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Can I Use Regular Exterior Paint On Concrete Floor?

The binders in masonry paint (also known as elastomeric paint or elastomeric wall coating) contract and expand with the concrete, making it a good choice for concrete painting. Concrete can crack and peel when painted on the exterior of a house. Paint should be allowed to dry between coats no matter how it is applied.
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Generating glow-in-the-dark light using organic materials

Glow-in-the-dark materials are used worldwide for emergency signs, watches, and paint. This useful characteristic fuels a global market worth approximately US$400 million. But the inorganic crystals that are currently needed to generate this ability to a high level of performance require rare-earth metals and fabrication temperatures of over 1000 degrees Celsius. Now, writing in Nature Materials, researchers from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) and Kyushu University, both in Japan, have developed a method to generate a glow-in-the-dark light using the more-readily available organic materials.
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Why the cosmic speed limit is below the speed of light

All particles with a non-zero mass are limited, by the laws of relativity, to remaining below the speed of light. However, there's an even stricter speed limit, and an energy limit, set by other particles in the Universe, like the cosmic microwave background radiation. This limit, known as the GZK...
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Photo-switchable liquid crystalline brush as an aligning surface for liquid crystals: modeling via mesoscopic computer simulations

We consider the mesoscopic model for the liquid crystalline brush that might serve as a photoswitchable aligning surface for preorientation of low molecular weight liquid crystals in a bulk. The brush is built by grafting the polymer chains of a side-chain molecular architecture, with the side chains terminated by a chromophore unit mimicking the azobenzene unit, to a substrate. When irradiated with ultraviolet light, the chromophores photoisomerize into a non-mesogenic \textit{cis} state and the whole system turns into an ordinary polymer brush with no orientational order and two states: the collapsed and straightened one, depending on the grafting density. When irradiated with visible light, the chromophores photoisomerize into a mesogenic \textit{trans} state, resulting in formation of a transient network between chains because of a strong attraction between chromophores. Spontaneous self-assembly of the brush in these conditions results in a orientationally isotropic polydomain structure. The desired uniaxial planar ordering of chromophores within a brush can be achieved in certain temperature and grafting density intervals, as the result of a two-stage preparation protocol. An external stimulus orients chromophores uniaxially on the first stage. The system is equilibrated at the second stage at a given temperature and with the external stimulus switched off. The preoriented chromophores either keep or loose their orientations depending on the strength of the memory effect inherent to a transient network of chains, that are formed during the first stage, similarly to the case of the liquid crystalline elastomers, where such effects are caused by the covalent crosslinks.

Understanding Light Color and Illumination

We took our first look at measuring light sources a while back as our first step toward understanding the differences in automotive headlight options. In this article, we’ll provide a practical demonstration of why it’s crucial for the lighting on your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV or side-by-side to emit light that covers the entire color spectrum evenly.

What is Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) Spectroscopy?

Most of you will know that we put on sun-cream to protect us against ultraviolet light. Some of you may know that UV rays are invisible to the human eye. Maybe, a few of you know the classical wavelength-range of ultraviolet light (between 200 and 190 nanometres). But not very many readers will know that there is a whole spectrum of light below this region, a spectrum known as vacuum ultraviolet light, or VUV.

Deeper Into The Light

An “X-Class” solar flare traveling at approximately 2 million miles per hour along with a coronal mass ejection is due to make impact with our planet on Saturday, November 27th, 2021—the very day of the penning of this document. It is an ultraviolet LIGHT wave with a profound glow or...

Researchers light the way for organic glow-in-the-dark materials

Kazuya Jinnai, Ryota Kabe, Zesen Lin, Chihaya Adachi. Organic long-persistent luminescence stimulated by visible light in p-type systems based on organic photoredox catalyst dopants. Nature Materials, 2021; DOI: 10.1038/s41563-021-01150-9 “Not only are organic materials much more available and easier to work with than inorganic materials but they are also soluble,...

How Ultraviolet Light Is Used In Disinfection And Sanitation

Ultraviolet disinfection is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light (UV-C) to render microorganisms inactive or kill them by altering their DNA. This method damages the nucleic acids of microorganisms to stop their vital cellular functions. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), as it is better known, is used in different...

Top 10 Best ultraviolet light water purifier whole house uv sterilizer 12 gpm Reviews

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Black Friday PhoneSoap Deals | UV Phone Sanitizer just $39.95 (was $80)!!

Look here to find all the Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday PhoneSoap Deals for 2021! Check out all of the Black Frida Deals on these popular sanitizers! Here are the best deals that we are seeing!. Get PhoneSoap on Sale Now!. Black Friday PhoneSoap Deals. Have you seen the...

LED Tri-Proof Lights Provide Excellent Lighting Protection

What exactly is a led tri-proof light? A tri-fold light, tri-fold is an LED light that contains three layers. The outer layer is the glass or acrylic lamp reflector that is coated with a laminate or a polycarbonate shield. The middle layer contains a silicone elastomeric polymer that serves as the lens of the light. The inner layer is the photoelectric core. Which contains one or more lead particles that are responsible for the generation of the desired current.

This Structure Absorbs Ultraviolet Rays and Emits Light at Night

Designed by National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology students Chen Chien-Hsun and Sun Hsiao-Yu, the Photosynthesis Protective Shell is a UV-resistant shielding space that is capable of absorbing ultraviolet rays from the sun and emitting the captured energy as light during darker hours. The shell is made up of...

Do Sun Lamps Actually Work? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Sun lamps, also called light therapy boxes or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) lamps, emit ultraviolet rays that mimic sunlight and are used to treat conditions caused by lack of sunlight exposure. Conditions that can potentially be treated with a sunlamp include:. The efficacy of sun lamps in easing symptoms of...

What is UV (Ultraviolet) Light?

UV light is radiant energy that features very short wavelengths (between 100 and 400 nm). UV light falls outside the visible light spectrum. It can be further broken down into UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation. Do Plants Use UV Light?. Plants do not need UV light for photosynthesis. However, many...

Top 10 Best chende hollywood style led vanity mirror lights Reviews

PROFESSIONAL and 3 DIFFERENT COLOR LIGHTING MODES ( warm yellow, daylight and cool white ) . Hollywood style mirror can meet your makeup needs for different scenarios such as party, daily, business, etc. MODERN SMART TOUCH DIMMER & HIGH QUALITY LED LIGHT. Dimmable vanity mirror allows you to freely adjust...

Stations of Light

This engineering curriculum aligns to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Engineers apply their knowledge of the properties of light and light energy to the creation of many useful products and tools. Civil and structural engineers study light properties to determine the optimum type of windows to install in a building. Engineers also use their knowledge of light energy, lenses and prisms as they design eye glasses, binoculars, cameras, medical equipment, satellites, optics and lasers. By understanding polarized light, engineers have created laser applications, electron microscope imaging and medical imaging techniques, in addition to sunglasses and camera filters that reduce the glare from the sun.