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Here's your first look at the remastered Grand Theft Auto trilogy

Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas represent what a lot of people call the "golden age" of Rockstar's GTA franchise. They made popular what we know nowadays as open-world games. But the graphics haven't aged too gracefully. All three games are currently available for Android, but aside from a few mobile-specific optimizations, they look and feel mostly the same as the original early-2000s games. Rockstar recently announced a remaster of all three titles in the form of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, which is set to come to smartphones sometime next year. Now we're getting our first glimpse at how the games will look with their vastly improved graphics.

Groundbreaking Game NFT Champions Plans Token Launch to Power Development

In the last few years we have witnessed explosive growth in the crypto NFT market. In the third quarter of 2021 alone, sales in the market jumped to a staggering $10.7 billion – an eightfold increase over the second quarter. Much of that growth is being fueled by speculators buying and selling static NFTs in the hopes of earning massive returns on resales. All the while, a variety of industries have looked for ways to develop new products that make use of NFTs, to varying degrees of success.

GTA Trilogy Exclusive to Rockstar’s Launcher on PC

After a long period of rumors, hype and boundless speculation, Rockstar have finally shown off the trailer for the upcoming GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. According to a follow up blog post by Rockstar, it appears that the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition(Try saying that 5 times in a row) will launch exclusively on Rockstar’s very own launcher on PC instead of Steam or EGS. The price of GTA Trilogy was leaked recently, however, earlier today Rockstar announced the prices as well, it’ll be $60 on PC.

Domestika – 3D Interior Architecture with Unreal Engine 4

Domestika – 3D Interior Architecture with Unreal Engine 4. learn how to create hyper-realistic renders in real-time from scratch. The process of creating and representing an architectural project doesn’t stray too far off that of a videogame: you import the models to be used, prepare a library of 3D...

NASCAR 21: Ignition In A Horrible State Before Release

NASCAR 21: Ignition is the upcoming racing game from Motorsport Games, that simulates the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season. Of course, it’s a huge deal for the company, as it has been acquiring licensing deals from a few racing series, such as IndyCar and NASCAR, recently. In August, Motorsport Games announced NASCAR 21: Ignition, the official NASCAR game, for PC and consoles. However, as the game gets close to release, it seems like the company should’ve waited more.

GTA Remastered Trilogy Announced For 11 November Release

Rockstar Games has finally announced the worst-kept secret in gaming. The GTA remastered trilogy dubbed “Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition” is real and releasing on 11 November. The game features remasters of GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. Each game features graphical improvements and quality-of-life changes.

Resident Evil 4 VR Review - A Selection Of Good Things, Stranger

Remember Resident Evil 4's original GameCube case? The one that said "Only For" in the corner? It's hard to imagine now, considering the game has been ported every which way, to the Nokia phone and back. But despite its acclaimed status, all its ports, and the modest visual facelift it has received over the years, one thing remains woefully unchanged and firmly cements Resident Evil 4 in 2005 when it was originally released: those damned tank controls. Even the Wii Edition (the best port of the game, I must say) was shackled by its rigid movement. That is, until Resident Evil 4 VR, which presents the game in its best light since its original release.

Ape Escape on PS5? Thanks to a fan who created a demo

A look at ‘Ape Escape next-gen’. A fan of PlayStation known as Yahya Danboos is reinventing classic PlayStation 1 games as they would appear on modern consoles. His latest project is a remake of Ape Escape which gives the first level of the 1999 PS1 game a PS5-style makeover. Created...

Fan Creates Ape Escape Remake Fan Game

A PlayStation fan known as Yahya Danboos is reimagining classic PlayStation 1 games as they would appear on modern consoles. Their newest project is an Ape Escape remake that gives the first level of the 1999 PS1 game a PS5-esque coat of paint. Created in Unreal Engine 4 for next-gen...
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Resident Evil 4 VR review: An amazing remake of an all-time great

When Resident Evil 7 came to PSVR, its first-person gameplay and up-in-your-face jumpscares translated seamlessly into VR — even if you had to use a traditional controller. By comparison, Resident Evil 4's over-the-shoulder shooting and QTE-heavy cutscenes didn't seem like they would translate well to VR. Worse, its graphics appeared to lack the polish of the recent RE4 HD ports.

Random: Fan Made Ape Escape Demo Has Us Pining for PS5 Remake

Sony doesn't appear to be in any rush to bring back Ape Escape, does it? One of the company's classic franchises, it's beloved by fans of a certain age. It's arguably been replaced these days by Astro Bot, a character who's proven very popular with PlayStation 5's Astro's Playroom, but hope for Ape Escape to return is clearly still around.

‘PUBG: New State’ Release Date Announced, Launch Trailer Released for iOS and Android

If you’ve not followed PUBG: New State, it is aiming to be a next-generation battle royale experience on mobile. It has a futuristic aesthetic and it is developed by PUBG Studios in Unreal Engine 4. Ahead of its November 11th release date, you can pre-register for the Android version of PUBG: New State on Google Play and pre-order the iOS version here on the App Store. It is going to be interesting to see how both PUBG: New State and PUBG Mobile do on mobile going forward. What do you think of PUBG: New State so far compared to other mobile battle royale games?

Dinosaurs Meet Horror in New Instinction Trailer

Hashbane Interactive has released a new trailer for the upcoming Instinction game. If you don’t know what this is, Instinction is a horror game set across a world inhabited by dinosaurs. The game lets players switch between third and first-person camera perspectives as they explore beautiful yet strange locations and come face to face with deadly predators. Think Dino Crisis meets modern gaming tech.

‘Red vs. Blue’ spinoff to premiere today

Rooster Teeth announced that its most successful and longest-running series, Red vs. Blue will release today with Family Shatters. The bonus spin-off content pack 10 fast and fun short episodes lasting about three-five minutes each and have been called by Rooster Teeth as a part of a silly experiment and side project, and in no way meant to replace or displace season 19.