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FBI raids ‘cult’ churches near Georgia and Texas military bases alleged to be recruiting soldiers

The FBI has raided a string of churches in Texas and Georgia that are situated near US military bases that have been accused of targeting servicemen.The agency confirmed that it had conducted a raid at Assembly of Prayer Christian Church, in Killeen, Texas, which is just six miles from the country’s biggest base, Fort Hood.Agents also raided the House of Prayer Church in Hinesville, Georgia, which is located near Fort Stewart, and the Assembly of Prayer church in Augusta, Georgia, which is near Fort Gordon.According to The Killeen Daily Herald, “Dozens of Google and Facebook reviews of the Killeen...
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New West Point superintendent named

WEST POINT – A new superintendent has been named at the US Military Academy at West Point. Major Gen. Steven Gilland will be promoted to lieutenant general and officially take charge of the Academy as the 61st superintendent during the change of command ceremony on Monday. Gilland graduated from...
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US military chief for China shreds congressional armed services committees for junk spending

On Friday, the head of U.S. military forces in the Indo-Pacific (responsible for theater preparation and command for U.S. military forces in any war with China), indirectly rebuked congressional armed services committees for misappropriating precious dollars on things the military doesn't need. Adm. John Aquilino did not directly criticize Congress,...

Inside Operation Northwoods, The U.S. Military Plot To Incite A War With Cuba

Devised by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962, Operation Northwoods called for CIA agents to attack the U.S. military and civilians so they could blame it on Cuba's communist regime. In the 1960s, American military leaders turned an increasingly nervous eye south, where Communist leader Fidel Castro had risen...

Kidnap alert heightens Iran-Israel shadow war fears

The man set to become Israel's interim prime minister next week has made an urgent trip to Turkey amid fears of an attack on Israeli tourists there by Iranian agents - as the long-running shadow war between the bitter foes becomes more open. For years, both sides have been engaged...

Godzilla Movies in Order: How to Watch Them Chronologically

The Devil works hard, but Godzilla works harder. With a career spanning over six decades and over 35 movies, Godzilla is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand action stars to date. (No word if he’ll make an appearance in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, but we digress.) Since his debut in 1954, he’s been smashing, crashing, and thrashing through buildings, enemies, and the Japanese government's defense system, making him the legendary gold standard for the epic genre known as the creature feature. The last time we saw the roaring overlord was in 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong, but luckily, the folks over at Legendary and the Japanese movie company Toho (the originators of the franchise) have announced a series of upcoming Godzilla projects for Apple TV+, as well as a sequel to the movie. Now’s the perfect time to (re)prepare yourself and get further acquainted with all the movies this iconic pop-culture franchise has to offer.

June Gower, The First Woman To Become A Military Officer And Retire

June Gower describes what it’s like to come from a long family of military members, then become the first woman to rise through the ranks from enlisted to an officer and later retire. There are those who are first in every profession, sport, and craft, and it is those...

Ex-US Army Pilot Pleads Guilty To Selling Secrets to China

A former US Army helicopter pilot working as a US defense contractor faces up to 15 years in prison after he admitted to selling proprietary information about aviation technology to China and lying to get a security clearance, according to the Department of Justice. Shapour Moinian, 67, of San Diego,...

How the US Military Gave Notes on Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick’s immersive, shot-from-the-cockpit dogfights and low-altitude, close-formation flying scenes are made possible by rare and unfettered military access. Witnessing the spectacle recalls a letter Francis Ford Coppola once wrote to the Pentagon: “I can only assume that the military uses its control of these aircraft as a means of dictating which films can be made and which films cannot be made.” The US air force had refused Coppola support and access to the helicopters that were integral to *Apocalypse Now–*eventually, he struck a deal with Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos for access to Huey helicopters, fighter jets, and military trucks.