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When Prices Are Rising, Here’s How To Save When Inflation Is Exploding.

When Prices Are Rising, Here’s How To Save When Inflation Is Exploding. Inflation has become a rising problem in the United States, as prices for most essential products have risen in the aftermath of the pandemic. A nationally representative Consumer Reports survey found that nearly three-quarters of Americans have experienced...
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FX Week Ahead - Top 5 Events: Fed Chair Testimony; China Manufacturing PMI; Eurozone Inflation Rate; US PCE; US Manufacturing ISM & PMI

The last days of September bring about a slew of important data releases from some of the world’s major economies. The US is in focus over the coming days with Fed Chair Jerome Powell set to testify in front of the Senate Banking Committee, while September US PCE data and two gauges of US manufacturing activity are due.
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Australian Dollar Rides the Energy Panic

Coal adds to Australian income but oil and gas do not. They basically offset one another in the terms of trade. Base metals were soft and why wouldn’t they be. This energy shock is going to hammer the global economy:. EM stocks still look precarious:. The EM junk siren is...
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Full US recovery 'will take time': Fed official

A full US economic recovery "will take time to complete," a top Federal Reserve official said Monday, adding that effects from the far-reaching Delta variant of Covid-19 have surfaced in recent data. "The recovery continues to show solid momentum," John Williams, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, said in a speech at the New York Economic Club. But "the direct and indirect effects of the virus continue to shape the way we live our lives," Williams said, adding that the latest Covid resurgence "is affecting consumer spending and jobs." Fed chair Jerome Powell once again stressed that the recovery depends largely on the course of the virus.

Breaking News: US Durable Goods Orders Beat Estimates, DXY Remains Elevated

US Durable Goods Orders Smash Forecasts (1.8% vs 0.7%) US durable goods orders came in at 1.8% after forecasts only expected a 0.7% increase. Most of the increase was seen in the transportation sector which accounted for the large majority of the 1.8% total increase. For all market-moving data releases...

Europe set for cautious start ahead of Powell remarks

Having started the day in positive fashion yesterday, European markets saw the majority of the early gains slowly disappear, and though most did finish higher, it was a somewhat half-hearted affair. The result of the German election went entirely as expected, with little prospect of a new government this side of Christmas.

Inflation Is Killing the Recovery

Last week, Ned Davis Research published a note titled “Turns Out, Growth Looks like It Was Transitory—Inflation Is More Sticky.”. There are many factors that show us that consumers and salaries are being eaten away by inflation, leading to an abrupt halt in the recovery. Autos and new home sales...

Red-Hot Rents to Fire Up CPI Inflation Just When “Temporary” Is Supposed to Unwind It

Asking rents spiked 10%-25% in half the cities. Rents fell in only a few, incl. -25% in San Francisco from 2019 peak. OK, so these are advertised rents (“asking rents”) for apartments listed for rent at various rental listing services, including Multiple Listing Service, and they’re not the actual rents of currently occupied apartments, and they’re not rents for single-family houses, which dance to a different red-hot drummer. And the Consumer Price Index (CPI) doesn’t look at asking rents; it uses surveys to ask homeowners and tenants about the status of rents. Asking rents discussed here are a measure of where landlords think the current market is. And they’re going wild in lots of places.

Gold Stuck at Mid-$1,700, But Ekes Out Gain for 2nd Day in Row – Gold remained buried in mid-$1,700 territory on Monday, although a slight retreat in the dollar helped longs in the yellow metal book an anemic second straight day of gains after a torrid time through most of September. At the current rate, gold is on track to finish the...

Five key differences between gold and silver – Morgan Stanley

As we edge toward a post-pandemic world, many investors are looking for ways to prepare for future uncertainties. A solution for some may include investing in precious metals, such as gold and silver. Here are five factors to consider when deciding to invest in gold or silver, economists at Morgan Stanley report.

Poland Weekly Focus: Will inflation again surprise markets?

Flash inflation for September to marginally ease to 5.4% y/y. Manufacturing PMI for September to mirror core market developments and to decrease on supply-side bottlenecks. MinFin to release quarterly bond supply. S&P scheduled to review Polish rating. October 1 | Inflation to marginally ease in September. We expect the flash...

Fed's Evans wary on medium-term outlook for US inflation

A top US central bank official sounded a wary note regarding the outlook for inflation, telling an audience that it might underwhelm over the medium-term. Nevertheless, he too believed that the time to begin winding down the Federal Reserve's asset purchase programme was fast approaching. The head of the Federal...

A new gift from China

It was an eventful weekend and the week looks like it is going to be just as eventful. Tensions appearing here and there in the global economy do not seem to disturb equity markets, that are looking up this morning. While fears about Evergrande seem to wane, even though it missed a bond payment, investors are now worrying about a “power crunch” spreading from China.

Dollar Mildly Higher after Durable Goods Orders, Sterling Advancing in Crosses

Dollar trades mildly higher in early US session, lifted by stronger than expected durable goods orders data. But it’s being overwhelmed by both Sterling and Aussie. Commodity currencies are firmer on “stable” market sentiment, but there is no follow through buy yet, including Canadian Dollar. On the other hand, Euro and Swiss Franc are the weaker ones so far, together with Yen. Euro is having little reaction to news that German Social Democrat came in first in Sunday’s election, and is preparing a three-way coalition government with Greens and the liberal Free Democrats, without Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU conservative bloc.