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Anglia Ruskin scientist makes 'once-in-a-lifetime' insect find

A scientist who has discovered a new species of insect immediately "knew it was something very special". Dr Alvin Helden of Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, found the leafhopper on a student field trip to Kibale National Park, in west Uganda. He named the metallic-sheened insect Phlogis kibalensis. Dr Helden said...
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Medieval Manuscripts Revealed Rare Phenomenon of Ball Lightning in England

Experts have found what seems to be the earliest documented report of a rare meteorological event known as ball lightning in England. It has been characterized as a spherical object with an average diameter of about 25 cm, although it can be as large as several meters in diameter. Professor...
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Winter Olympics: Is moving trees a viable solution in making space for new venues?

The Beijing Winter Olympics - which kicks off next week - has vowed to be a “green” competition, using renewable energy and planting hundreds of thousands of trees in Africa in an attempt to offset carbon emissions. But organisers have also carried out an initiative involving trees closer to home. More precisely, the ones that once stood where new venues do. Around 24,000 trees have been dug up and replanted elsewhere since 2017 to make space for the Yanqing Olympic Zone, where international athletes will compete in bobsleigh, luge, skeleton and alpine skiing. Nearly 91 per cent of these, whose...

19 Ph.D. Scholarships for Congo Students

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a major African Country with great diversity in Culture. If you are a Ph.D. student looking to further your education and you are from Congo the list of scholarships here is specifically for you. These PhD positions scholarship allows deserving students to attain...

Research into cancer given five-year funding boost

Life-changing research into cancer will continue on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus for the next five years as Cancer Research UK (CRUK) announced £22.5million funding for its Cambridge Centre. The scientists working at the Centre are also part of the team working on the Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital (CCRH), which...

13 Best Counseling Schools in the World

Counselling is significantly one of the most critical roles in modern healthcare, especially as it relates to mental health. Counsellors help us to cope, succeed, and be happy in this world full of stress, problems, and traumas. If you would love to become a counsellor, you would need to advance your education.

Earliest known report of ball lightning phenomenon in England discovered

Newswise — Researchers have discovered what appears to be the earliest known account of a rare weather phenomenon called ball lightning in England. Ball lightning, usually associated with thunderstorms, is unexplained and has been described as a bright spherical object on average 25 centimetres, but sometimes up to several metres, in diameter.
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How MIT’s Muriel Medard Pioneered the Universal Decoder

Network coding pioneer Muriel Médard calls herself a pathological optimist. The MIT electrical engineering and computer science professor’s positive thinking has led to new ways to improve tried-and-true techniques in the field of information theory. As the head of the network coding group at the university’s Research Laboratory...

University of Cambridge Foundations of Finance (Free Online Course)

This course provides a rigorous, but straightforward, introduction to the key concepts of financial understanding. Using real-world case studies and practitioner interviews, as well as timely knowledge checks, you will integrate your new knowledge and problem solving skills with practical application. No prior knowledge is required or assumed. About this...

RIBA Announces Winners of 2021 President’s Medal and Awards for Research

RIBA Announces Winners of 2021 President’s Medal and Awards for Research. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has announced the winners of the 2021 President's Medal and Awards for Research, highlighting the best research concerning architecture and the built environment. The President's Medal was awarded to John Lin and Sony Devabhaktuni from the University of Hong Kong for their research project As Found Houses, which explores vernacular practices in rural China. Two more awards were granted to the development of an ethics guide for architectural practitioners and a study of thin-tile vaulting in Cuba.

Businessman, Philanthropist David Mugar Dies at 82

Boston businessman and philanthropist David Mugar has died at the age of 82, his family confirmed Wednesday. “Our beloved father passed away peacefully last night," his children said in a statement. "He was a Bostonian through and through, continually finding ways to give back to the community he loved. He was humble and generous. Quietly doing good for others and always leading with his heart. The many gifts he gave to civic and cultural organizations across the city and the state were most often given in recognition and honor of his parents, our grandparents.
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St. Louis researchers part of national effort to study COVID-19 vaccine targeting omicron

ST. LOUIS — Researchers here are part of a national effort to study a COVID-19 vaccine that specifically targets the omicron variant of the coronavirus. Washington University will be one of multiple sites across the U.S. to study an omicron-specific vaccine from Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Moderna Inc. The company on Wednesday announced its Phase 2 study, which will test the shot in adults age 18 and older who have already received either two or three doses of the company’s original COVID-19 vaccine.

Joycean Cartographies: Navigating a New Century of "Ulysses"

SAN MARINO, Calif., Jan. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- To mark the publication centennial of James Joyce's groundbreaking modernist novel Ulysses, The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens will present an academic conference, "Joycean Cartographies: Navigating a New Century of Ulysses," Feb. 2–4, 2022, via livestream and in person.

Sofia Dartnell ’22 Receives Prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Some children grow up fascinated with sports, video games or dolls. Sofia Dartnell was obsessed with ants and grasshoppers and butterflies. That passion has now landed her a prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship. She will join its 2022 cohort of scholars at the University of Cambridge next fall, one of only 25 Americans and 55 international students selected for the award.

How Important for Your Job Prospects is Going to University?

Here in the UK, the number of people studying degrees at university has grown at an exceptional rate. Back in 1992, the Office for National Statistics recorded that there were 984,000 people aged between 18 and 24 engaged in full-time education between March and May. Fast forward to the three months up to July 2016, and that number had almost doubled to 1.87 million.