#Uncharted Waters

Uncharted waters

With two state appearances under her belt, Decatur swimmer Zoey Hall started the new year with a laser focus, determined to return to the sport’s final stage. A constant presence cheering for Hall at her meets has been her father, Michael, the person Hall credits with helping her find her passion for swimming at a young age.
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Shooting fallout: Metal detectors in elementary schools?

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (AP) — The shooting of a first-grade teacher by a 6-year-old boy has plunged the nation into uncharted waters of school violence, with many in the Virginia shipbuilding city where it happened demanding metal detectors in every school.

Uncharted Waters: North vs. South

A couple weeks ago, I attended a yacht club dinner at the invitation of a friend and had a fine time, in spite of the fact that I’m about as yachty as an aluminum canoe. Toward the shank of the evening, as coffee and other libations were being served, I made a passing remark about a relatively minor tribulation that had just been visited upon lots of us boaters in the Jacksonville area—yet another hurricane with an attendant haul-out for safety’s sake, as if the first haul-out of the season, only a month or so before, hadn’t been enough. “Shoot,” I concluded, “in all the years I’ve owned boats, I don’t recall ever before having to haul my boat twice in the same hurricane season!”

Ice Cold Catch Uncharted Waters (Discovery Channel Tuesday January 3, 2023)

Today Tuesday January 3, 2023, there is a new episode of Ice Cold Catch. Uncharted Waters When the generator on the Valdimar fails in the Arctic Circle, the crew is thrown into chaos; Greg is forced to stay on shore due to a crippling injury; and Caitlin faces her final test in uncharted waters.