for new conservative methods defeated incumbent Dick Clark two years earlier. Johnson’s book argues that new tactics developed by outside groups in these races led to the current polarization in today’s politics.

Sudan needs to set a new date for handing over power...

A civilian member of Sudan’s Transitional Sovereign Council said on Friday that the date for handing over the leadership of the council, the country’s highest authority, from the army to civilians is still unclear and requires discussion and a new legal opinion. In an interview with state television, Muhammad al-Faki...

Next week. The market wonders if the reflation trade is reactivated

The signal from the Federal Reserve that it will soon withdraw its bond-buying program is reinforcing in financial markets the so-called reflation trade, which raised Treasury yields and boosted the shares of banks, energy companies and other economically sensitive companies. in the first months of 2021. The reflation operation stalled...